Jim Ross Extreme Rules Blog: The Shield, Cena vs. Ryback, Instant Replay

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:

The Shield's Title Wins at Extreme Rules: "Big night for The Shield as they left St. Louis with Championship Gold and not on fluke victories. WWE obviously has confidence in the three, young men whose best days lie ahead of them if they continue to evolve. Evolution takes effort and hard work and being ready for additional responsibilities. I've seen some young talents get a taste of success and then fold like a cheap lawn chair. I don't see that happening to Ambrose, Rollins or Reigns.

"Nonetheless we will now see how hungry The Shield remain and if they are willing to continue to learn the ropes, prove themselves daily and become locker room leaders that WWE is constantly looking to discover. I know that there are many people involved with WWE Talent Development and at NXT that are keenly interested in their journey."

Instant Replay in WWE: "Anxious to see the fallout of WWE utilizing the instant replay ala the NBA officials in restarting the Swagger-Del Rio bout. I've got mixed feelings about it but lean toward NOT using instant replay. I like the referee's decision will be final concept but I'm old school, perhaps too much.

John Cena & Ryback's Match: "Ryback and Cena beat each other up and their bodies were certainly put to the test throughout the Last Man Standing match. One has to hold their breath when action leaves the ring of which, as a former administrator, I am still uncomfortable for the record. Wrestlers are trained to perform inside the ring and when they go beyond the squared circle and aggressively engage as Cena and Ryback did Sunday night it becomes a high stakes crap shoot.

This LMS car wreck was a classic $2 Steak tough affair. I tip my hat to both Cena & Ryback for laying it on the line and visibly showing no apprehension in doing so in St. Louis. How that bout ended was controversial and I'm anxious to hear more info and discussion about the conclusion of the Cena-Ryback Last Man Standing contest tonight on RAW live from Kansas City at 7/8 eastern."

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