WWE Signs Former TNA Diva, Christian Recruiting WWE Talent, Sting Update, more

- WWE signed former TNA diva Trinity to a contract earlier this week. She appeared at the RAW tapings in New Jersey a few weeks back. She left TNA this past summer, after being with them since 2003. Former ECW champion Mikey Whipwreck was her trainer.

- Kevin Nash’s contract with TNA ends in October. He has about fifteen dates remaining on the deal to work.

- Christian is extremely happy with TNA and will work on recruiting former WWE talent to sign with the number two promotion.

- Those backstage in TNA are beginning to change their opinion of Sting, and the wrestlers now believe that he will work hard to earn the $500,000 contract he signed. He showed no signs of the “prima donna” attitude that was believed he would carry backstage.

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Credit: PWInsider.com, PWTorch.com