Indy Wrestler Talks About His Experience Working As A Rosebud

Indy wrestler Mario Crivello of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling recently appeared on the The Blake & Sal Show and spoke about his experience working as one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds. Here are some highlights of what he said bout:

Who Was In Charge Of The Rosebuds: "We're answering to maybe the referees. Yeah, you'd be surprised how much knowledge and authority the referees have but once you start to pick up on that you realize why. The referees know the rules; they understand TV time. It's weird to think about, but once you understand the referees's real role in a match and on television, you think, 'Oh yeah, that make sense why we would answer to a lot of referees.'"

Working with Adam Rose: "It was cool. You worry about wrestlers giving you the cold shoulder but he was really cool to work with."

The Backstage Experience: "It was awesome. Like I didn't know if I was at the right level of excitement, I thought maybe I was too excited. But when I saw that everyone was excited, I was like, 'Yeah it's okay to be in awe.'

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