WWE RAW Results (6/1/2015): San Antonio, Texas

The Authority & Roman Reigns Kick Off RAW

The post-Elimination Chamber edition of RAW opens up with video highlights of last night's Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose main event, including Ambrose hijacking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

From there, we shoot live inside the arena without the RAW opening video playing. "King of Kings" plays and out comes Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Kane and J&J Security, and none of them look happy.

Once in the ring, Stephanie McMahon does a formal introduction for our WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. She says just because Dean Ambrose took the title doesn't mean he's the champion. She calls him a thief, pointing out that he stole the title last night, he stole the Money In The Bank briefcase and the Intercontinental title in the past.

Steph goes on to ask the fans what they should do to punish Ambrose. She asks if they should fine, suspend or get rid of Ambrose altogether. Triple H then takes over.

HHH says they won't have to do any of those things because Ambrose is crazy, but not stupid. He says he gave Ambrose to the beginning of RAW to give back what does not belong to him. He then demands Ambrose come out and return the title to the champion Seth Rollins. He says after that, they can discuss what happens next.

As they wait for Ambrose, nothing happens. Eventually, Roman Reigns' theme music hits and he makes his way down to the ring through the crowd as usual.

Reigns begins by saying it doesn't look like The Authority is happy to see him, but San Antonio is. Reigns tells HHH he's right -- Dean is not stupid, and he's also not here. He says he may never come back -- unless he gets a rematch with Rollins at Money In The Bank. But not just any rematch, he wants a ladder match.

There is some mic problems, but everyone ignores them. The Authority argues with Reigns by saying Ambrose did not beat Rollins last night. The fans chant "you got beat! you got beat!" Reigns says Rollins isn't as good as he thinks he is. He says he was kind of cool when he was in The Shield, but not anymore. He says Rollins may be the worst WWE champ ever.

Rollins loses his cool and tells Reigns to tell Ambrose that he's got his rematch. Triple H and Steph tell Rollins to calm down and think about it. Rollins, still pissed, says he knows exactly what he's doing. Rollins says he doesn't need anyone's help. HHH keeps trying to calm him down but Rollins is flipping out. He slams the mic down and storms off in a huff.

After Rollins leaves, Steph freaks out and gets in Reigns' face and tells him to get that look off of his face. HHH calms her down and takes over. HHH gets in Reigns' face. He tells Reigns if he loses his match on RAW tonight, he's out of the Money In The Bank ladder match.

He tells Reigns to stay right here, he's going to go backstage and find an opponent for him right now. He drops the mic and all of The Authority heads to the back. We head to our first commercial break of the evening, as Reigns is in action -- with a lot on the line -- next.

Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett

When we return from the break, Reigns is still in the ring waiting to find out who his opponent is going to be. Finally, Bad News Barrett's music hits and out comes "King" Barrett.

Reigns and Barrett lock up and go at it. Barrett ends up keeping Reigns stuck in a headlock until he fights out and takes Barrett to the mat with a headlock and a 2 count. Barrett keeps control and suplexes Reigns for a 2 count. Back and forth. Barrett drops Reigns with a shoulder. Reigns with a Samoan Drop and a kick. Reigns keeps control and goes for the dropkick from the floor but Barrett rolls to safety. Reigns brings it back in the ring and clotheslines Barrett right back out to the floor. We go to commercial with Reigns in control.

Back from the break and they're going at it. Reigns misses a Superman punch in the corner. Barrett with forearms and a 2 count. Barrett keeps Reigns grounded now. More back and forth on their feet. Reigns hits a big clothesline. Reigns with more clotheslines. Reigns takes Barrett to the corner and unloads. Reigns keeps control and gets another 2 count. Barrett catches Reigns in the Winds of Change. More back and forth. Reigns slams Barrett hard for another 2 count.

The finish sees Reigns duck a King Bull Hammer Elbow attempt. He hits a spear on Barrett and covers him. 1-2-3. Roman Reigns wins.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Backstage: Roman Reigns, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

After the match, backstage Reigns walks up and sees Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The Authority congratulates Reigns but tells him they have another match to keep him in the Money In The Bank match. Later tonight, Reigns will go one-on-one with Mark Henry and if he loses, he's out of the ladder match.

Backstage: Nikki Bella & Paige

Backstage, Byron Saxton is interviewing WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella, when Paige walks in. Paige says no one is standing in between them anymore. She asks for a title shot and Nikki accepts. That match will be tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
- Ryback (c) vs. The Miz

Lilian Garcia introduces the new WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback and out he comes. Ryback cuts a mini-promo about being proud to be the I-C champ. He leads the fans in a "Feed Me More" chant as we head to another break.

When we return from the break, Ryback is still in the ring when his opponent, The Miz, makes his way out.

Before the match can get underway, however, Big Show's music hits and out he comes on RAW for the first time in a few weeks.

Big Show hits Miz with the Knockout Punch and gets in Ryback's face. Big Show tells Ryback if anyone deserves a shot at the I-C title, it's him. We head to another break.

Winner: No Contest

In-Ring Promo: Kevin Owens & John Cena

We're back from the break and the current NXT Champion, Kevin Owens, makes his way out to the ring. Owens talks about how he always delivers when he promises something.

Owens says he should be on top of the world after the biggest win of his career last night but he's not. Owens says he called home and his wife was proud of him but his son, who is a huge John Cena fan, kept asking how Cena was and if he was alright. Owens understands why his son likes Cena but he doesn't think it's OK. Owens call it blind worship. He says Cena has been portrayed as a real-life super hero.

Owens goes on and dueling Cena chants start up. Owens says he beat Super Cena last night and some fans cheer. Owens goes on with a good promo and says he will beat him again at Money In the Bank and expose the lie that is John Cena. Owens is going to make sure his son watches every single second. Owens says a real role model delivers, just like he does. Cena's music hits and out comes the WWE United States Champion to a mixed reaction. Cena comes out and tells Owens to shut up.

Cena says the entire world is talking about Kevin Owens today. A small "you got beat" chant starts at Cena. Cena calls it the most unbelievable debut in WWE history and admits defeat. Cena says he was going to walk out and hand Owens the US Title before Owens started running his mouth tonight. Cena says Owens doesn't even deserve the NXT Title. Yea he won it but he's too concerned with being a role model but he's not even a real man.

Cena talks about a fan with an "I'm beating cancer" sign. The fan is crying and wearing a Cena shirt and he gets a big positive reaction from the fans. Cena continues to dress down Owens, calling him half a man, etc.. Cena finally loses his cool, drops his belt, takes his shirt off and gets ready to fight. Owens drops his belt too, as if he's ready to fight as well, but ultimately picks the belt back up and heads to the back. We head to another commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

We're back from the break and the WWE Tag-Team Champions, The New Day, make their way to the ring. They talk about their win at last night's PPV. Kofi Kingston says nothing will stop him from winning the Money In The Bank ladder match. Dolph Ziggler ends up coming out.

This leads to a Ziggler-Kingston singles match. Lana comes out with Ziggler. Both guys lock up and this match is officially underway.

Dolph nails Kingston with a big dropkick after some back and forth. More back and forth as Kofi kicks Ziggler out of the air. Ziggler makes a comeback and hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler with an elbow drop and a two count. More counters.

Ziggler hits a big DDT for a near fall. Xavier Woods ends up getting on the apron, leading to Ziggler going after him, which in turn allows Kingston to roll him up for another near fall. Ziggler ends up countering him and rolls him up. 1-2-3. Ziggler wins. Lana looks pleased on the stage.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Prime Time Players & Dolph Ziggler vs. The New Day

After the match, the other members of The New Day jump Dolph Ziggler until The Prime Time Players come out to make the save. This leads to an impromptu six-man tag-team match.

We head to a commercial break. When we return from the commercial, the match is already in progress. The finish to what was a quick match, saw O'Neil come in and clean house. The babyfaces score the pin and secure the victory.

After the match, The Prime Time Players celebrate with Dolph Ziggler, as all three do the "Millions Of Dollars" dance together. We also see Lana on the stage smiling in approval of Ziggler. We head to another commercial break.

Winner: The Prime Time Players & Dolph Ziggler

Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry

We return from the commercial break and out comes Roman Reigns through the crowd. Out next is his second opponent for tonight, Mark Henry.

"The World's Strongest Man" controls the action early on. Reigns finally turns it around with several big shots in the corner. The referee backs him off. Reigns with a big forearm off the apron. Reigns goes for a Samoan Drop but can't get Henry up. He tries again and nails it. Henry rolls to the floor. Reigns follows and Henry sends him into the ring post.

From there, Reigns fights back and nails Henry with a Superman Punch on the outside of the ring. Reigns ends up sliding back in the ring just as the referee reaches the count of ten. Henry is counted out and Reigns wins.

After the match, Henry loses his cool and attacks Reigns. He hits him with the World's Strongest Slam and a big splash for good measure before walking away. We head to a commercial.

Winner via Count Out: Roman Reigns

Backstage: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Roman Reigns

Backstage, a tired and beaten up Roman Reigns is walking when he comes across Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. HHH ends up telling Reigns that he has a third match tonight, and if he loses it, he's out of the Money In The Bank ladder match. His opponent will be Bray Wyatt.

WWE Divas Championship
- Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

WWE Diva Paige comes out for her title shot against WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella. As Paige enters the ring, we head to yet another commercial break.

When we return from the break, Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring. They lock up and start going at it. Back and forth until Nikki slides to the floor to regroup. She mocks Paige and comes back in to take control. They trade pin attempts ans Paige nails a knee for a two count. Nikki block the PTO and hits an Alabama Slam for a close near fall.

The challenger, Paige, manages to keep control, however Bella fights her off. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack but Paige counters. Nikki misses in the corner but Paige runs into a boot. Paige with a big DDT out of the corner.

The finish comes now, as we see Nikki go under the ring and Brie roll out from under the ring. Brie comes into the ring, rolls Paige up and scores the 1-2-3 after the infamous "Twin-Switcharoo!"
Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

"The Viper" Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes. Orton makes his way to the ring and during his entrance, we head to another commercial break.

When we return from the commercial break, Sheamus makes his way out to the ring. Both guys are in the ring, the bell sounds and our next match on RAW is officially underway.

They go at it to start and trade holds. Sheamus takes Orton to the mat and keeps Orton down. Lots of back and forth in the match. They end up on the floor and Orton backdrops Sheamus on the announce table. Orton runs over him with a clothesline. We head to a mid-match commercial with Sheamus beaten down on the outside of the ring.

We're back from the break and the first thing we see is both guys exchanging punches. Sheamus catches Orton with a big slam. More back and forth action happens until Sheamus blocks a RKO and goes for a Brogue Kick, but only catches him with the knee and sends Orton to the floor.

Both guys fight outside the ring and Orton tosses Sheamus into the barricade. The action continues until finally the referee sees enough and calls for the bell. Sheamus is disqualified, however that doesn't stop "The Celtic Warrior" from delivering punishment.

Sheamus continues his beatdown of Orton and tosses Orton repeatedly into the barricade. Finally, referees get Sheamus to stop beating on Orton. Sheamus pretends he's leaving, but ends up blasting Orton with yet another Brogue Kick. Finally, Sheamus leaves.

Winner via Disqualification: Randy Orton

Backstage: Rusev Promo

Backstage we get a quick Rusev promo. Rusev comes in on crutches and looks totally dejected.

"The Bulgarian Brute" talks about losing his woman, his title and being a broken man with a broken ankle and a broken spirit. He gets mean and declares he's going to get it all back. We head to commercial.

Bo Dallas vs. Neville

In a rematch from last night's pay-per-view, it's time for our next match of the evening -- which is Bo Dallas vs. Neville.

The bell sounds and here we go. This one is kept short, with Dallas getting in a tiny bit of offense.

Ultimately, however, Neville beats him down, gets to the top rope and hits his Red Arrow finisher for the 1-2-3. We head to another commercial break after this match.

Winner: Neville

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

And finally, it's time for our main event of the evening. Per the stipulations set by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon earlier this evening, whoever wins this match will get a spot in the upcoming Money In The Bank ladder match.

With that said, we head to the ring where Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Out next is his third and final opponent for the evening -- Bray Wyatt.

The bell sounds and here we go. The match begins and immediately, little by little, members of The Authority come out and distract Reigns, allowing Wyatt to take control.

After a bunch of interference and attempted screwjobs, finally, Reigns blasts Wyatt with his Spear. 1-2-3. Roman Reigns wins and is going to Money In The Bank in under two weeks.

After the match, all members of The Authority creep up on the apron and try to close in on Reigns for a gang-style beatdown, however Dean Ambrose's theme music hits.

There's a ton of confusion, as Ambrose doesn't come down the aisle, however he appears out of nowhere on the announce table, hits the ring and takes everyone out. The show ends on that "happy note." Ambrose holds his stolen WWE title up high to end RAW.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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