Backtage News On Vince Russo Possibly Working With TNA Again

In recent weeks, there have been some suspicions that Vince Russo is once again involved in TNA's creative process, possibly working as a consultant.

Russo was CC’d on some creative e-mails, but several people in TNA denied he was working for the company.

People close to Russo are saying that he's been following the product again.

TNA is working with Japan's Wrestle-1 promotion, but Wrestle-1 was adamant that they would not do business with TNA if Russo was involved in any capacity. When they asked TNA about the situation, they reportedly did not get a direct answer.

TNA wrestlers have been talking about the rumors of Russo working for TNA again. Bully Ray and Abyss, who have a lot of seniority in the company and frequently deal witih company management, have told the wrestlers that they know nothing about Russo working for TNA.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)