WWE Survivor Series Results (11/27/05) - Detroit, Michigan

The following is a quick rundown of results from tonight's Survivor Series PPV.

-- Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and Coach welcome us to Survivor Series. After a quick glimse of the Spanish announce team, we see Tazz and Michael Cole, who are representing Smackdown!.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T (Best of Seven - Match One)
- This best-of-seven match is for the vacated WWE United States championship. Benoit missed a top rope headbutt which allowed Booker T to win after an Oklahoma roll with his feet on the ropes. Sharmell held Booker T's feet on the bottom rope for leverage.

-- Backstage, Eric Bischoff told Vince McMahon that RAW would decimate Smackdown! and that he would destroy Theodore Long and screw over John Cena just as Vince did to Bret several years ago. Cena then showed up and made fun of Bischoff for screwing men. Vince and Cena then chatted it up and Vince called him a "nigga" and strutted away. Booker T and Sharmell overheard this and Booker said "tell me he didn't just say that!"

Trish Stratus vs. Melina (Women's Championship Match)
- Since this was an interpromotional match, Tazz and Joey Styles commentated. Mercury and Nitro got ejected for attempting interference. With some help from Mickey Jay and a Stratusfaction off the top rope, Trish ended up winning the match.

-- A promo for the new Jake "The Snake" Roberts DVD aired.

Triple H vs. Ric Flair (Last Man Standing Match)
- Flair got busted open after Triple H hurled him into the ringpost and then Triple H used a screwdriver to worsen the cut. Triple H also tried to Pedigree Flair through an announce table but countered it and back dropped him through another. Flair worked over Triple H's leg for the next little, putting on the Figure Four leglock for about 30 seconds. Triple H hits three Pedigrees, with Flair getting up after all of them so Triple H pulls out his sledgehammer and clocks Flair with it. Flair is unable to get up giving Triple H the win.

-- A promo is shown for the new Bret "Hitman" Hart DVD.

-- Backstage, Mickey Jay and Trish Stratus are shown in the WWE "Instant Access" room.

-- Backstage, Randy Orton tells his teammates that Batista is hurt and is the weak link on the team. As Orton wants to further discuss Batista as a liability, Batista comes into the picture and says that there can only be one leader and since he's champ, it should be. Mysterio and Bobby Lashley agree, Bradshaw thinks it should be him but concedes when Batista stares him down while Orton just goes along with it.

Edge Interview
- Edge says that soon he will be debuting a new show on RAW tomorrow: The Cutting Edge with co-host Lita. Edge points out that the Detroit Tigers DH Dimitri Young is in attendance. Edge proceeds to insult and make fun of Young and baseball in general before turning on some Detroit sports teams: the Tigers, Pistons and Lions...conveniently ignoring the Red Wings, who are one of the NHL's best teams. Dimitri Young wants to say something and points out all the championships won by the Tigers, Pistons and Wings. He also said that they have something in common: he hits balls and Edge has none and asks Edge where his championship is. Edge gets frustrated and appears to have nothing to say so he says "screw you" and leaves.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena (WWE Championship Match)
- The special guest referee for this match is Daivari. Cena pushed Angle into Daivari, knocking him out. Another ref comes but soon, he too is knocked out and this happens once more. Angle has Cena down and goes to the outside to get Daivari, presumably because he wants his own personal ref to count the pin. After throwing Daivari into the ring, a Smackdown! referee comes running down so Angle goes to stop him. Meanwhile, in the ring Cena hits Daivari with a DDT behind his back and as Angle comes in, Cena pops up and hits Angle with the FU for the pin with the Smackdown! ref making the count.

-- They promote the special live Smackdown! this Tuesday on UPN. Big Show will take on Rey Mysterio and Booker T and Chris Benoit will battle in match two of their best-of-seven.

Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long
- Michael Cole and Coach are the announcers and Palmer Cannon accompanies Long to the ring. The match is pretty pointless until the lights turn red and the Boogeyman's music hits. As Bischoff looks towards the ramp area, the Boogeyman sneaks in and is already standing behind Bischoff. He proceeds to hit a pumphandle slam on Bischoff before leaving. Theodore Long rolls in and easily pins an injured Bischoff. Long and Cannon celebrate.

-- Backstage, the respective RAW and Smackdown! teams are shown coming to the ring. Each of the rosters is standing by, cheering them on.

Team Smackdown! vs. Team RAW
- The Smackdown! team consists of JBL, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and team captain Batista. The RAW team consists of Kane, Big Show, Chris Masters, Carlito and team captain Shawn Michaels. It literally takes ten minutes to introduce all the wrestlers. Kane chokeslammed Lashley and Michaels pinned him for the first elimination. Batista eliminates Kane second after a spinebuster. He sticks around and with Big Show hit a double chokeslam. Show pins Batista for the third elimination. JLB hits a Clothesline on Show, Mysterio follows it up with the 619, Orton then hits the RKO, JBL comes back in for another clothesline and finally Mysterio hits a seated Senton to eliminate Big Show. JBL then eliminates Carlito a few minutes later after the Clothesline from Hell. By the way, Shawn Michaels is passed out on the outside somewhere. I believe it occured after Show was eliminated when JBL hit a fallaway slam on HBK on the outside. Chris Masters is eliminated next by Mysterio following the 619 and Dropping a Dime. Shawn Michaels finally comes to and takes out Mysterio and JBL back-to-back with Sweet Chin Music. So it's down to Orton and Michaels. JBL comes in with a chair to distract Michaels, so HBK nails him with another Sweet Chin Music. But as he turns around, Orton nails him with the RKO and scores the pin to win the match.

-- The rest of the Smackdown! roster comes out to celebrate and hoist Orton up. As they are celebrating, the bell tolls, an ominous music hits and a casket is wheeled out and stood upright. A frightened Orton looks on as lightning strikes the casket and sets it on fire. After several anxious moments, the door is pushed open and Undertaker walks out. Orton takes off so Undertaker beats up all the wrestlers in the ring, including William Regal whom he finishes off with the Tombstone.