Ring Of Honor "Best In The World" PPV Results: June 22, 2014

The following are results of the Ring Of Honor "Best in the World" pay-per-view, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Results are courtesy of Jesse Collings and WrestlingINC.com.

Ring of Honor's first ever PPV opens with a video package talking about tonight's matches and meshing them with old and new clips from ROH's history.

We then go live to Nashville where the show takes place. Corino and Kelly talk about tonight's main event between Michael Elgin and Adam Cole for Cole's world title. The opening match will be a six men mayhem match for a future World TV title shot. ACH comes down to the ring first, followed by Takai Wantanabe, who is just going by Wantanabe. Caprice Coleman comes out third, and he is followed by Decade members Tadarius Thomas and BJ Whitmer. Tomaso Ciampa is out last to a big pop. The match will have lucha libre rules, where it will be one on one, but anytime someone gets tossed out of the ring, a new competitor can enter.

Six Man Mayhem Match for Future World TV Championship Spot: BJ Whitmer vs Tomaso Ciampa vs Caprice Coleman vs ACH vs Tadarius Thomas vs Wantanabe

The guys exchange handshakes and ACH and Tomaso Ciampa start things off. Ciampa clamps on a headlock and hits two shoulder tackles. ACH pops up witha tackle of his own. They trade waist locks and pinnning attemps. Ciampa goes for the Sicilian Stretch but ACH squirms out. Wantanabe tags himself in and takes it to ACH. ACH rebounds with a big chop and nails a running dropkick. Coleman comes in for Wantanabe, but Tadarius Thomas tags Coleman. Thomas smacks ACH and him and ACH trade lightning fast moves, but ACH hits a dropkick, knocking Thomas out, and Whitmer comes in.

Whitmer goes to work on ACH hitting some chops. Coleman comes in and hits a big heelkick. Ciampa comes in and hits a German Suplex and does a Cactus Clothesline out of the ring. ACH and Wantanabe go at it, Wantanabe hits a big elbow and a flying clothesline form the second rope for a two count. He stalks ACH, but he gets dumped out of the ring, ACH signals for a dive, but Whitmer comes in and levels ACH with a stiff forearm. He brings ACH into the corner and beats him down. Thomas comes in on a tag and kicks ACH several times and gets a two count. He pushes him into another corner, and Wantanabe tags himself in and aggressively stomps away at ACH. Wantanabe hits a snapmare and locks in a choke behind the referee. Front chancery by Wantanabe and BJ comes in and connects with a snap suplex for a two count.

Whitmer hits a high knee, but ACH connects on a leg-feed thrust kick. ACH tags in Coleman who takes it to The Decade and Wantanabe. Whitmer cuts him off, but Coleman hits a hail-mary rana on Whitmer.and then hits a triple norhtern lights suplex combo on Thomas, bringing Wantanbe on for the last one. Ciampa comes in and hits a lariat on Coleman, and Wantananbe comes in and they trade blows. Ciampa connects on a Beach Break and ACH comes flying, taking out everybody. He runs in and Whitmer hits a powerslam for a two count. Wantanabe breaks it up and him and Whitmer go at it. Whitmer eats a backdrop suplex, and Coleman comes in. Coleman connects on a ace crusher. Ciampa comes in and nails Project Ciampa on Coleman. ACH comes in and he eats a Project Ciampa. Whitmer and Thomas come in and break it up , but soon they are going at it. Wantanabe and Coleman come in and clean up, with Wantanabe getting the better of it.

Ciampa is back and he takes out Wantanabe with a series of huge knee strikes. He then runs over and hits a big plancha on the outside. Coleman is in the ring and he nails a crazy, spaceman, inside out asai moonsault to the outside. ACH comes in and takes everyone out with a step-up flying front senton atomico to the outside. He rolls Thomas back in the ring and hits a 450 splash for the three count

Winner: ACH

After the match Ciampa stares at ACH in the ring, they shake hands, but Ciampa leaves angrily. Whitmer and Corino go at as Whitmer comes by and starts yelling at the commentators.

We get a recap of Matt Taven's feud with Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. Next up will be Taven vs Lethal for Lethal's TV title, with Martini handcuffed at ringside.

Taven comes out first and celebrates with some fans before entering the ring. Martini and Lethal come out next, along with Saleeze. They do introductions and Lethal tries to handcuff Martini, who tries to run away. He is extremely nervous and eventually gets handcuffed, as Lethal reassures him.

Television Championship Match: Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven

They lock up and Taven tries to attack Martini, but Lethal stops him and takes him back into the ring. Taven connects on some hard chops and they change holds. Big dropkick by Taven gets him a two count. Taven runs into and elbow, and Lethal knocks him out of the ring. Lethal chops him and brings Taven back in and misses a big diving cross body. Standing moonsault by Taven for a two count. Taven hits an enzughiri, but Lethal hits a kick of his own and knocks him out of the ring. Lethal mounts Taven on the outside and punishes him with right hands.

Lethal and Taven exchange shots, but Lethal gets the better of him and takes him back into the ring. Lethal hits a high elbow and continues to methodically punish Taven. Taven fights out and hits a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Taven tries to go after Martini, but Lethal again cuts him off and continues to slowly beat down Taven. Lethal locks in a sleeper hold, but Taven gets up and they trade blows, eventually with Taven connecting with a kick combination and two lariats. Taven ducks a clothesline and hits a big enzughiri and a rope assisted neckbreaker for a two count.

Taven comes for the Climax, but Lethal rolls him up for a two count. Lethal rolls right into a Lethal Combination and climbs the top rope for a big elbow drop for a two count. Letal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Taven counters with a handspring, enzugiri and then a brainbuster for a near fall. Taven and Lethal tumble to the outside, and LEthal slams Taven into the barricade. Lethal goes back into the ring for a suicide dive, but Taven catches him with a sloppy side kick. Taven climbs into the ring and hits two big suicide dives, and then clears the top rope for a third dive, taking out both Salezea and Lethal. Taven comes over with a steel chair, ready to take out Martini, but Martini hands the security guard some money, and he stops Taven from getting to Martini.

Taven eventually superkicks the security guard, but during the confrontation, Salezia came over and broke the handcuffs and her and Martini ran to the back. Taven goes for a big splash on Lethal who is in the ring, but LEthal got his knees up. Lethal connects with the Lethal Injection and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Champion: Jay Lethal

We get a video recap of Cedric Alexander's feud with The Decade. Tonight, it will be a submission match between Alexander and Roderick Strong.

Strong comes out first, with Thomas and Adam Page. Alexander is out next.

Submission Match: Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander

They start off and Strong takes down Alexander. Alexander fights out of it and they do some fast mat wrestling to start off. Eventually they stand off and Strong hides in the ropes. Strong connects on a stiff boot, but Cedric bounces back with some right hands. Strong cuts him off, but Alexander catches him off the ropes with a dropkick. Alexander pounds away on Strong and chops him into the corner. Alexander connects with high elbow, but Strong runs across the ring and connects with a kitchen sink. Strong methodically takes it to Alexander, letting him eat some chops in the corner. Alexander tries to fight back, but Strong keeps cutting him off. Alexander eventually works things back into the center of teh ring and clotheslines Strong out of the ring and then hits a running clothesline out of the ring.

Alexander beats Strong down on the outside and bounces his head off the apron. Alexander runs up to STrong, who back body drops Alexander onto the apron, as Alexander has a sick landing on the apron, back first. Crowd chants that was awesome, and STrong goes back into the ring and slowly stalks Alexander. Strong talks some trash to Alexander as he locks in a rear chinlock. The ref looks for a tap out, but forces Strong to let go when he starts to put a fishook Alexander. Strong continues to wear him down and taunts the crowd. Strong continues to chop away and talks some more trash, connecting with a back suplex.

Strong plays some cat and mouse with Alexander and locks in the camel clutch. The ref asks Alexander, who fights up into a jawbreaker. Strong hits a dropkick on Alexander and taunts the crowd. He paintburshes Alexander, who defiantly shakes his head at Strong. Alexander slaps him from his knees. Strong hits the ropes, but Alexander catches him with a fireman's carry into an enzughiri. Alexander hits a series of headbutts and dropkicks Strong out of the ring. Page and Thomas go over to Strong, but Cedirc hits a huge senton atomico over the top rope. Strong avoides the collision, but Alexander hits a big elbow strike and tosses Strong back into the ring.

Alexander springboards in and hits a DDT, and switches right into a guillotine choke, but Strong gets into the ropes. Both men struggle to their feet and they trade kicks. Strong goes into the corner and is dropkicked by Alexander. Alexander hits it again and signals for a third one. This time he hits a forearm and hits a reverse STO and rolls right into a dragonsleeper. Page is shown holding a white towel and Corino asks if he is going to throw it in. Strong fights out with elbows and both men are down.

Strong sits Alexander on the top rope and hits kick to the head and a chop. Strong takes his time and goes for a superplex and connects. Both men struggle to their feet and Strong smacks Alexander and hits a big knee strike and a series of running forearms. Strong goes for a firemans carry into a double gutbuster, but Cedric counters into a triangle choke, but Strong gets to the ropes. Alexander is dumped to the outside, and Strong hits a suicide dive and tosses Cedric back in the ring. Backbreaker by Strong he calls for the Strong Hold. He tries to apply it, but Alexander blocks it. Roddy goes to the top rope and Alexnader meets him. Alexander connects with a huge backbreaker, using the top turnbuckle to crack Strong's back. Alexander connects with a Lumbar Check of his own and goes right into the Strong Hold. Strong has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Alexander goes to shake his hand. Strong stares at him, but decides against it and leaves the ring.

We get a video recap of the feud between Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett, and The Briscoes. Bennett and Maria come out first. Matt Hardy follows him out being escorted by some actor. Corino loves Hardy, and even holds up a sign that reads "Matt Hardy is God." The Briscoes come out next.

Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett vs The Briscoes

Bennett and Mark Briscoe start off. They lock up and Bennett muscles him into the corner. Mark switches over and takes it to Bennett with some right hands and huge lariat. Jay comes in and they both take it to Bennett. Jay stares at Hardy, and continues to take it to Bennett with some headbutts. Mark comes in and they hit a double team clothesline. Mark continues to work all over Bennett in the corner, but Bennett eventually connects with a dropkick and tags in Hardy. Hardy off the top with a fist drop and tags in a wrist lock and in comes Bennett who hits a clothesline and a cover for a two count. Bennett comes in and they hit a double suplex on Mark for a two count. Hardy goes for a back drop, but Mark lands on his feet and tags in Jay, who comes in hot and takes it right to Hardy. Mark comes back and hits a springboard dropkick on Bennett, while Hardy and Jay brawl on the outside.

The actor hits Jay with some award he has, and Hardy takes him back in the ring. The Briscoes quickly take control again and Jay hits the ten punches on Hardy. Neckbreaker from Jay and hits a second, hangman's neckbreaker. Jay hits a third one for a two count. Jay goes for the J-Driller, but Bennett nails Jay with Hardy's title and the match ends in a DQ.

Winners by Disqualification: The Briscoes

The crowd chants BS. Jay gets on the mic and calls Nigel out and Nigel McGuinness comes out and makes the match a No DQ match and they restart.

No Disqualification Match: Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett vs The Briscoes

The bell rings and The Briscoes just kill Bennett and Hardy. Chairs on in the ring as Mark takes it to Bennett. On the outside, Jay takes it to Hardy and cracks open a beer and throws him into the barricade. Mark sets Bennett up and back suplexes him onto a chair. Jay takes out a table, but Hardy stops him and chokes him with a cable wire. Back in the ring, Maria distracts Mark, and he eats a chair shot to the head by Bennett. Hardy takes out a ladder and runs over Jay with it. He sticks it into the ring and Bennett and Mark continue to brawl on the outside.

Hardy and Jay are in the rign and he whips Jay into the ladder. Mark sets up a table on teh outside, but Bennett hits a side effect on Mark on the outside. Hardy goes for the twist of fate onto some chairs, but Jay counters it and hits a death valley driver onto the chairs. Jay then suplexes Hardy onto the ladder. Mark and Bennett are brawling on the top rope. Bennett gets pushed off the top, and Mark hops down and runs across the the apron and hits an elbow drop on Hardy, who had rolled out to the outside.

Mark gets back on the apron, but Bennett spears him off the apron. Bennett goes for a piledriver on the apron, but Jay cuts him off. Jay bring him onto his shoulders, and Mark runs off the apron with a Doomsday Device. Hardy and Jay get back in the ring. Hardy hits a lowblow on Jay, but only gets a two count. Jay hits a jawbreaker. The actor (Nick Searcy) comes into the ring and the Briscoes beat him down. Mark even hits a flying elbow drop on the actor. Maria pushes Mark off the top rope as they go for a Doomsday Devive on Searcy, and Hardy hits a twist of fate for a two count. The two teams brawl and Bennett and Mark go to the outside. Bennett gets placed on the table, and Briscoe climbs the ropes and hits the froggy bow through the table.

Back in the ring. Hardy sets Jay on the table. Hardy climbs the ladder, but Mark runs up and sprays a fire extinguisher onto Hardy. Jay runs up and suplexes Hardy off the top of the ladder and through the table. Jay hits the J-Driller on Hardy and they get the three count.

Winners: The Briscoes

We get a video showing Cole cutting Elgin's hair against his will at a recent house show. Cole shaves his head bald (probably doing Elgin a favor, actually). MsChief came out, who is Elgin's real life wife. Cole took MsCheif and put her in the figure four right in front of Elgin.

An ROH announcer is introducing a new ROH signing, some guy named Moose who spent seven years in the NFL. Moose says that although he played seven seasons in the NFL, he says he has to prove himself every bit as much in ROH. Mandy Leon tries to say something to Moose, but Veda Scott comes out and gets rid of her. She talks about how she has managed RD Evans to an undefeated record and says she can take him to the top. Moose shrugs her off, saying they will talk about it later and she exits.

We get a recap of Silas Young and Kevin Steen's feud. Young cuts a promo talking about how sad it is to see a man lose his manhood. He says that Steen's speech at War of the Worlds made him think he was a sad SOB. He calls him weak, spineless and pathetic. He says that the day after Best in the World, Steen is going to have to look in the mirror and know that he got his ass whipped, but at least it was by a real man.

Silas Young makes his way to the ring to a decent amount of heat. Steen comes out next to a big pop. He says that the fans at home are looking at the future of Pro Wrestling. Steen gets pelted with streamers for what may be his last match in Ring of Honor.

Kevin Steen vs Silas Young

Steen opens the match with a big foreram. Young goes to the outside, but Steen hits big somersault off the apron and then tosses Young into the barricade. Steen takes him across the ring and tosses Young back into another barricade. They go back into the ring and Young hits some serious foerarms into Steen, who comes back with a high elbow. Steen hits a chop on Young and Steen continues to beat him down. Young goes to the outside, but Steen teases a powerbomb, but Young fights out of it and kicks Steen into the barricade.

Young brings Steen back into the ring and beats him down into the corner. Young hits a reverse lariat and locks in a rear chinlock while taunting the crowd. Steen fights up to his feet, but Young throws him back down and stops away on Steen's head. Steen gets back up and seperates himself and Young and goes for the F-Cincq, but Young slips out and hits a big neckbreaker on Steen. Young drops a series of elbows into Steen's chest and gets a two count. Heavy chopes form Steen fight out and he catches Silas coming off the ropes for a pop-up powerbomb. Steen lays into Young with some forearms, but eats a boot to the face. Steen catches Young in the ropes and hits a big knee lift and then a rope assisted DDT for a two count.

Steen tries to get Young out of the corner, but Young rolls out of it and tries for a schoolboy for a near fall. Steen resists an Irish Whip and they trade blows in the center of the ring. Steen kicks Young in the face and hits a Steen-breaker on Young for a two count. Steen tries for the package piledriver, but Young powers him into the corner. He tries it again, but Young crotches him on the ropes and then hits a running lariat, knocking Steen of the ropes.

Young picks up Steen and hoists him up in a firemans carry, but Steen pushes him into the corner and runs into Young with the Cannonball. Steen goes up top and hits a senton atomico for a near fall. Steen gets up and Young blinds him on the ropes and hits a steamroller and then goes for a headstand arabian press, but Steen moves out of the way and Young lands on his feet and nails Steen with a lariat. Young talks soome trash to Steen, who smaks him, but Young comes back and assualts Steen with forearms and then knee strikes to Steen. Young lifts Steen to the top rope and talks more trash. Steen hits a headbutt and hits a huge front suplex from the top rope. Steen hits the package piledriver and gets the three count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

After the match, Steen gets on the mic and says that Young said a lot of things about him, but one thing he cannot say is that Steen didn't beat him. He says he has said a lot of things about Young, that he was a jerk, bitter and an asshole. But one thing he cannot say after tonight is that he is not an exceptional professional wrestling, and he has a lot of respect for him. He says in New York, he went after Steen because he was the top guy, and make no mistake, Steen is the top guy. Steen says he made it known he is stepping away for a bit, and he doesn't have a lot of matches left in ROH, and he is extremely happy he got to wrestle Young on such a stage before he goes. He know hopes that Young respects him now, and if he is the man he thinks he is, he will shake his hand right now.

Young shakes his hand and exits the ring. Steen points out to fans in the crowd who have signs that say Thank You Steen, but what he should be doing is...and right then Silas Young comes back and cuts Steen down with a chopblock and the refs break it up.

We then go to a segment with Fish and O'Reilly. They talk about how ROH has brought in yet another outside entity to try and face them, but in ROH, they are gods, who define the logic of physics in wrestling. Fish says some weird thing about his great uncle and says that they are redefining tag team wrestling.

Daniels and Kazarian come down to the ring and get big "Welcome Back" chants. reDRagon are out next.

ROH Tag Team Championship: reDRagon vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian

O'Rielly and Daniels start things off. Daniels takes O'Reilly down with a wirstlock. O'Reilly reverses it and locks in a front facelock and Daniels slides into a sideheadlock. Daniels goes into a top wrist lock, and O'Reilly gets out and hits a european uppercut and then smacks Daniels down. O'Rielly locks in a side headlock and knocks Daniels down with a shoulder block. Daniels cartwheels through O'Reilly and hits a smack of his own and then a calf kick. Kaz gets a tag and O'Rielly tags in Fish. Kaz hits two armdrags and then catches a leg drop on Fish for a two count.

Daniels tags in and they doubleteam Fish. Kazairan with a springboard leg drop and more double team moves from Kaz and Daniels for a two count. Daniels hits a springboard elbow drop, followed by Kaz with a springboard leg drop for another two count. O'Rielly comes on a tag, but Daniels cuts him off with a front facelock. Kaz comes in with a spear, but O'Reilly moes and he went into the ring post. Fish then takes a chair and nails Kaz's arm around the post with the chair while the ref was distracted by the action int he ring.

O'Rielly is in control in the ring and hits a key lock driver and tags in Fish. Fish beats Kazarian down and tries a lateral press for a two count. Kazaraian fights out of the double team , but O'Rielly and Fish keep the advantage. O'Rielly locks in a reverse wrist lock, but Kaz gets up and hits a high elbow to Fish and O'Rielly. He tries to hit the ropes but fish pulls him down. Kaz nails Fish on the outside, but as soon as he gets into the ring, O'Reilly locks in a guillotine choke. Kaz powers out of it, but Daniels is pulled off the apron by Fish, preventing the tag.

Fish comes in and continues the assault on Kaz's arm. Back suplex from Fish gets him a two count. Kazarian eventually fights out and tags in Daniels. Daniels comes in hot and hits an STO of Fish and then a big kick onto him on the outside. He climbs the top rope and hits a big cross body on O'Reilly for a two count. Daniel sits him on the top rope. Daniels goes for teh lawn dart, but O'Rielly pushes him off and comes off the top, but is caught into a uranage slam. Daniels signals for the BME, but Fish comes back in and they double team Daniels. Daniels fights out of it and stomps on Fish and then dives to O'Rielly ont he outside.

Daniels and Kaz wait in the ring. Daniels flips Fish into the ring and hits an ace crusher on Fish. Daniels goes for the moonsault, lands on his feet, but eats a samoan drop from Fish. They go to the outside, with Fish getting the advantage. Kaz comes in and hits a springbaord DDT on a returning to the ring Fish. Both teams brawl in the middle of the ring quickly exchanging high impact moves. Daniels eventually connects Fish on a Blue Thunder Bomb, and all four men stay down. Daniels and Fish trade forearms in the center of the ring. Fish hits a mule kick, and goes for a sunset flip, but Daniels counters and connects with Angel's Wings, but O'Reilly breaks up the pinfall and tags himself in.

Daniels hits a dragon screw leg whip and tags in Kaz, who clotheslines O'Reilly to the outside. Daniels goes for the the moounsault on the outside, but Fish catches him and runs him into the barricade, and O'Reilly runs across the apron for a knee drop. Kaz greets O'Reilly on the top rope and connects with the flux capacitor, but Fish pulls the ref out of the ring. He double teams Kaz, and they connect with Chasing the Dragon, but Kaz kicks out at two! O'Rielly locks in a cross-armbreaker and Kaz has to tap.

Winners and STILL Champions: reDRagon

The two teams shake hands at the end of the match, and then we get a video package highlighting the feud between Michael Elgin and Adam Cole.

Elgin is out next. Due to his haircut, he is sporting just a shaved head similar to Michael Bennett. Cole is out next and he talks smack into the camera, saying that he is the Best in the World. We get introductions from Bobby Cruise and we are ready to go.

ROH World Championship: Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin

The bell rings and Cole taunts Elgin, begging him to hit him. Elgin gets a double leg takedown and pounds away on Cole with clubbing forearms. He bashes him into the corner. Elgin gives him a hard Irish Whip, and Cole ducks to the outside. Elgin chases him out, but Cole catches him and knocks him back. Cole gets in the ring and tries a springboard dive, but Elgin gets out of the way.

Elgin chops away on Cole and picks him up over his shoulder. Elgin runs over to the ramp and drops Cole onto the entrance ramp with a huge running powerslam. He drags Cole back into the ring and Cole kicks Elgin in the arm, and connects with a big leaping neckbreaker. Cole goes up high, but Elgin meets him and blocks a sunset bomb attempt. Elgin climbs to the top, but Cole recovers and pulls him down. He covers Elgin for a two count and chokes Elgin. Cole pouns away on Elgin, whp pushes him off and begs for more. Cole with a snapmare takedown and then locks in a chinlock. Elgin fights out of, but Cole kicks himm and tries a firemans carry. Elgin slips out and runs over to the turnbuckle. Cole goes for a corner leapforg, but Elgin catches him into a modified double stabber.

Cole tries to springboard in, but Elgin cuts him off with a dropkick. Elgin climbs the second rope and hits a crazy deadlift falcon arrow from the second rope for a near fall. Elgin climbs the second rope, but Cole kicks him in the face to stop him. Cole goes for a super hurrancanrana. Elgin blocks it and tries to hit a super power bomb, but Cole flips over into a hurrancanrana. Cole then hits a poisoned hurrancanrana and then the Florida Key, but Elgin is out at two.

Cole gets up and climbs the second rope Cole goes for the Panama Destroyer, but Elgin gets out of the way. Cole goes for a superkick, but Elgin moves and the referee, Todd Sinclair gets absolutley killed by the kick. Elgin hits the Elgin bomb, but the ref is out. Hardy and Bennett come out and try and beat down Elgin, but Elgin hits a double samoan drop on them both. Elgin with a forearm to Cole's neck and then powerbombs him over the top rope, onto Hardy and Bennett. Maria distracts Elgin, who teases hitting her, but he lets go and she smacks him. He chases her around the ring and Bennett stops him. Cole goes for a Panama Destroyer off the apron, but Elgin dodges it. Hardy nails Elgin with the belt, as War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson) come out and clear Bennett and Hardy out.

Cole is back in the ring and revives Sinclair to start counting Elgin out. The ref gets to 19 (ROH goes to 20 before a count out) and Elgin gets back in. Cole looks distraught and Maria throws the belt into Cole. MsChief comes down and takes out Maria with green mist. Elgin blocks the shot with the belt, hits a backfist and then the Elgin bomb, but Cole kicks out at two!

The fans throw streamers into the ring, because they were that convinced it was over, but Cole did kick out at two. Elgin sits Cole up on the top and Cole fights out of it and pushes Elgin down. Cole hits a missile dropkick to Elgin's knee and bring him over to the ring post and locks on the figure four around the post. Cole breaks it at four and slowly gets back into the ring and tries for the figure four, but Elgin rolls him up for the two count. Cole went for a schoolboy, but Elgin locks in the crossface, but Cole escapes by attacking the knee. Elgin tries to run across the ring, but his knee gives out and Cole connects with a superkick. Cole climbs the second rope and hits the Panama Destroyer, but now it is Elgin's turn to stop the count at just two.

Cole climbs up again, but Elgin stops the Panama Destroyer and hits a triple powerbomb, all brutal, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Michael Elgin

After the match, confetti and streamers rain down on Elgin as he celebrates in the ring with the title. Cole heads to the back covered in confetti. Kelly calls Elgin the Best in the World as we go off the air.

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