WWE Extreme Rules Results (4/26/2015): Chicago, Illinois

WWE Extreme Rules 2015

The 2015 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view opens up with Lilian Garcia informing us that the Chicago Street Fight will open the show. We shoot to the announcers, who welcome us to the show.

Chicago Street Fight
- Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Dean Ambrose makes his way out. Luke Harper comes out next and within seconds, Ambrose attacks him. The referee tries to restore order enough, and does, long enough to ring the bell.

Within a minute, we've got chairs, chair shots, kendo sticks, kendo stick shots and plenty of hardcore action going on in the early goings.

Ambrose goes for a tornado DDT, but Harper pushes him off and shoves him face-first into a steel chair wedged between the bottom and middle ropes. The Chicago fans break out into a loud "let's go Ambrose" chant.

The brawl continues, spilling all of the way back into the backstage area, with each guy using every weapon in sight -- too many to even list. Finally, the guys fight and brawl their way off the screen as the two get into a car and leave, and it looks like this match is going to continue later on tonight.

Backstage: Triple H, Kane & Seth Rollins

As the un-seen Ambrose-Harper action continues off-screen, the fans chant "CM Punk" loud as hell as we shoot to a backstage segment with Kane and Seth Rollins. Someone told Kane he did good on Monday, because he's now doing his best "Days Of Our Lives" impression in this short, two-minute backstage pro wrestling segment. HHH tells both guys that Rollins is making his first defense tonight, he wants to make sure Kane doesn't screw that up. He asks both guys to put aside their differences. The fans start chanting "Boring! Boring!" louder than you can imagine. Kane assures both HHH and Rollins that tonight, he will do what's best for business. I'm pretty sure you can predict where that's going (he's going to come out and "shock" everyone by helping Rollins).

Kiss My Arse Match
- Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

After the backstage segment, Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the ring. It's time for the "Kiss My Arse" match. The announcers acknowledge all of Ziggler's controversial tweets about this match. So, you can pretty much forget about any "Montreal Screwjob" stuff happening in this one.

Sheamus comes out next to a chorus of boos. The bell rings and here we go. It doesn't take long before Sheamus starts dominating the action. Sheamus gets outside of the ring and with Ziggler dominated, tells him he's gonna kiss his "arse" tonight. Back in the ring, "The Celtic Warrior" continues the punishment.

Sheamus has literally dominated this entire match. We're several minutes into this match and Ziggler has been either selling or on the defensive the entire time.

Ziggler gets a hope series of offense, teasing a comeback, but after a few seconds, Sheamus takes right back over of the offense. He plays to the Chicago fans, who are boo'ing the hell out of him as he does it.

Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick, however Ziggler avoids it. He tries to roll Sheamus up for a pin, but Sheamus kicks out at two and goes back to kicking his ass. Literally seconds later -- literally -- he rolls him up again, and without any offense, somehow scores the three count. Sheamus looks shocked.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After The Match

To keep it simple, Sheamus tries to run away, plays around almost forever looking like he's dreading what he's about to do, only to never do it. He takes Ziggler out with a low blow and then Brogue Kicks him. While Ziggler is unconscious, Sheamus grabs him and puts his face in his "arse" --- trunks up -- no lips -- but it happened. Nice double-swerve, which JBL -- Vince's mouth piece -- is strongly selling as we go to a commercial.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
- The New Day vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c)

The New Day make their way to the ring to an unbelievable round of boo's. They do their clapping stuff and blah blah blah. As soon as Cesaro's theme hits, boom, the crowd in Chicago goes absolutely ballistic. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, accompanied by Natalya, make their way to the ring to a great crowd reaction.

The official, long, drawn-out, title-match introductions are done, the bell sounds, and here we go. Kofi Kingston and Big E. are representing The New Day in this one. Kingston and Kidd start off the match.

The action continues until Cesaro and Big E. tag in. Big E. gets in some offense until out of nowhere, Cesaro catches Big E. in mid-air with a big slam. The crowd went nuts for that, the announcers went even more nuts. Cesaro is an ungodly strong dude.

Finally, The New Day members get in some offense, although it doesn't take long before all hell breaks loose. Once it does, there's bodies in the ring, bodies on the floor, bodies in the match, bodies out of it, and when the dust settles and the smoke clears, Kingston manages to score a pinfall with a roll up. We have new champs.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag-Team Champions: The New Day

Backstage: Renee Young, The New Day, Chicago Street Fight

We shoot backstage to Renee Young, who looks plain ridiculous tonight, as the new WWE Tag-Team Champions, and whichever member is the third non-belt-holder tonight, enter the picture. She, smiley as hell, asks them about winning the titles. They all do some typical New Day stuff when in pulls a car and Harper comes flying out of the door.

Chicago Street Fight
- Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (Part Two)

We shoot back to The New Day, then back to the car, where Ambrose is now standing on the roof. He flies off but Harper moves. Ambrose takes out New Day and Harper escapes -- into the arena.

We go back into the arena where Harper is standing right at the entrance. Finally, Ambrose comes out. The action continues and they brawl their way back to the ring. Once in the ring, Harper establishes control after a thousand chairs get involved.

Harper tries to put away Ambrose with the chairs, but Ambrose hangs on. Ambrose works his way back up and seems back. Within seconds, he nails Harper with his "Dirty Deeds" finisher on a chair. 1-2-3. "The Lunatic Fringe" wins.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE United States Championship
(Russian Chain Match)
- John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

The video package airs for tonight's "Russian Chain Match" between John Cena and Rusev for Cena's WWE United States Championship. First out is Rusev, accompanied by Lana. Rusev is wearing the big chain across his chest. Out next is the champ, John Cena, who gets boo'd like you can't even imagine from the Chicago fans.

The bell rings and we start with a tug-of-war. Rusev sends Cena to the corner and splashes him. The green light comes on as the first corner has been touched. Rusev touches the second corner but Cena takes him out. Cena tags three turnbuckles but it's waved off as Rusev cuts his momentum off. Rusev works over Cena and tags two turnbuckles but Cena cuts him off. Rusev sends Cena over the top rope and uses the chain to pull Cena up by his arm. Rusev with kicks to the ribs.

Rusev comes back in and suplexes Cena into the ring. Rusev tags a turnbuckle but Cena attacks him with the chain. Rusev blocks an Attitude Adjustment and beats Cena down. Cena goes under the bottom rope to the floor. Rusev goes to the floor also but Cena pulls him into the ring post twice. Cena comes back in the ring and Rusev looks to be out. Cena hits the first two turnbuckles but can't drag Rusev to get to the third. Rusev holds onto the chain and Cena goes back to work on him. Rusev with a big heel kick off the ropes. Rusev with a chain shot to the gut. Rusev whips Cena over the back with the chain now. Rusev hits three corners but Cena rolls to the floor to stop him from hitting the fourth. Rusev reaches for it but Cena uses his strength to pull him back. They meet in the middle of the ring and trade shots now. Rusev with kicks to the ribs and Cena goes down to his knees. Rusev with more big punches. Rusev goes to the top and Cena yanks him to the mat.

Cena wraps the chain and clotheslines Rusev. Cena tags two corners but Rusev misses a clothesline. Cena with a shoulder tackle. Cena goes for another but Rusev catches him in a fall-away slam. Rusev with a big kick to the mouth. Fans chant for Lana and she gets on the apron to a pop. Lana acknowledges the chants and Rusev gets upset. He orders her to the back as fans boo. Cena ducks a chain shot and slams Rusev. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and nails it. Cena goes for the AA again but it's blocked. Rusev catches Cena with an Alabama Slam. Rusev stomps Cena in the back and he's out. Rusev goes for The Accolade but Cena counters with the STF. Cena tags three corners but Rusev goes to the floor to stop the fourth. Cena brings him back in and goes for another AA but Rusev slides out and hits a kick. Rusev with another stomp to the spine. He locks in The Accolade now.

Cena stands up and walks with Rusev still on his back with The Accolade. Cena thinks he's tagging the corners but Rusev gets credit for them. Cena realizes Rusev is about to win and hits the AA. The lights are all cleared back out. Rusev and Cena both tag one corner each. Cena tags a second as does Rusev. Cena hits a third corner as does Rusev. They turn and face each other now. Rusev goes for a corner but Cena pulls him in with the chain and nails the Attitude Adjustment. Cena manages now to get to all four corners. It's over. Cena wins.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: John Cena

WWE Divas Championship
- Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi

Out first, to a surprisingly big pop from the Chi-Town fans are the Bella Twins. Out next, as video highlights are shown of her heel turn two weeks ago, is Naomi, with some goofy neon green sunglasses on. The ref holds up the strap, the bell sounds. Here we go, folks!

Nikki works on the arm and applies an armbar. Naomi turns it around and keeps Nikki down. They get back up and Naomi drops Nikki for a 2 count. Naomi takes control as Brie cheers Nikki on. Nikki with a 2 count out of nowhere. Naomi grabs Nikki by her hair and bulldogs her into the turnbuckle for a 2 count.

Nikki blocks Rear View but they go on and Naomi drops Nikki with it. Naomi mounts Nikki with shots now. Nikki ends up on the floor and Brie checks on her. Naomi comes out and kicks Brie then brings Nikki back in. Naomi comes back in and Nikki kicks her back. Nikki with clotheslines and a dropkick now. Nikki with a corner clothesline and an Alabama Slam for a 2 count. Naomi blocks Nikki's forearm and drops Nikki for a 2 count. Nikki dodges a split-legged moonsault and drops her with a knee for a 2 count. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack but Naomi fights out and hits her finisher for a 2 count. More back and forth. Nikki with a springboard kick to the face for another close near fall.

The referee gets distracted, Brie hits a big kick to Naomi's face, which sets up the finish. Nikki picks Naomi up, hits her Rack Attack finisher, 1-2-3. It's over.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
(Last Man Standing Match)

Roman Reigns and Big Show make their way to the ring. The fans aren't into either guy. This one could get ugly, folks.

The bell sounds and it doesn't take long at all for these two big dudes to go after it.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd next to a mixed reaction. They go at it and Big Show takes control early on. Fans chant "you sold out" at him. Reigns fights back and clotheslines Show to the floor.

Reigns brings a table from under the ring and fans cheer. Show cuts him off and puts the table back under the ring. Reigns blocks a move and shoves Show into the ring post. Reigns with the big dropkick to the apron. The referee counts on Big Show as Reigns brings the table back from under the ring. Show gets back up at the 5 count and sends Reigns flying into the barrier. Show breaks the table in half this time so it can't be used.

Reigns grabs a kendo stick and unloads on Show with it until Show shoves him into the ring post. Reigns makes it back up at the 6 count and Show pushes him in the ring. Show breaks the kendo stick in half and yells at the fans. Reigns fights back and unloads on Show into the corner. He comes off the second rope and Show just knocks him out of the air. Reigns gets to his feet and rolls to the floor. Show pulls Reigns up with one hand but Reigns rocks him. Reigns grabs a steel chair and brings it in the ring. Reigns unloads on him with it and the referee counts. Show makes it back up as Reigns brings a table from under the ring. Reigns brings another table in but walks right into a knockout punch. The referee starts counting.

Reigns makes it back up as Show stands a table up. Show calls for a chokeslam but Reigns blocks it and slams Show's face into the table. Reigns puts Show through the table with a Samoan Drop and they're both down as the referee counts. Show gets to his feet at 8. Reigns goes back down after a big spear. He gets up at 8 and Show goes back to work on him. Show nails a Vader Bomb and the referee starts counting. Reigns gets up as Show goes to the top. Reigns crotches him. Show screams out in pain and everyone laughs. Reigns brings two more tables from under the ring. He sets them both up side by side on the floor. Reigns climbs up to the top where Show is still sitting. Show shoves him to the mat. Show climbs up but Reigns catches him and throws him to the mat. The referee starts counting again.

They both get up and Reigns nails a Superman punch. Reigns hits a second one but Show is still on his feet. He goes for a third Superman punch but Show blocks it. Show grabs Reigns by the throat and chokeslams him from the ring to the two tables that were set up on the floor. Reigns somehow gets to his feet right before the 10 count and Big Show can't believe it. Show goes to the floor and grabs the pieces of the steel steps. He builds the steps in between the barrier and Lawler's end of the announce table. Show takes apart the announce table as the announcers scatter. Reigns crawls up in the ring as a big JBL chant breaks out. Show comes in the ring and mocks Reigns. Show charges with a spear but Reigns moves and Show crashes through it. The referee counts as they're both down now.

They both get up and Reigns hits a spear. Show rolls to his feet on the floor. Reigns runs around the ring and spears Show through the barrier to a big pop. The referee counts with both men down now. Reigns gets up at 7 as does Show. Show stumbles around the debris. Reigns steps up on the announce table. Show grabs him by the throat and climbs up with him. Reigns fights Show off with elbows. Show sends him off the announce table and into the apron. Reigns runs back up the steel steps that were put there earlier and spears Show from the announce table through the Spanish announce table. A "holy shit" chant starts.

Reigns gets up first. Show makes it up next. The situation ends up with Big Show trapped under an announce table. Reigns makes sure things stay that way as the referee finally counts all the way to ten. Reigns wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Champion
(Steel Cage Match / RKO Is Banned)
- Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

Eden handles the official introductions for tonight's main event. Rollins and Orton are both in the ring, where the cage has been lowered. Our main event is moments away!

As the bell sounds, Rollins instantly starts climbing up the cage but Orton brings him down and goes to work. Rollins blocks a shot into the cage wall and fires back with strikes. Rollins beats Orton down in the corner. Orton comes out of another corner with a clothesline. Rollins tries to escape again but Orton grabs his leg and pulls him to the mat. Orton with a right hand and uppercuts now. Orton keeps control as we get dueling chants. Orton and Kane stare each other down as Orton goes back to stomping on Rollins. Orton catapults Rollins into the cage but he hangs on and tries to escape. Orton stops him again and works him over in the corner.

Rollins comes back and goes for a pin on Orton. Rollins tells Kane to open the door and he has to. Rollins tries to walk out but Orton hits him from behind. Rollins counters and sends Orton face first into the cage wall. Rollins with a 2 count. Rollins with stomps in the corner now. Rollins sends Orton into the cage again and talks some trash. Rollins drives Orton into the cage again and mounts him with right hands. Orton comes back with an uppercut but Rollins counters for another 2 count. Rollins with a splash in the corner and Orton goes down. Rollins with some more trash talking to Orton and now Kane. Orton side steps and sends Rollins face first into the cage.

Rollins makes another comeback and climbs the cage. Orton follows. Rollins gets one leg over but Orton brings him back down to the top rope. They trade shots and Rollins knocks Orton to the mat with a face shot into the cage. Rollins with a flying knee to the face for a 2 count. Rollins climbs the cage again and makes it to the top before Orton gets to his feet. Orton stops him and climbs up. They both sit on top of the cage and trade shots now. They come back down to the top rope. Rollins knocks Orton to the mat. Rollins leaps off the top rope but Orton catches him in mid-air with a powerslam for a 2 count. Orton takes Rollins to the rope for the DDT but Rollins counters. Rollins connects with a superkick to the face for a close 2 count. Rollins climbs up to the top of the cage and Orton chases him. Rollins tries to drop to the floor but Orton grabs his hair. J&J Security come down to assist but Orton pulls Rollins back over the top of the cage and hits a huge superplex for a 2 count.

Shockingly, the match ends with Orton RKO'ing an interfering Kane, only to have Rollins RKO nail Orton seconds later and get the win. The announcers are acting all confused, with Lawler arguing on behalf of "I thought the RKO was banned" and JBL arguing on behalf of "nope, only for Orton."

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins

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