WWE Raw Results (05/13/13) - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date: May 13th, 2013

We are LIVE in: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, JBL

The show starts with Jerry Lawler in the ring.

Lawler: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Ladies and gentlemen this Sunday at Extreme Rules Chris Jericho goes one on one with Fandango. Now Fandango, at his first WrestleMania, in fact his very first match, did the impossible. Watch.

The video shows Fandango pinning Jericho at WrestleMania.

Lawler: Well there's been a lot of animosity between those two since that night. We've seen Fandango show his dance moves for the past few months, but Jericho is no stranger to dancing either. He surprised us with his time on Dancing with the Stars! That brings us to tonight as Chris Jericho and Fandango square off the first time in a dance contest here tonight! So ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome along with his guest Summer Ray...FANDANGO!

Fandango comes out with Summer Ray. They two dance their way into the ring.

Lawler: Pretty impressive. Now let's introduce Fandango's opponent in tonight's dance off. Along with his dance partner Edyta Sliwinska...CHRIS JERICHO!

Jericho comes out with Edyta by his side. Edyta is a professional ballroom dancer. They enter the ring together.

Lawler: Okay, really quick let's get the rules out of the way. Each contestant will have 90 seconds to perform a dance routine. Once each contestant has performed a routine the winner will be chosen by you the audience of Tulsa, Oklahoma! Now keep one thing in mind. This is NOT a popularity contest. We're judging you on dance moves. Having said that, Fandango you actually lost a dance contest to Great Kahli-

Fandango: No no no no. Shhh...I was not defeated by that clumsy atrocity of a man. That crowd knew nothing of talent. You people here in Tulsa might not like me, but you have to respect my performance as an artist.

Lawler: So that being said, you feel confident you'll defeat Chris Jericho tonight.

Fandango: I don't think. I know I will defeat Chris Jericho because as long as there is a Chris Jericho there will be a better man, and that man's name is...FAAAN...DAAAN...GOOOO!

Lawler: Chris, any response to that?

Jericho: Well this may be a gas off to kick off, but WELCOME TO RAW...IS...JERICHO! I have to be honest i've had a lot of impressive victories on Raw, but none were as impressive as when I defeated four other superstars, including you King, to become king of musical chairs. Then I outsmarted Bob Barker to be the first Price is Right champion of Raw. So there's no doubt that i'm going to win this dance contest in front of you and every Jerichoholic here tonight. Even better, this Sunday at Extreme Rules Fandunghole...i'm going to create a new dance sensation that'll sweep the nation. The song is going to be number one on iTunes and this song is going to be called "I just kicked your jackass all over the ring." This Sunday i'm going to dance all over your face and you will never...ever...EEEEEVER be the same...again!

Lawler: Well that being said, there was a coin toss earlier and Fandango, you and your partner are up first.

The music starts playing, but Fandango doesn't dance. He gestures for the music to be cut and grabs the mic from Lawler.

Fandango: Shhhh! Hush hush hush! I'm trying to create a masterpiece out here and I need silence. I need to focus. Focus.

He gets back into his dance stance and the song begins again. Fandango then grabs Summer and the two start dancing, but Summer then trips and twists her ankle. Fandango looks at her angry and tells her to stop messing around. She's down on the mat in pain while Edyta and a medic check on her. Fandango exits the ring in disgust. When Jericho turns to check on Summer Fandango runs into the ring and ambushes Jericho from behind. He pummels Jericho down with right hands. He throws Jericho out of the ring, goes after him and tosses him over the announce table. He picks Jericho up again and throws him shoulder first into the ring steps. Fandango continues to beat on Jericho before whipping him into the barricade. Fandango grabs a piece of flooring used for the dance contest and smacks Jericho in the face with it. Fandango gets back in the ring and looks at Summer. Summer smirks, jumps up to her feet and embraces Fandango. She was faking the whole time! Fandango and Summer leave the ring together while Jericho is laid out on the outside.

Tonight, Team Hell No and John Cena face The Shield in a Six Man Elimination Tag match.

Backstage, Ryback is making his way to the ring for a match up next.


Zack Ryder is in the ring waiting for his opponent.

His opponent, Ryback, comes out and heads into the ring.

[Match 1]
[Singles Match]
[Zack Ryder vs. Ryback]

Bell sounds. Ryback pummels Ryder to the mat landing blow after blow. He whips Ryder into the ropes. Ryder goes for a cross body, but Ryback drops him. He picks Ryder up. Ryder with right hands to the head. Ryder runs the ropes and Ryback with a powerful clothesline. Ryback lifts Ryder up and delivers shellshock for the three count

[Winner via Pinfall: Ryback]
[Time: 01:03]

A video plays highlighting the Triple H/Brock Lesnar feud.

Tonight, Lesnar and Triple H meet face to face in the ring.


Brodus Clay and Tensai are in the ring dancing with the Funkadactyls.

Prime Time Players, already at ringside, enter the ring.

[Match 2]
[Tag Match]
[Tons of Funk w/The Funkadactyls vs. The Prime Time Players]

Bell sounds. Darren and Tensai start. Tensai shoves Darren into the turnbuckle and hits a flipping senton. He lifts Darren and throws him to the rings. Tag to O'Neil. O'Neil collides with Tensai and knocks him into the corner with shoulder tackles. He goes for a splash, but Tensai avoids and tags Brodus. Brodus with headbutts and a t-bone suplex followed by a running splash into the corner. Brodus then knocks Darren down. He picks Darren up, and Darren smacks Brodus in the throat with an object! O'Neil rolls Brodus up from behind for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: The Prime Time Players]
[Time: 01:35]

It's later shown that Darren used a hair pick to the throat.

Tonight, Teddy Long will come out to make an important announcement about the World Championship.


Matt Striker is at the ramp.

Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome assistant Smackdown GM Theodore Long!

Teddy long comes out.

Teddy Long: Unfortunately, due to an injury, Dolph Ziggler will not be able to compete at Extreme Rules. I have made a decision on what to do about the World Heavyweight Championship!

Swagger and Zeb Colter come out.

Zeb: If Dolph Ziggler cannot compete, what you should do is strip him of the title and put it around the waist of Swagger.

Langston and AJ come out.

Langston: That title ain't going anywhere!

AJ: You should never get another shot at the title, Swagger! You should be fired!

Teddy: Come on guys, back it up. Let me make it clear. Dolph will not be stripped of his World title. But instead, Swagger you will face Alberto Del Rio in a number one contender's I Quit match. And you, Langston, will be in competition tonight against either Swagger or Del Rio.

Langston: What do you mean? Who is it?

That will be up to the WWE Universe who can vote on the WWE App.

Still to come, Team Hell No and Cena face The Shield.

United States champion Kofi Kingston comes down to the ring for singles action up next.


His opponent, Damien Sandow, comes out.

Damien: Contrary to popular demand, I will not be singing a song this evening because your song, much like your reign as United States champion, is foolish. SILENCE! Our founding fathers were all men of their word. As your intellectual savior I will uphold their honor, so follow my words. Your reigns as United States champion will soon come to an end. You're welcome!

Damien gets into the ring.

[Match 3]
[Singles Match]
[Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow]

Bell sounds. Kingston grabs Sandow and rolls him up quick for a two count. Sandow gets up and knocks Kingston down. He stomps the leg, then lifts him up and delivers knee strikes followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Sandow stands tall and hits the elbow of disdain for two. Sandow applies an abdominal stretch on Kingston. Kingston counters with an abdominal stretch of his own. Sandow throws him off. Sandow runs at him and Kingston trips him up into the turnbuckle post. He follows it with running forearm clotheslines, a dropkick, a running clothesline and the Boom Drop. Kingston runs at Sandow. Sandow moves away. Kingston climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off. Sandow moves once more. Kingston lands on his feet and Sandow with a neckbreaker. Sandow grabs Kingston and goes for Terminus, but Kingston counters, ducks the arm and catches Sandow with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Kofi Kingston]
[Time: 02:30]

At Extreme Rules Kingston will be defending the United States Championship against Shield member Dean Ambrose.

Up next, Mark Henry challenges Sheamus to another Hall of Pain contest.


Henry is in the ring with a strap in his hands. He and Sheamus will be in a strap match at Extreme Rules. Josh Matthews is with him.

Josh: In six night Mark Henry goes one on one with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus in a strap match. Let's take a look now at how this match came about.

The video shows last week on Raw when Henry whipped Sheamus with a belt after his match.

Henry: And if you think that whooping was something, wait until you see what happens at Extreme Rules. And if you think I won't drag his carcass across the ring, then see what happened.

A video shows of last Friday on Smackdown when Mark Henry pulled two trailers 20 feet.

Josh: Mark that was clearly an incredible feat, but how will that power help you defeat Sheamus in a strap match?

Henry: I'll do better than that. I'll show you. Now put the strap on. PUT IT ON!

Josh take one half of the strap and puts it on.

Henry: Two men joined by 12 feet of strap...

Henry shoves Josh down.

Henry: Now you walk around this ring and touch each one of these corners consecutively.

Henry touches each other with Josh still in pain on the mat.

Henry: And THAT'S how you win.

Henry grabs Josh and takes the strap off his hand. Josh runs out of the ring.

Henry: ...like a rat. I'm feeling awfully generous. Why wait until Extreme Rules? Sheamus, how about you come out here right now and you let me finish what I started last week? COME ON! I ain't got all day.

Sheamus doesn't come out.

Henry: That's what I thought. You don't come out here when-

Sheamus' music plays. Sheamus comes out and stands on stage.

Sheamus: You know Mark, you may be the strongest man int he world but you're not the brightest. If you thought what you did last week was going to stop me from competing you couldn't be more wrong.

Henry: You're doing a lot of talking, but not enough walking. I'm RIGHT HERE! So come on.

Sheamus: You're a brave man waving that strap around. Think that's a fair fight?

Henry: So you're scared, huh?

Sheamus: Scared? You don't know me too well. I never back down from a fight. You've talked me into it.

Sheamus walks down to the ring.

Sheamus: Hey lumpy, back that big arse of yours so I can get in the ring. You know what Mark? I totally forgot. I was at ringside earlier and I left a present for you inside this ring. Let me get it for you.

Sheamus goes under the ring and pulls out his own straps. He slides into the ring and he and Henry smack each other with the straps. Henry retreats out of the ring. Sheamus begs him to get back in. Henry reaches for his strap, but Sheamus smacks him again. Henry walks back up the ramp while Sheamus celebrates in the ring.

Another Triple H/Lesnar highlight from January when Lesnar gave Vince McMahon the F5.

Tonight, Triple and Lesnar face to face.

A trailer plays for Randy Orton's next movie, 12 Rounds: Reloaded.


Antonio Cesaro is in the ring for singles action.

His opponent, Randy Orton, heads to the ring.

[Match 4]
[Singles Match]
[Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro]

Bell sounds. Cesaro and Orton grapple. Cesaro puts Orton in the corner. Orton powers out of it and the two break. Another grapple. Cesaro with a side headlock. Orton shoves Cesaro into the ropes and Cesaro with a shoulder bump. Off the ropes, Orton leap frogs over Cesaro and lands a back elbow to the face. Orton stomps on Cesaro's hand and picks him up. Cesaro spears Orton into the turnbuckle and stomps him down on the mat. Cesaro picks Orton up and catches him with a running uppercut. He covers and gets a two count. Cesaro with a headlock. Orton gets to his feet and shoves Cesaro into the ropes before catching him with a t-bone suplex. Cesaro shoves Orton into the ropes and Orton with a kick to the head, two clotheslines and a powerslam. Cesaro goes on the apron. Orton grabs Cesaro by the head and goes for a DDT, but Cesaro counters with a roll up for two. As both men get up Orton suddenly catches Cesaro with the RKO for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Randy Orton]
[Time: 03:10]

Team Hell No and Cena against The Shield in Six Man Elimination Tag action tonight!


Heath Slater is in the ring for a match with 3MB at his side.

His opponent, the returning The Miz, comes out!

[Match 5]
[Singles Match]
[Heath Slater w/ 3MB vs. The Miz]

Bell sounds. Slater and Miz grapple. Miz with a hammerlock. Slater with right hands. Off the ropes and Miz with a knee to the gut followed by a running boot to the head. Slater at the turnbuckle. Miz runs at him and Slater throws him on the apron. Miz counters with a sunset flip for two. They get up and Miz with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two. Miz runs the ropes and 3MB grab his leg. He turns to then and Slater with a dropkick for two. Slater pounds on him and taunts. Slater with right hands followed by a neckbreaker for two. Slater applies a chin lock on Miz. Miz gets to his feet and fight him off with a snapmare. Slater runs at him. Miz ducks, runs the ropes and lands another boot to the face. Slater at the turnbuckle. Miz runs and hits a clothesline. Miz climbs to the top and hits a double axe handle. Miz grabs Slater's leg and goes for the figure four, but Slater grabs the ropes. He gets up and punches Miz back. Slater climbs to the top and Miz catches him with a right hand. Miz climbs up and hits a ten count. Jinder climbs on the apron and Miz punches him down. Miz throws Slater onto Jinder and McIntyre! Miz tosses Slater back into the ring, dropkicks his leg and applies the figure four leg lock. Slater taps!

[Winner via Submission: The Miz]
[Time: 04:13]

The Six Man Tag match is up next!


Another Triple H/Lesnar highlight showing Triple H attacking Lesnar before their match at WrestleMania.

Later tonight, you can vote on the WWE App whether Langston faces Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio.

Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan head into the ring.

Kane and Bryan will defend their titles against The Shield's Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a Tornado Tag match.

Their partner, WWE Champion John Cena, comes out and makes his way to the ring.

Their opponents The Shield come down to the ring through the crowd.

[Match 6]
[Six Man Elimination Tag]
[Team Hell No & John Cena vs. The Shield]

Bell sounds. Ambrose and Kane start off. They grapple. Kane with an arm lock into a side headlock. Ambrose shoves Kane and Kane with a bump followed by a snapmare into a headlock. AMbrose gets up and puts Kane in the corner. He lands right hands, but Kane throws Ambrose to the corner and lands a jab to the throat followed by a right hand. Tag to Bryan. Bryan with numerous kicks to the chest. Bryan with an arm lock into an indian bow submission. Ambrose gets out of the hold and tags Rollins. Bryan with a guillotine on Rollins. Tag to Cena. Cena with right hands followed by a clothesline into the corner for two. Cena applies a chin lock on Rollins.


Bryan and Ambrose are in the ring and Bryan has Ambrose in a surfboard submission. Tag to Kane. Kane runs the ropes and delivers a dropkick to Ambrose for two. Kane whips Ambrose into the corner. Tag to Bryan. Bryan grabs Ambrose and Ambrose shoves Bryan into his corner. Tag to Rollins. Rollins stomps on Bryan and distracts the ref so the other two can work him in the corner. Tag to Reigns. Reigns smacks Bryan's face on the mat, then runs the ropes and hits a charging shoulder. Reigns has a headlock on Bryan. Bryan fights out, but Reigns with a sudden clothesline for two. Tag to Ambrose. Ambrose tags Rollins, runs and hits a dropkick on Byran followed by Rollins with a dropkick of his own. Rollins applies a headlock. Bryan gets to his feet and fights out of it, but Rollins with a right hand strike to the head. Tag to Ambrose. Rollins holds Bryan's arms while Ambrose lands some right hands. Ambrose covers and gets two. Ambrose with a couple kicks to the ribs followed by a chin lock. Bryan fights off and runs the ropes only for Ambrose to catch him with a knee to the gut. Bryan powers with a knee to the gut of his won and tags Kane. Kane with two running clotheslines at the corner followed by a side slam. He hits Reigns with a right hand and takes Ambrose down with a DDT for two. Kane climbs to the top and hits a clothesline on Ambrose. Kane goes for the chokeslam. Rollins runs in and Kane grabs him. He throws Ambrose and Rollins over the top and knocks Reigns off the apron again. Kane exits the ring and pummels Ambrose and Rollins. He throws Ambrose into the turnbuckle post, Rollins into the steps and Reigns into the announce table. Kane grabs a piece of the table and smacks Ambrose with it. The referee disqualifies Kane.

[Kane has been eliminated]

The match continues with Cena in the ring.


Ambrose with a cover on Cena for two. Tag to Reigns. Reigns stomps on Cena and waits for him to get up. Cena turns and Reigns with a running power punch to the head to two. Reigns picks Cena up and goes for a suplex, but Cena counters with a suplex of his own. Reigns tags Rollins in. Rollins climbs to the top and catches Cena with a knee to the face for two. He covers again and gets another two. Rollins with a sleeper hold. Cena gets to his feet and slowly makes his way towards Bryan. Cena starts to lose strength, but he makes the tag! Bryan enters the ring and dropkicks Reigns and Ambrose off the apron. Bryan flips off the turnbuckle, ducks a clothesline from Bryan and hits Reigns and Ambrose with a suicide dive. Bryan climbs the turnbuckle and hits Rollins with a dropkick off the top for two and a half! Bryan with kicks to the chest. Rollins lands a cheap shot and grabs him. Bryan tries to get in the No Lock, but Rollins gets in a blind tag. With the ref distracted Rollins dropkicks Bryan in the head and Ambrose catches him with the headlock driver for the three count.

[Daniel Bryan has been eliminated]

Cena is alone against The Shield. Ambrose enters and waits. Cena runs in and tackles Ambrose. Ambrose tags Reigns and stomps him in the corner. Tag to Rollins. Rollins chokes Cena. Cena gets up and fights out of the corner. Shoulder tackles to Rollins followed by a spinning powerbomb. Cena off the ropes with Five Knuckle Shuffle! He goes for AA, but Ambrose ruins in. Cena tosses Ambrose and Reigns out of the ring, grabs Rollins and hits AA for the three count.

[Seth Rollins has been eliminated]

Cena grabs Ambrose and goes for Attitude Adjustment, but Reigns runs in, shoves the ref and spears Cena. The ref disqualifies Reigns!

[Roman Reigns has been eliminated]

Ambrose covers Cena and gets a two count. Ambrose taunts Cena to get up, and Cena catches Ambrose with the STF. Reigns and Rollins run in and beat down on Cena for the disqualification victory.

[Winners via Disqualification: Kane, Daniel Bryan and John Cena]

The Shield grab Cena and give him a triple powerbomb. They stands "victorious" in the ring and head back into the crowd.

Ryback comes out and makes his way into the ring. He stands over the fallen Cena for a moment and exits the ring. He stops himself, thinks, and goes under the ring. He pulls out a steel chair. Ryback heads back into the ring, raises the chair and smacks Cena's ankle with it. Ryback shouts "Ryback rules!" and leaves the ring.

Now's the time to vote on who Big E. Langston will face. Del Rio or Swagger? Vote now on the WWE App.

A video plays highlighting the Lesnar/Triple H match at WrestleMania. Their face to face is later tonight.


Josh Matthews catches up with Ryback backstage.

Mathews: Ryback, what you just did was extreme. Why would you do something like that?

Ryback: For the past year I played by the rules. I tried to do the right thing. What did it get me? I got screwed out the WWE Championship. Not anymore. Not me. At Extreme Rules everybody is going to know. John Cena is going to know...that Ryback rules.

He leaves.

Big E. Langston comes down to the ring with AJ Lee for his match.

Lawler: And now ladies and gentlemen, thanks to your voting we're going to find out who Big E. Langston will be facing.

The votes are in, and Langston will face Jack Swagger!

Swagger and Zeb Colter come out and head to the ring as Langston's opponent.

[Match 7]
[Singles Match]
[Big E. Langston w/AJ Lee vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter]

Bell sounds. They grapple and test each other's strength. They break. Another grapple. Swagger and Langston shove each other around the ring until Swagger hits a snapmare. Langston off the ropes with shoulder bumps, but Langston doesn't move. He and Swagger stare each other down. Langston with a knee to the gut. He puts Swagger in the corner and lands a shoulder tackle. Langston runs at him and Swagger avoids a splash. He grabs the leg and goes for an anklelock, but Langston powers out of it sending Swagger out of the ring. Swagger gets on the apron and drops Langston with a jawbreaker. He enters the ring and hits a belly to belly suplex for two.


Langston with a powerslam on Swagger for two. Langston with shoulder tackles in the corner. Langston whips Swagger into the corner. Swagger avoids and Langston hits the turnbuckle shoulder first. Swagger hits Langston with a running splash followed by a Swagger bomb for two. Swagger runs the ropes and Langston with a shot to the gut followed by a running tackle. Langston puts Swagger on a turnbuckle, climbs up and delivers a superplex for two. Langston sets up for the Big Ending. He grabs Swagger and lifts him up. Swagger drops behind, runs the ropes and clips Langston's leg. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock submission. Langston slowly makes his way to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope. Swagger runs at him. Langston hits an elbow and back body drops Langston out of the ring. Langston exits the ring, grabs Swagger and hurls him into the barricade. Langston waits for Swagger to get up and runs. Swagger back body drops Langston over the barricade. Swagger rolls into the ring the the referee counts Langston out.

[Winner via Count Out: Jack Swagger]
[Time: 10:11]

Del Rio runs down to the ring and attacks Swagger. Swagger grabs Del Rio and hits a spinebuster. He applies the Patriot Lock on Del Rio. Ricardo gets in the ring and attacks Swagger. Swagger boots him in the face. Del Rio grabs Swagger and hits the Cross Arm Breaker. Langston enters and breaks the submission. Langston spears Swagger into the turnbuckle and Del Rio gives Langston an inzigiri kick to the head. Del Rio clotheslines Swagger over the top and celebrates with Ricardo.


AJ Lee is in the ring for a match. The Bellas and Kaitlyn are at commentary.

He opponent, Natalya Neidhart, enters the ring.

[Match 8]
[Singles Match]
[AJ Lee vs. Natalya Neidhart w/Great Kahli & Hornswoggle]

Bell sounds. They go for a grapple and AJ skips around her instead. Natalya grabs and throws AJ down. Natalya with a suplex followed by a face plant to the mat.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is given another gift from a "secret admirer". The Bellas make fun of her and think she's giving herself gifts to seek attention. Natalya lifts AJ up and slams her against the turnbuckle. AJ squeals and holds the ropes as Natalya grabs her. AJ gets on the apron and slaps Natalya. Natalya runs after AJ on the outside. AJ catches Natalya with a kick to the gut. AJ gets on the apron and blows Kaitlyn a kiss. Natalya punches AJ off the apron while she's distracted. Natalya lifts up a seemingly unconscious AJ and lifts her back into the ring. Natalya picks up AJ and goes for a side slam, but AJ plays possum and counters with the Black Widow submission hold. Natalya taps.

[Winner via Submission: AJ Lee]
[Time: 03:13]

Kaitlyn and Kahli help Natalya out of the ring.

Up next, Triple H and Lesnar face off!


Striker is backstage with Jericho.

Striker: Chris, did you feel foolish out there after Fandango and Summer Ray got one over on you?

Jericho: Tonight was my fault. I was trying to play by other people's rules. Not anymore. No more dancing, no more holding score cards. No more jokes. I know who Fandango is. But let me tell you who I am. I have won all the titles, i've beaten all the greatest superstars, and my name is Chris Jericho. At Extreme Rules we're going to dance, and i'm going to mop the floor with you.

He leaves.

At ringside, Triple H comes out and heads to the ring.


Triple H is standing in the ring with the cage lowered down and surrounding him.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar and I have been at war for a year now, and nothing has truly been settled...until Sunday. On Sunday it all gets settled. I told you last week that this ring is my home and it is. I grew up here. I learned to be a man here. A man I respected early in my career said if you want to truly be good at this you have to learn to hate. And I did. As the stakes increased, as the consequences grew, I learned to hate and I learned to thrive on that hate. And nowhere did I feel more at home than when I was in this ring and this ring was surrounded by steel. Steel that can rip your flesh and break your bones. So I guess what i'm trying to say is...Brock Lesnar, you're here. I'm here. They're here.

The fans cheer.

Triple H: And more importantly, the steel is here. So i'm at home. Why don't you come try to take it?

Brock Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman by his side.

Heyman: Good evening ladies and gentle-

Triple H: Shut your pie-hole, Heyman. Just shut it. Nobody wants to hear it. We know who you are. We know who he is. Just get in the ring and let's do it.

Heyman: Yes, but do you truly know what we're about? We're about those perverse pleasures like the face you've been forced to use the word "hate". Isn't "hate" the big taboo word for this company and we're not supposed to use unsophisticated words like hate? Triple H you know as well as I do that you two "hate" each other, and this Sunday my client Brock Lesnar is going to teach you the true meaning of the word hate because Brock Lesnar is a cage fighting carnivore and you're the biggest slab of meat in the WWE Universe. So this Sunday after Lesnar is done with you're going to hate facing your family after Brock beats you into a disfigured shape. You're going to hate that one man will emerge from this war the winner, and here's something you've never had to face in your career. One man is going to have to face the fact that he will go down in history as the loser, and I can't imagine how much you're going to hate that. My client is here and he's ready for a fight. A fight you're going to have to wait until Sunday to experience because you as COO know that my client does not fight for free.

Triple H: Hold on a second. Cut the music. I don't know why I didn't see this before. All this time I was thinking to myself "why won't Brock just face me like a man?" Brock Lesnar the 320 pound destroyer won't face me like a man. Why is that? And the truth is it has nothing to do with Lesnar, does it Paul? It's the fact that you can't afford him to do that can you Paul? I did the unthinkable and knocked him out cold at WrestleMania, and Paul I beat him. And you know that if Brock Lesnar walks down that ramp right now and steps into this cage that maybe, just maybe, i'll kick his ass one more time. But that doesn't bode too well for you as a businessman. And Sunday if he steps inside this cage and I beat him again, then the sound you hear at that moment will not be the sound of the crowd, it will be Lesnar's mystique flying out the window along with your meal ticket. I look at Brock and I can tell that he thinks he's the baddest man standing in this room. Problem is you don't think that's true anymore do you Paul? That's why as of this moment i'm not talking to you, Paul. I'm talking to you, Brock? What are you going to do? Are you going to prove that your Brock Lesnar the beast? Or are you just looking for Heyman to tell you what to do and show that you are Brock Lesnar...the bitch?!

Lesnar brushes Heyman aside and makes his way to the ring. Referee group in front of Lesnar and tell him to hold off. Triple H has the cage door opened and he's telling Lesnar to get in. Lesnar climbs the ring steps and gets inside. He and Triple H meet face to face in the center of the ring, and the two start throwing punches. Lesnar shoulder tackles Triple H into the corner, but Triple H fights back. Lesnar grabs Triple H from behind and delivers a german suplex. He takes his shirt off and orders the door to be closed. He runs and Triple H smashes Lesnar's face into the cage. He takes his shirt off and beats Lesnar with right hands. He throws Lesnar into the cage door knocking Heyman and Lesnar out of the ring. Triple H yells at him to bring it on and get back in.

Lesnar gets up, walks over to Heyman and helps him up. He and Heyman head up the ramp and go to the back. Triple H climbs the cage and stands at top starring down Lesnar as the show comes to an end.