Lanny Poffo Comments On Randy Savage's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, More

The following are highlights of a new interview with Lanny Poffo:

On how he got the call for Randy Savage to go into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I kind of knew about for over a year that Randy was going to go in… then when they (WWE) actually officially released that they were going to induct him (Savage) I wasn’t sure if I was going to be the one to induct him. Everybody was saying that Hogan was going to be the one to induct him but I just thought I’d be common sense for it to be me.”

On how his family feels that Randy finally got inducted: “Well I can tell you how I felt, I felt relived because we are not going to punish the fans anymore now the fans are going to have to find something else to be punished about. I feel relived like a big burden has been lifted and I’m glad that the speech was well received.”

On who he loved to work with the most during his time with WWE (WWF then): “I’d have to say as Leaping Lanny I loved to work against Terry Funk and Bob Orton Jr. I would look better losing to those two guys then if I would beat Barry Harowitz. Now I’d say when I was a villain my best match ever was against Hulk Hogan."

On Damien Sandow: “Talking to the younger talent, they were very receptive to me. I really enjoyed everybody particularly Damien Sandow what a nice person he is. People think he stole my gimmick he did not. I stole my gimmick from many of people, and besides Bobby Heenan never got mad because he was The Brain and then I came and I was the Genius he never raised an issue..!”

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