Summer Rae Speaks On Her Relationship w/ Natalya, Fandango, More

The following are highlights of a Turnbuckle Weekly interview with Summer Rae:

Her relationship with Natalya: "I really didn’t have a problem with her coming into the season. After doing the movie I kind of wanted to start fresh with everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t start fresh if both people don’t want to. So, Nattie is definitely a wound that will perhaps [be] reopened this season."

What to expect this season on Total Divas: "This season is so much drama. Of course we have a new Diva, Rosa, coming in. A fiery Latina that stirs the pot to say the least. Thank goodness it’s not just me anymore. We have a wedding, baby news, scares, a possible break up… it’s crazy."

Breaking from Fandango: "I loved being paired with Fandango. A couple of the girls (who are paired with guys) were asking me about this the other day… I love the partnership of Diva and Superstar. It gives you a great opportunity to show personality and become a character without having to be in the ring. It’s very tough to get that character across if you’re only working and wrestling. … I’m just trying to figure out who I am now and not get lost in the mix of only being a Total Diva… I have some ideas and things like that."

Starring in The Marine 4: "I’m not going to say my weapons were bigger and cooler than The Miz’s, but my weapons were WAY bigger than The Miz’s… The thing with Total Divas is you get to see the behind the scenes, which you wouldn’t get until the DVD came out… My specific character in (the movie) is very top secret until the show comes out, but what I will say is Mike was extremely helpful to me and very professional on the set. I definitely saw a different side of Mike than “The Miz” that he is backstage. He was great. He is really good at doing acting."

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