Dish Network Customers Experience Some Problems With PPV

Adam Lebow sends in the following:

There was a feed issue tonight for Dish Network subscribers. During the Edge/Flair matchup, there was a brief outage in the feed for about 5-10 seconds, and when video returned, there was no audio. When the audio came back, it was off by about 5 seconds. Therefore, for most of the match, we could see Edge get chopped up by Flair and here the audio from it 5 seconds later. The feed kicked out around the time Edge had Flair choked.

It returned during the replay they aired of Edge nailing Flair with the briefcase, as you could see Dish Network roll back the video about 3 or 4 seconds to match the audio with video.

There were no issues for the rest of the PPV. Interesting to note that earlier today, Echostar lost use of one of their transponders on Echo3 (transponder 28). The result was subscribers who watch the PPV on E*3 were forced to watch the PPV on channel 472 instead of 470 (which was removed due to the transponder no longer working). No word at this time if the E*3 issue was the issue for the Echo 7 satellite (channel 455, which is what I was watching the show on).

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