Recaps Of WWE's Backstage Interviews From Extreme Rules caught up with several WWE personalities backstage at last night's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Here are highlights from the brief interviews:

- Dr. Sampson spoke the Big Show was checked out after receiving a skull punt from Randy Orton, but did not show any signs of a concussion. He also said that John Cena refused to be hospitalized after he and Ryback were knocked out at the end of their match. He also said Triple H appeared to be alright following his steel cage match against Brock Lesnar, but will be checked out again today.

- Randy Orton said that his win over the Big Show in front of his hometown crowd was a magical moment.

- Chris Jericho said that Fandango is good, but not great yet. Fandango says Jericho got lucky and capitalized on a rare mistake of his. Fandango said that he's not done with Jericho and teased something for tonight's RAW.

- Kofi Kingston talked about losing the United States championship to Dean Ambrose, promising to come back stronger and get the title back. Kofi said he was ready for Rollins and Reigns to get involved in the match and was actually thrown off when it was just Ambrose he had to deal with.

- Daniel Bryan was very upset about he and Kane losing the WWE tag titles to The Shield. Bryan expressed frustration that he is perceived as the weak link Team Hell no, but Kane defended him. Kane also gave credit to The Shield for their win, but said their luck is about to run out.

* VIDEO: THE SHIELD Celebrates Their Title Wins at EXTREME RULES