WWE Hell In A Cell PPV Results (10/26/2014) - Dallas, Texas

WWE Hell In A Cell "Kickoff Show"

The Kickoff Show opens with the panel, hosted by Renee Young and featuring Booker T, Paul Heyman and Alex Riley, breaking down the two co-main events.

They continue to break down many of tonight's matches, giving their insight and predictions along the way.

Mizdow TV with Damien Sandow, The Miz & Sheamus

The panel kicks it to the pay-per-view announce team of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL. From there, The Miz's theme hits and out comes he and Damien Sandow, decked out in the same outfit. It's time for the debut of "Mizdow TV."

Both guys take a seat in the ring and Sandow welcomes everyone to the "second most must-see" segment in history. Miz interrupts Sandow. While Miz talks, Sandow mimmicks him and mouths the same words Miz is saying while he's saying them. Mimmicking his physical actions and movements as well. Sandow is awesome.

Sandow asks everyone to stand to show respect for the first ever guest in Mizdow TV history. After a lengthy introduction, Sandow introduces his guest -- The Miz.

"Where to begin, where to begin," says Sandow, but before he can continue, Miz takes over. As he talks, Sandow is mimmicking his actions and mouthing his words right next to him. Pretty funny stuff, as long as it doesn't go on for too long.

Sandow defies Miz briefly, talking about how everyone knows he technically beat Sheamus on RAW. As Miz looks at him with disapproval, Sandow quickly back-tracks and gives Miz credit for the victory, for giving him inspiration, etc. and says it's technically Miz who won over Sheamus on RAW. Sandow kisses Miz's butt some more, running down his accolades such as headlining WrestleMania, doing movies, etc.

Sandow tells Miz, from the bottom of his heart, that he's the best friend he's ever had. Sandow gets choked up while saying that. Miz says he appreciates those words ans tells Sandow he's a damn good stunt double, one that he's truly proud to call his friend. The two hug and are interrupted by Sheamus on the big screen.

Sheamus tells Miz if Sandow is as good of a friend as he claims, he should tell him to get on his knees and kiss his ass goodbye, because while he has his own movie, what he won't have tonight is the WWE United States Championship. Sheamus throws a Brogue Kick at the camera and knocks the feed out. His music hits as Miz throws a fit in the ring, with Sandow, of cuorse, mimmicking his actions.

The Expert Panel Breaks Down More Matches

After the Mizdow TV segment, we return back to the Kickoff Show expert panel. The foursome continue to break down a bunch of tonight's matches, giving their insight and predictions along the way.

This "Kickoff Show" is too long. Other than a 5-10 minute Mizdow TV segment, it's literally been 40 minutes of a panel just talking about matches. They should keep these to a half an hour or put two matches/segments on them to help burn time off of the clock. Anyways, not much to update, just more panel talk about matches and clips from RAW and SmackDown highlighting the feuds heading into tonight.

With 12 minutes left, I'm forced to eat my words. The panel kicks it back to the commentary team. Mark Henry's theme hits and apparently we do have a match on the pre-show.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

Henry makes his way to the ring as the announcers talk about his involvement in the Rusev/Big Show feud. From there, his opponent is introduced -- Bo Dallas. The announcers mention that Dallas has beaten Henry four times. Dallas says the same on the mic, cutting a promo as he heads to the ring. Dallas says his four wins over Henry makes him the new "World's Strongest Man."

Dallas talks about how he's ashammed his last name is the same as the city we're in tonight. He says because of that, he's going to change his last name for one night only to "Bo Washington." I'm assuming that's because the DALLAS Cowboys have a rivalry with the WASHINGTON Redskins? Cheap heat.

The bell rings and here we go. Henry manhandles Dallas, I mean, Washington, straight from the word go. He hits a World's Strongest Slam within about a minute and gets an easy and quick 1-2-3.

Winner: Mark Henry

Backstage: Paige & Alicia Fox

Backstage, Byron Saxton is with Paige and Alicia Fox. He asks for her thoughts on tonight's match against AJ Lee. Paige says AJ ripped her heart out and "threw it in the bin." Paige tells Fox she loves her and gives her a kiss. She says tonight she's going to rip her heart out and steal her best friend -- the Divas Championship. Paige and Fox walk off after screwing with Saxton a bit.

Wrapping Up The "Kickoff Show"

Renee Young and the expert panel do a final hard sell for fans to purchase the WWE Network to watch tonight's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, of course, for "only $9.99." Renee introduces one final video package highlighting the brutality of the Hell In A Cell match.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 Pay-Per-View

The "Kickoff Show" is wrapping up now and it's time for the WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 pay-per-view to begin.

The pay-per-view portion of tonight's Hell In A Cell is officially underway, as the usual elaborate, kick-ass video package airs showing the history of Hell In A Cell and the stories that led into tonight's show.

WWE Intercontinental Championship 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match
- Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Cesaro

After a quick intro from the commentary team and some pyro exploding on the top of the stage, Dolph Ziggler's music hits. The WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring as the 2-out-of-3 falls I-C title match will kick off tonight's PPV. Cesaro makes his entrance and here we go.

The bell sounds and the action is underway. The fans seem strongly behind Ziggler in the early goings, and Ziggler is controlling the action early on as well. Lots of chain-wrestling and holds from these two early on. Cesaro establishes control over Ziggler briefly.

Lots of quick nearfall attempts from both guys. This leads into Cesaro grabbing a hold of Ziggler's legs. He teases a Cesaro Swing but Ziggler reverses into a pin attempt. Seconds later, Cesaro does get him with the Cesaro Swing, twirling him around about ten times. Weird first fall as Cesaro rolls up Ziggler, 1-2, nope. Then Ziggler reverses and with a simple roll up on not only zero offense, but coming right off a Cesaro offensive move, Ziggler holds Cesaro in a roll-up for a three count.

Winner of first fall: Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro tries to jump right onto Ziggler but the ref makes him back up. Per rules of the match, you have to restart. Ziggler is up and now the second fall begins with Cesaro jumping all over the I-C champ.

Crazy superplex spot happens with Ziggler clamping onto Cesaro in a front-guillotine MMA choke type of spot. They go to the top rope stuck in the same position. Cesaro, while Ziggler has is legs wrapped around Cesaro's body, in one swift move and an impressive show of strength, hoists him out for a superplex from there. Lots of replays of that and an immediate "this is awesome" from the Texas fans in the building.

Moments later, Ziggler hits a FameAsser on Cesaro and quickly goes for a pin attempt, but Cesaro manages to kick out at two. The fans are back to clapping loudly and chanting "this is awesome."

Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but Cesaro reverses into a launching European uppercut blast for a close near fall. Ziggler goes for another Zig-Zag attempt but this time Cesaro reverses into a backbreaker. Cesaro goes for The Neutralizer but Ziggler avoids it, blasts him with a superkick and a Zig-Zag. 1-2-3. Ziggler wins both falls and the match.

Winner of the second fall and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Insulting Pay-Per-View Buyers

We shoot to the announce table, on-camera, for the trio to insult anyone who purchased via pay-per-view. They tell them they could have saved money and got extra content if they instead ordered the WWE Network for only, you guessed it, $9.99.

Backstage: Randy Orton & The Authority

Backstage, we see Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane talking. In walks Randy Orton. He says he needs to talk to Seth Rollins or make sure word is given to him that Rollins needs to stay the hell out of his match tonight. Steph asks if he's feeling angry. Orton says yes. Steph tells him not to waste that anger on Rollins, but instead to use it on John Cena tonight to win and get the shot at the title and Brock Lesnar. Orton brings up Rollins Curb Stomping him on RAW. HHH tells him to put himself in Rollins' shoes. He says Orton was RKO'ing everyone on RAW, so maybe Rollins just got to him before he could get to him. HHH says Orton and Rollins are more alike than he thinks. HHH tells him that's not important though, what is important is that Orton take out Cena and take back the WWE Championship. Orton tells the three that he'll do it their way, but if they don't eventually deal with Seth Rollins, he will. He walks off.

Loser Must Be Winners Assistant For 30 Days
- Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella

We go back to the ring where Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring. It's time for our first Divas match of the evening. "Brie Mode" hits the big speakers and now the other Bella Twin makes her way to the ring. Brie comes out doing the "Yes! Chant," which the fans pretty much follow along with. The bell sounds and here we go.

The ring announcer explains the assistant stipulation and then the action begins with a lengthy lock-up. The announcers talk about sibling rivalries in WWE history and explain to the viewers how the twin sisters came to be enemies heading into tonight. Nikki Bella hits a big slam on Brie in the ring.

Nikki grabs Brie by the hair and holds her up in the air from behind her back by it. The fans, meanwhile, ignore the action in the ring and break out into a loud "J-B-L" chant. Brie reverses Nikki and slams her down hard for a nearfall. Nikki rolls out to the floor, leading to Brie doing a dive through the middle ropes like her husband Daniel Bryan. We see replays of this as Nikki sells her knee and the fans chant "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Back in the ring, Brie goes to the top rope, screams "Brie Mode" and hits a missile dropkick. She covers her sister but Nikki manages to kick out at 2 1/2. This is actually turning into a pretty good match, believe it or not. Nikki hits her finisher on Brie and covers her, but Brie kicks out at 2 1/2. "What is it gonna take," screeches Nikki, who can't believe that Brie kicked out of "The Rack Attack."

Out of nowhere, Brie locks Nikki into the "Yes! Lock." Nikki is reaching for the ropes to force a break of the hold. Finally, she gets her feet on the ropes and the ref forces them to break the hold. Nikki blasts Brie with a forearm cheap shot as the ref was talking to her, allowing her to take over control of the match. Nikki hits a second "Rack Attack." 1-2-3.

Winner: Nikki Bella

The WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show Panel

We shoot to the Kickoff Show expert panel, who introduce themselves one-by-one to the audience over the loud speakers. Obviously, Pail Heyman gets the biggest reaction. They then go into more discussion and predictions about some of tonight's matches after addressing some of the action we've already seen tonight.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
- The Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust (c)

After the brief visit to the Kickoff Show expert panel, The Usos make their way to the ring. It's time for WWE Tag-Team Championship action. Next out are the current tag-champs, "The Dust Brothers." We see highlights of previous action between these two teams, particularly the Night Of Champions PPV where The Dust Brothers beat The Usos for the titles.

Back live, both teams are in the ring. The bell sounds and here we go. Uso and Stardust kick things off for their teams. Early on, Uso gains the offensive upper-hand in the match. Uso makes the tag and his twin brother picks up where he left off. It doesn't last long, however, as Stardust stomps on Uso and gets to his corner to make the tag to Goldust. The crowd pops a big for Goldust's first appearance in the ring.

Goldust comes in with a ton of energy, but it isn't long before Uso gains control over him and tags in his brother. They do two quick double-team sports on The Golden One. Goldust throws Uso in the corner and Stardust slams his leg into the ring post, punches and stomps away on him on the floor outside of the ring. He rolls him back in and Goldust pickss up where he left off. He tags Stardust in and now he takes over, laying a beating on Uso.

The Dust Brothers are utilizing quick tags to keep a fresh man on Uso, as they clearly establish offensive control in this contest now. After a big superplex spot on Goldust, Uso hits a big splash on him for a nearfall that is broken up by Stardust. The other Uso hits the ring and takes out Stardust. During all of this, Goldust gets to hit his finisher on the legal Uso and covers him. 1-2-3.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: Goldust & Stardust

WWE Hell In A Cell Match
- Randy Orton vs. John Cena

After some quick love to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, including a live interview with two of the members of the foundation in the front row, the Hell In A Cell cage is lowered over the ring. The video package airs for John Cena vs. Randy Orton, so I guess it's safe to say that WWE is going with Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose as the main event of tonight's show.

After a very cool, extensive video package on rivalries and tonight's first Hell In A Cell match, we shoot back live to the arena. Lilian Garcia does the introductions, as Randy Orton's theme hits and "The Viper" is first to make his way out to the ring. From there, John Cena's theme and out he comes to his normal mixed-bag reaction. Both men are inside the ring and the cage door is locked. Hell In A Cell numero uno is about to officially get underway.

The bell rings and here we go. Almost immediately the "let's go Cena" and "Cena sucks" dueling chants break out. Just as quickly, "The Viper" takes control of the leader of the "Cenation" in the early goings of this contest. The two are out on the floor now and Orton smashes Cena's face into the cage. Orton goes under the ring and grabs a chair. He throws it in the ring and has bad intentions for Mr. Cena. Cena nails him with a boot to the stomach and stops him. He suplexes him and now he grabs the chair. Before he can, Orton stops him. Headbutt. Orton is back in control.

Now that he is firmly back in control, Orton grabs the chair again and this time successfully blasts Cena with it. And again. Orton wedges the chair under the top and above the middle ropes. He turns around into an A.A. attempt from Cena, which he avoids. Orton is back in control yet again. Back outside the ring, Orton rubs Cena's face into the cage again. He throws him back in the ring.

Orton has remained in control of Cena for several minutes now. Orton slams Cena into the ring post, with Cena in a hugging position around it, he drops down to his knee while holding Cena's head. He beats on him in the ring a bit more until Cena finally makes a comeback and throws Orton out of the ring. Cena sets up a table inside the ring and goes out after him. Back in the ring, Cena picks Orton up for an A.A., but the table gets knocked over and Orton escapes. Orton takes over control of the offense again. Orton throws Cena head-first into the chair he wedged into the corner earlier.

Out of nowhere, Orton hits an RKO on Cena. He immediately covers him, but Cena somehow kicks out at 2 1/2. The table, by the way, is now set up in the corner of the ring long-ways. Orton throws Cena into it -- and through it -- and again, immediately covers him. Also again, Cena kicks out at 2 1/2. Orton is starting to get frustrated, as he complains to the referee about not counting fast enough.

Orton looks around, trying to figure out what he can do that he hasn't already done to finish off Cena. He goes out of the ring and takes the top half of the ring steps off. He throws those into the ring. Cena, in the meantime, is still laid out flat in the middle of the ring. He hasn't moved for about a minute now. Orton sets the steps up in the ring to the proper way and is now doing the sadistic "Viper" stare at Cena as the fans break out into a "let's go Cena" and "Cena sucks" chant. "The Viper" is pounding the mat and waiting for Cena to get up now. Cena is slowly making his way back up. Once he does, Orton goes for an RKO on the steps but Cena avoids it. Cena hits a side-slam onto the steps on Orton. Cena hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle punch while jumping off the steps.

Now Cena is waiting for Orton to get up. Orton slowly does and when he turns around, Cena goes for the A.A. on the steps, but Orton hits a low-blow, which the announcers point out as a legal move in Hell In A Cell, to avoid it. Now Orton is seemingly fully back in control of the offense again as the fans chant "Randy, Randy."

Orton backs into a corner and is waiting for Cena to get up so he can punt him. Cena gets up, Orton charges at him for the punt, but Cena avoids it and slaps the STF on Orton. Orton is crawling his ways to the ropes. He makes it, but as the announcers point out, because this is Hell In A Cell, that doesn't matter, Cena doesn't have to break the hold. Orton manages to grab the apron and yank himself out of the ring, which gets him out of the hold. Cena, meanwhile, picks up the ring steps. He turns around as Orton pulls his way back to his feet. Cena launches the steps at Orton but Orton moves so they don't hit him.

Wow, that was awesome. Cena goes for the A.A., but when he goes to launch him over, Orton grabs Cena's head and on the way down, turns it into a modified RKO. He tries for the pin but Cena kicks out at 2 1/2. We see a ton of replays on that spot, which was admittedly very bad ass. Very cool looking. Cena hits the A.A. on Orton but now Orton kicks out at 2 1/2. Now Cena is looking discouraged and confused at how to finish off "The Viper." This is turning into a pretty damn good match.

Cena goes out to the floor and goes under the ring. He grabs a table. He sets it up inside the ring. He places Orton on top of it and goes to the top rope. Orton pops up and crotches Cena on the top rope. Cena ends up putting Orton through the table with an A.A. off the top rope. 1-2-3. Cena wins and gets the next shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Great match.

Winner and new number one contender: John Cena

After The Match

Cena celebrates and goes out to the floor. He looks over at Paul Heyman, who is still sitting at the Kickoff Show expert panel table. Cena stares Heyman down from ringside and Heyman stares back at him. Now we're getting closeup shots of Heyman looking at Cena as Cena continues to celebrate.

Backstage: Big Show & Mark Henry

Backstage, we see Big Show shadow-boxing. Mark Henry walks in and tells Big Show to stay fired up. Big Show says he is and he promises to "knock that bastard out." Big Show says he's beating that Russian tonight. He walks off. Henry claps his hands and looks enthused. Heel turn probably coming. We'll see!

WWE United States Championship
- The Miz (with Damien Mizdow) vs. Sheamus (c)

Back in the arena, the lady announcer (not Lilian Garcia) handles the introductions as The Miz's theme hits. Out comes The Miz, with his stunt double Damien Mizdow. Both wearing the same outfit, the same as during the Kickoff Show. We see highlights from the Kickoff Show Mizdow TV segment, complete with Sheamus Brogue Kicking the camera man. From there, the U.S. champ is introduced and he makes his way down to the ring for our next PPV match.

The bell rings and here we go. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick immediately, but Miz avoids it. Of course, while all the actions is taking place in the ring, Mizdow is mimmicking the physical movements out on the floor. Sheamus, in the meantime, is easily dominating Miz thus far in the early goings of this championship contest.

That's so awesome lol. Sheamus puts Miz on the apron and hits the clubbing blows on him, but while he's doing it, right under them, Mizdow leans back into the bottom rope with his chest exposed, and mimmicks taking the clubbing blows while Miz actually eats them.

The action spills out to the floor now, where Sheamus attacks Mizdow and then throws Miz back in the ring. As Sheamus goes to re-enter the ring, Miz catches him coming in with a boot to the face. That kills Sheamus' offensive momentum and now The Miz is in control of this match. Back in the ring, Miz puts the boots to Sheamus and is now in firm control of the U.S. champ.

Sheamus starts to take over the match again and now Mizdow is forced to do some serious selling on the floor, including taking a couple of bumps. I've legitimately laughed out loud at least three or four times watching Sandow mime his sell-job on the floor. He's good. Real good.

Miz fights his way back into control of the offense, including bitch-slapping Sheamus a few times. Miz hits a big DDT on Sheamus for a nearfall. Sandow complains loudly on the floor about not getting the three count. The fans break out into a very loud "Mizdow's awesome!" chant. And he is. Very awesome.

Mizdow jumps on the apron to distract Sheamus. It works as Sheamus goes over to him, but turns around into a Skull Crushing Finale from Miz. 1-2...Sheamus kicks out. Miz charges at Sheamus and blasts him with a flying clothesline into the corner. Miz climbs to the top rope, so Mizdow climbs to the top rnig step. However, when Miz comes down, he eats a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. 1-2-3. Sheamus wins. Mizdow looks upset on the floor.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

After The Match

He rolls into the ring and lays out on the mat like he was just flattened by the Brogue Kick. Sheamus' music cuts off. He walks over and picks Miz's hand up to see if Sandow will mimmick it. Sandow does. Sheamus does it again, so Mizdow does it again. He shakes Miz's hand so Mizdow does too. He picks Miz up so Sandow sits up. He picks Miz up and shakes his body around so Sandow does too. He keeps having fun with Miz and watching Sandow do it too. He makes Miz do the Y-M-C-A hand gestures, which Mizdow does as well. The fans sing the song as they do the gestures. Sheamus blasts Miz with another Brogue Kick and Sandow drops down like he ate one too. Sheamus' music plays again and he finally leaves. Sandow is awesome. That's the moral of the story in this one.

Parking Lot: Bella Twins

Brie is on the phone making reservations for Nikki, now that she's her assistant. Nikki walks up and asks for her smoothie. Brie gives it to her. Nikki runs down all the ingredients she asked her to put in it. Brie confirms she did on all of them. Nikki says thanks and then dumps it on Brie's head. She says that one was for you, now go make me mine. The fun begins for Brie "Assistant" Bella.

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Big Show

The video package airs to set up the Rusev vs. Big Show match. After the package concludes, Rusev's theme hits and out to the ring he comes with Lana and the giant Russian flag.

Lana tells the fans to "shut-tup" (not a typo). By the way, she is looking particularly insanely good tonight. Anyways, she's on the mic doing her normal thing, putting over Rusev and Russia, burying America, etc. She asks us for once to be respectful and rise for the playing of the Russian national anthem. Instead of that playing, Big Show's theme hits the loud speakers and out he comes looking fired up.

The bell rings and here we go. Big Show immediately goes on the offensive attack on "The Bulgarian Brute." He backs Rusev in the corner and tells us to shush. He goes for the chop but Rusev avoids it. Rusev takes out the knee of Big Show. He's continuing to work on the leg of Big Show, taking out one of Big Show's wheels to immobilize him. JBL puts Rusev over for a smart strategy on commentary. The fans chant "U.S.A." as Rusev is now completely in control of the big man.

Big Show starts to fight back but Rusev cuts his attempt short and hits a big suplex on him, which the announcers put over as an amazing feat. And in all honesty, it was pretty cool. We see some replays of the suplex as Rusev continues his attack on Big Show, focusing again on the leg and knee of the giant. Big Show is fighting back now but is selling the knee. Rusev again cuts him short and takes Big Show out with an impressive looking dropkick. Very agile for such a big dude.

Rusev goes for The Accolade submission finisher, but Big Show reverses it into some kind of leg submission. Rusev screams in pain but ultimately makes it to the ropes, forcing Big Show to break the hold. Big Show calls for the KO punch but Rusev avoids it. Big Show hits a big spear on Rusev. On paper, you might not think this would be a good match, but I got news for ya, it's pretty damn awesome considering that factor.

As Big Show waits for Rusev to get up, we see Mark Henry make his way down to ringside. Big Show grabs Rusev by the throat for a chokeslam, but Rusev fights his way out of it. Rusev goes on the attack but Big Show gets him by the throat again. Big Show chokeslams him and covers him 1-2...Rusev kicks out. Rusev rolls out of the ring. Henry moves closer now. As the ref lectures Henry, he puts his hands up like "I'm not gonna do anything."

Big Show rolls out to the floor and Henry cheerleads for him. Henry pats Big Show on the butt as he throws Rusev in the ring and heads in after him. Rusev takes Big Show out. Henry pops up on the apron. Rusev knocks him off. Rusev hits two superkicks on Big Show, dropping him. Rusev slaps on The Accolade, which was hard for him to do because of Big Show's size, but he does. The fans chant "U.S.A." as Big Show is stuck in the hold. Big Show taps out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Rusev

Backstage: Dean Ambrose

Backstage we see Dean Ambrose. He talks about his Hell In A Cell match tonight with Seth Rollins. He talks about Halloween. He says the most popular costume will be Rollins because he'll look like ...yah, I can't keep up with that. Walking Dead zombie crossed with this, who had sex with that and the kid had this happen to him, etc. etc. Basically, he's gonna beat up Seth Rollins in a big fancy cage tonight.

WWE Divas Championship
- AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige (with Alicia Fox)

From there, we hear AJ Lee's theme music. She skips her way to the ring. After that, Paige's theme hits and she makes her way to the ring accompanied by Alicia Fox.

The bell rings and here we go. The fans try and get an "AJ Lee" chant going, but it quickly dies down. AJ Lee hits a big clothesline on Paige. AJ rolls Paige up but Paige kicks out at two. AJ grabs Paige by the hair and skips around, before slamming her face-first into the mat. Paige rolls out to the floor and we overhear one fan loudly say, "see some sunlight for once." Ouch.

AJ chases Paige around but Alicia Fox catches her coming in. Paige and AJ run around the ring some more until finally Paige slams her into the barricade -- twice. She leaves her laying and goes back in the ring and skips around. She rolls back out and grabs AJ by the hair and rolls her back into the ring.

Paige dominates AJ, including some vicious back-elbows repeatedly in the corner and some vicious knees from outside the apron. AJ hits a Lou Thesz press and punches away, ala "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, but it isn't long before Paige is back in the offensive control of this match.

Paige stands up on the top of the barricade but AJ takes her legs out and Paige crashes onto the floor, slamming the back of her head hard. They were clearly trying to set something up, and I'm almost positive that wasn't in. Literally seconds later AJ throws Paige in the ring and locks in the Black Widow and Paige taps out. Looks like they rushed to "go home" there. Maybe Paige got hurt hitting her head? Maybe they're short on time with Rollins-Ambrose left to go? Not sure, but seems like they rushed it.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

After The Match

AJ skips away with her title. Paige and Fox are left alone in the ring, both looking frustrated. Paige bitch-smacks Fox and leaves yelling "I hate you" at Fox as Fox looks at her from inside the ring with a confused look on her face.

WWE Hell In A Cell Match
- Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

After a promo for the debut of "Rivalries" on the WWE Network immediately follownig RAW tomorrow night and the announcers plugging an exclusive John Cena interview on Hell In A Cell Fallout after the PPV on the WWE Network, the Hell In A Cell cage is lowered around the ring again.

The Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins video package is airing now, which goes way back before the beginning of their feud. It covers the beginning of their entrance into the WWE as part of The Shield. It shows the entire history of their WWE run thus far, basically.

I'm glad they put this on last. Between this video package, which you've gotta see, and the expectations that the match is going to deliver as the best on this show, it should really help launch these guys into the spot where today's younger generation of fans legitimately views them as true main event players. Which is exactly what WWE needs, by the way.

Dean Ambrose's theme hits and out he comes first. He throws all kinds of crap into the ring. Chairs, bats, weapons I'm not even sure how to describe. All kinds of junk. The announcers put him over as a lunatic. Ambrose heads out of the cage and looks up to the top of the cage. Ambrose climbs up to the top. Rollins comes out and Ambrose is challenging him to come up. Rollins won't do it. Finally, he teases going up but stops and comes back down. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are with Rollins and Rollins orders them to go up and get them to take him down.

Mercury and Noble take their sport coats off and now they're climbing up. Ambrose is smiling while holding a kendo stick and watching them come up the cage. Ambrose blasts Mercury and Noble with the stick. Rollins comes up and blasts Ambrose. He's got the stick now and now he's beating on Ambrose. Mercury and Noble are still up there as well, by the way.

Rollins orders Mercury and Noble to throw Ambrose off the cage, but now Ambrose fights back and takes all three out. The fans are chanting "this is awesome." The announcers talk about how they've seen someone go over the top of the cage and someone go through it. Ambrose and Rollins are both climbing down the cage now. Ambrose grabs Rollins by the hair as they're half way down the cage now. They're taking turns bouncing each other's heads off the cage. Eventually, both guys come flying off and each go through a table. Rollins through the Spanish announce table and Ambrose through the U.S. commentary table.

The fans chant "this is awesome" as Ambrose and Rollins are both laid out and refs and doctors are checking on them. We see stretchers being brought to the ringside area now. Both guys are loaded up on stretchers. Rollins is being carted out. Ambrose is starting to be carted out now but he gets off his and goes over and attacks Rollins in the aisle.

Ambrose throws Rollins back down to ringside, slamming him into the cage. We're back in the ring now and Ambrose grabs some duct tape. He drops that and grabs a chair instead. He yells, "you stabbed me in the back you son of a bitch." He slams the chair over his back over and over and over and over again.

Ambrose has Rollins back first to the ropes on the apron, Sheamus clubbing-blows style. He has a screwdriver and is trying to get him in the throat with it. Rollins avoids it but Ambrose hits the opposite ropes and dropkicks Rollins in the back, knocking him face-first into the cage. Ambrose grabs a table now and is setting it up outside the ring. He leans it aganist the cage on the floor.

"The Lunatice Fringe" goes back into the ring and hits a big dive through the ropes onto Rollins. He throws Rollins back in the ring. Rollins fights back now and has Ambrose down in the ring. He puts a table from the ring apron slanted downwards into the cage wall. He's got Ambrose from the apron and is looking to suplex him backwards into and through the table. Ambrose blocks it. Rollins is laid out on the table now and Ambrose goes to the top rope. Ambrose comes off the top with a flying Randy Savage-like elbow smash and puts Rollins through the table. Crazy stuff. We see replays of that as the fans chant "this is awesome." Indeed it is.

Out of nowhere we see Corporate Kane spraying a fire extinguisher into Ambrose's eyes, blinding him. Rollins picks Ambrose up in a powerbomb position and runs with him. He throws him through the table that Ambrose leaned up against the cage earlier that I mentioned.

We're back in the ring now. Rollins waits for Ambrose to get up. As he does, Rollins charges at him and nails him with a Curb Stomp. 1-2-.....Ambrose kicks out. Rollins rolls over and shakes his head. He doesn't know what it's going to take to kill off Ambrose. We see replays of the Curb Stomp as Rollins rolls out to the floor. He grabs his Money In The Bank briefcase. He comes back in the ring and drops it. He grabs a chair and starts smashing it over Ambrose's back over and over and over and over again, the same way Ambrose did to him earlier.

Rollins is staring at Ambrose now. He puts Ambrose's face right on the Money In The Bank briefcase. He backs up now and is looking to Curb Stomp him onto that now. As he backs up, however, Ambrose stops him. Ambrose clotheslines him down. He grabs the briefcase now and nails Rollins in the skull with it. He covers him 1-2....Rollins kicks out at two.

Ambrose goes under the ring and grabs two cinder blocks. He brings them into the ring. He sets them side-by-side, with no space in between them. He picks Rollins up and puts his face on them. He puts his foot on Rollins' head and backs up. The screen goes completely black. We hear someone mumbling, it sounds like Bray Wyatt.

When the lights come back on, we see all the cell phones lighting up the arena and it's still partially dark. We see Bray Wyatt's latern in the middle of the ring as we still hear the Bray-mumbling. Smoke pours out of the latern and then we see a Bray Wyatt-shaped sillouete. The screen goes black again. When it comes back on, it's partially dark again with all the cell phones and Bray in his upside down "I'm crazy" position in the corner. He hits a big slam on Ambrose as the fans boo loudly.

Meanwhile, Rollins has recovered and is crawling over towards Ambrose. Rollins covers Ambrose. 1-2-3. Rollins wins.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After The Match

Rollins leaves the winner as his music plays. It quickly dies down and the focus is back in the ring, where Bray Wyatt is still standing. He grabs Ambrose and blasts him with his Sister Abigail finisher in the still half-dark arena. He poses to the fans, who are boo'ing like crazy, as the WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 pay-per-view goes off the air. That's all she wrote, folks! Hope you enjoyed the coverage! See you tomorrow night for WWE RAW!

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