Dark Match, WWE Velocity & Smackdown! *Spoilers* (1/10/06) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By: Martin Backland, rajah.com reader

Hey I was at the smackdown show in philly here are some live notes and results.

Vito and Nunzio defeated a couple of jobbers

Jamie Nobel beat Scotty 2 Hotty in a pretty short and boring match, Nobel won with the dragon sleeper.

The Gymini (Simons tag team) beat a couple of jobbers with a version of a double chokeslam.

Paul Birchill beat Nick Berk with the C-5 a backflip rock bottom, pretty cool move.

Mexicools beat The Dicks after the ref was somewhere else and Animal came down and beat one of the dick guys up and that allowed Phyc. to get the pin. Afterward Animal came in to celebrate but clothlined the mexicools instead, didnt see that one coming, Animal got mixed reactions after that.

Batista came down to the ring to a huge cheer from the crowd, Teddy Long came out with him. Lots of Batista chants were going on. Batista said he got injured during his match against Mark Henry at a house show on Sunday. He said he had to do the right thing and give the title back, with a couple of tears in his eyes. Batista said he would be back and that the new champ aint the man till he beats him and that he will just be a guy wearing a belt. Batista then left to a HUGE standing ovation, the crowd loved him. Then it went to a commercial and Long came back on saying there would be a 20 man over the top rope battle royal for World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Then they cut to Batista leaving with people wishing him luck, and a speedy recovery. Then he and Rey hugged and said there good byes.

Then it cut to Randy O asking for the 7th match to be postponed so he could enter the battle royal and be 100%, Long said its his fault he accepted Bookers propasition, and he said Orton and Beniot would have one and only one match tonight.

Randy Orton beat Chris Beniot making Booker T the new U.S. Champion of the World!
Early in the match Booker T got ejected as Beniot faked getting hit with the crutch on the outside. Towards the end of the match Orton went for the RKO but bentiot reversed it and swung his arm and knocked out the ref on accident. Orton then was stalking for another RKO, when out of know-where Orlando Jordan came out and went after Randy but Orton knocked him off the arpron then Beniot got Orton in the Crippler Crossface but there was no ref there so Booker T, came out and was trying to get involved but Beniot punched him out of the ring, it was pretty funny seeing Booker T on a crutch trying to get down to the ring as fast as possible. Anyways Beniot put Orton back in the crossface and Orton tapped but the ref was still out, and then booker came back in the ring with the US title and nailed Beniot in the back of the head with it, and Orton rolled over and got the 1-2-3 for the win, after the match Orton and Booker shook hands and Orton said Booker owes him one. It was a pretty good long match i would give it **3/4 stars.

Backstage, Roddy Piper came across JBL and Jillian Hall. JBL asked Piper to have him as a guest on Piper's Pit instead of the Boogeyman. Piper turned him down but changed his mind after JBL insulted him.

Then they aired an Eddie package, crowd loved it.

Pipers Pit: Piper said how the first pipers pit was here 22 years ago in philly and said they should be friends by now, something weird like that. Then he was about to introduce JBL, but JBL came out before he could in his limo with Jillian Hall. JBL kept talking about himself and interupting Piper, Piper sat in the chair with his head down and started snoring, when JBL yelled in his ear, and aksed if he was done JBL said yes he could talk. Piper then said hes going to bring down his real guest the BOOGYMAN! Boogyman came out and ran of JBL then proceeded to lick Jillian Halls mole off, it was nasty then he bit it off and chewed it as Piper was saying a prayer.

Backstage they showed Melina with MNM and Mark Henry saying they had a great chance of winning, and Melina told them to bring her back more good.

Main Event Battle Royal: Paul London, Spanky, Regal, Paul Birchall, Lashley, Nunzio, Vito, Mexicools, Matt Hardy, JBL, Mark Henry, MNM, Animal, Rey Mysterio, Simon Dean, Orlando Jordan, Sylvian were the men in the match when all of a sudden KURT ANGLE'S MUSIC HIT! As he and Davari came out, Kurt ran right into the ring and tossed out JBL first, then got a few other people. Mark Henry then went on a mad streak elimanating people. The Angle rolled under the ropes and so did Henry so they were outside the ring but not Elimanted, then Mark Henry benched press Kurt through the announce table! The final 5 were Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, both members of MNM, Matt Hardy, and Kurt Angle who at the time was still knocked out. Mark Henry took out Hardy, then Rey Mysterio with some nice hurricanratas took out MNM, so it was Henry and Rey left, with lots, and i mean lots of Eddie chants going around, Rey did the Eddie arm/chest shake for a big pop, him and Henry went at it but Henry caught him and threw him out of the ring, Mark thought he won but forgot about Kurt who got up with help from Davari and ran right in the ring, him and Henry had some good action with a massive powerbomb from Henry and also an Angel Slam and Germansuplex from Kurt, which the crowd went nuts for. In the end Mark Henry got out about .5 seconds before Kurt hit the ground, crowd went nuts as fireworks and confetti starting coming down as Kurt celebrated with the World Title, good action ***1/4stars!

New World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angel!


I sat on the TV side 14 rows up great seats, might of got on TV.

The people in my section were really for Randy Orton, but most of the crowd chanted for Beniot.

Lots of Lets GO Angel chants, and 3/4 of the crowd cheered when Kurt won the title, but they still chanted U SUCK! During his entrance after and before the match.

Crowd was really hot when Mark Henry and Bobby Lashley had a stare down as Henry Thew him out

Crowd also loved the ending of the battle royal with mysterio and then with Kurt

Only a couple of the sections were tapped off in the upper level but most of the upper level and all of the lower level were filled up

I also gotta add in that i have never seen so many people buy merchindise like i did at the WWE event, i saw more then one person spending 200 bucks while they were up there.

Also the crowd loved but was shocked about Kurt coming out i know i was, pretty exciting

Overall great show I cant wait until wwe comes back to philly i have been to 3 smackdowns but not a Raw yet, but smackdown was great

7 out of 10 for the show

Kurt winning the title
Chris Beniot
Eddie/Rey Mysterio
BoogyMan/ Kurt in general

Top 5 BOOS
Mark Henry
Batista announcing hes dropping the title and leaving for awhile
Booker T
Randy Orton/Kurts entrance

Dark Match:

Nunzio and Vito defeated Danny Doring and Scott Wright.


Ken Kennedy came out with his new T-Shirt to push the sales. He forced Tony Chimell to wear the shirt.

Jamie Noble beat Scotty 2 Hotty with a Dragon Sleeper.

The Gymini defeated Billy Baxx and Lee Great.

Paul Burchill pinned Nick Berk.

Mexicools beat the Dicks after Road Warrior Animal came out and shoved one of the Dicks off the top, setting up Crazy hitting a top rope swinging DDT for the pin. Animal then laid out the Mexicools afterwards.


WWE World champion Batista came to the ring with Teddy Long and announced he was injured last Sunday against Mark Henry. He said that he will not be able to work through the injury and he'll be out because he needs surgery. He said when he won the title, his friend Paul told him to enjoy to enjoy the ride and was said he was proud to represent the WWE and the fans. He said he had no choice but to surrender the World title and handed it to Long. He said that he will return and he will be World champion again and until then whoever has the title is only holding a belt because they didn't beat Batista.

They showed Batista leaving with agents and officials wishing him good luck on his recovery. Batista hugged Rey Mysterio goodbye.

In the ring, Teddy Long announced a Battle Royal for the WWE World title.

Randy Orton asked Long to postpone his match against Chris Benoit so he could compete in the battle royal. Long turned him down and said he and Benoit would only be in one match tonight.

Orton vs. Chris Benoit: Nick Patrick ejects Booker T and Sharmell. Patrick was bumped. Orton went for the RKO but Orlando Jordan ran out. Orton hit him. Benoit locked on the crossface and Orton tapped but there was no ref. Booker hit Benoit with the belt and Orton made the cover. Booker was announced as the new United States champ. A long match.

Backstage, Roddy Piper came across JBL and Jillian Hall. JBL asked Piper to have him as a guest on Piper's Pit instead of the Boogeyman. Piper turned him down but changed his mind after JBL insulted him.

They aired a video package on El Paso honoring the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

Piper's Pit: Piper noted the first Pit was here in Philly 22 years ago. He went to introduce JBL who came out before he had the chance. JBL ripped on Batista giving up the belt because he was hurt. JBL cut a long promo with Piper pretending to fall asleep. Piper began making fun of Jillian Hall's mole. Boogeyman came out. JBL shoved Hall into Boogey, who bit off her mole. She ran away screaming.

Main Event Battle Royal: Animal, Simon Dean, Nunzio, Vito. Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan, William Regal, Paul Burchill. MNM. Mark Henry, The Mexicools, JBL, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Sylvan. Bobby Lashley were in the ring when Kurt Angle, with Daivari, was announced as the surprise 20th competitor. He threw JBL out immediately. Henry and Angle brawled on the floor. Henry pressed and dropped him on the announcing table. It came down to Henry and Rey. The entire place chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Rey got a ton of offense but was tossed out. Angle returned to the ring and faced off with Henry. Angle eventually eliminated him. Kurt Angle is your new WWE World champion. They had fireworks and confetti for the win.