Batista Dropping Titile, Not Back In Time for WrestleMania, +RAW Rating

Word has it that Batista may not be back in time for WrestleMania. While doctors have not given the final word, writers are already discussing ways to get the title off of Dave. Ideas thrown around so far are a tournament, where superstars compete for the title in a King of the Ring type competition. One other idea is to simply have Batista drop the strap tonight at the SmackDown tapings, so long as it’s quick and safe. There are also talks of striping the belt from Batista and havethe Royal Rumble become a WWE World Title match, where the winner would become champion and a SmackDown superstar. However, as of this report, none of the above is etched in stone.

The live, hot sex edition of RAW last night scored a 4.3. The overrun, which of course was the "live sex" segment, did a 5.2, which is a great number.

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[ Source: Pro Wrestling Insider ]