TNA Still Behind On Payments, Sending Shorted Checks To Employees

Issues of late pay in TNA continue as workers continue to be behind on payments. As of this weekend, the TNA production crew is more than two months behind on payments, as they have yet to be paid for the February PPV tapings or any events since then.

The workers in the company received pay in April for the January tour they had in the U.K., was which was nearly 70 days late. Not only were the checks sent out late, but they were said to be $1,000 short per person.

To make matters worse, TNA's production crew found out that TNA talents were being paid for the March tapings while they were still waiting to be paid for work they did back in February.

While TNA had similar issues with pay back in 2014, the fact that checks are coming up short is a new issue and one that is terrible for company morale.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)