Doc Gallows On GFW/Destination America, Partnership With New Japan

The following are highlights of a new v2 Wrestling podcast interview with Doc Gallows:

On his thoughts on Global Force Wrestling: "I think everybody is excited. I think this is going to be a unique experience not only for the wrestlers but for the wrestling fans because you're going to see guys from so many different styles and genres. It's exciting. Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world and I think us broadcasting from the Orleans casino – it gives it a unique big fight feel. I think this is a brand new concept with a lot of fresh faces and guys who have gone and done some really cool stuff. Now you're going to see them all under one banner, under Global Force Wrestling. I think that's why global was such a good name for this thing because when you look at all these companies from all these places all over the world, I think that Jeff Jarrett has a great plan set up for not only the wrestlers but for the wrestling fans."

On the partnership between Global Force and New Japan: "I've worked with Jeff previously in Ring Ka King and then in TNA. Jeff has his finger on the pulse in the wrestling business. He knew how hot New Japan had gotten and he knew how hot the Bullet Club had gotten, so he was coming to Japan trying to cut the deal for Global Force and New Japan to partner up. And in doing so, we saw the opportunity and we actually put Jeff in the Bullet Club with us. This Global Force thing, not a lot has been released to the public because I think Jeff has tried to keep up the mystique up about it. It was meticulous planning, months and months before Jeff ever landed on the ground in Japan. He basically came over to seal the deal, especially with Global Force bringing the Wrestle Kingdom pay-per-view to America for the first time. Letting the American audience see what we're doing in Japan, I think, was a big deal. The pay-per-view turned out great and that was a great starting point."

On whether or not GFW have a TV deal: "I just know this. Jeff is working diligently on the best way to broadcast this thing. As far as the channel or what the outlet is, I don't know but I know he's talking to all the heavyweights in the broadcasting business. I think we're going to have a good landing. That's reflective of what's going on with the business right now. In America, for example, there is more wrestling on TV now than there has been in 30 years. You've got Lucha Underground, TNA, WWE, Ring of Honor getting a new deal, and New Japan has got a deal now in America too. It's a good time for wrestling fans and I think Jeff is right on the pulse with that with Global Force."

On the chances of GFW signing with Destination America: "That's kind of a joke among the boys because we're like, everybody is just jumping on Destination America. I think Destination America sees wrestling as a positive by carrying two shows. I don't know what's going on between TNA and Ring of Honor, because I do work some dates with Ring of Honor as well and I was in TNA, but I think it's pretty substantial that you've got two different wrestling companies on the same channel right now. That's probably historic in some fashion."

On if wrestling is more popular now than it was 10 years ago: "Yeah, absolutely. You don't want to say revolution because that term has gotten worn out in wrestling, but it's almost like a renaissance where I still do some independent dates in America and you see these buildings are full. It's just a great time for everybody who likes wrestling – the guys performing in the ring and the fans who like to watch it. I think that our generation has got the buzz going again. It's a cool thing because I remember 10 years ago, a lot of the powers-that-be and a lot of these companies thought that our generation was going to be the downfall of the entire business. So we kind of turned around and proved them wrong."

On his time in the Aces and Eights as the Director of Chaos: "What was so fun about TNA – I only spent a year in TNA – was working with all of my buddies. Mike Knox is one of my very best friends in the world. Garett is a good buddy of mine, and Wes. I didn't know Bubba and Devon so well, but I got real close to Devon and D'Lo. It was a good group of guys and we were all having fun and we all spanned different generations in the wrestling business. It was cool thing for the little short period of time that it had. It was smart on their part too, like the Sons of Anarchy getting so popular on American TV and everything, to basically do a spin-off gimmick of that. It worked well; you had these big rugged biker-looking dudes, so it was cool."

On how exactly does he direct chaos: "Oh man, you just gotta be able to channel your chaos in all different directions. It's funny because Eric Bischoff wanted me to be DOC. D'Lo is my buddy and he goes, well, DOC is cool because he's the Director of Chaos. But then there was like two weeks where the commentators and I were confused because someone told them to call me the Director of Chaos and then someone said no, don't do that, only call him DOC. I don't know, I guess there ended up being a little argument over it or whatever. The Director of Chaos is probably one of my least remembered names because nobody thinks of the DOC as me, so I appreciate the love on that."

On the success of the Bullet Club in New Japan: "I think the one thing we have on our side is being that we're a Japanese based company, we're allowed to drive the car a little more than some of the American based companies where everything is written and spelled out for you. Some people get what we're doing. They get the wink when we steal everything, they get what it is. If we were doing the Bullet Club in, say, WWE we wouldn''t be allowed to do all that stuff, so I think people can tell we're having fun and we literally do whatever the hell we want to. I think people enjoy watching us because they can see what we're doing and maybe some of their favorite wrestlers in the other companies aren''t allowed to express themselves the way that the Bullet Club is. So as long as we don't overrun it with 25 guys that don't have the credential or skillset to be in there, I think we'll be okay for a good long while."

On who he wants to wrestle in GFW: "I've been in the ring with Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin in WWE and I would welcome the opportunity to do it again. What I'm excited about is that there are a lot of guys I don't know. Because I've been in this company or that company, and they're from somewhere that I've never been to before. I think that's what's so unique about this, you're going to see matches that are truly first time out of the gate and it's such a big mix of styles. It's going to be really cool for the fans and for the guys too. Anytime that you're dancing for the first time, it's always exciting to try to captivate the audience and I think Jeff is onto a good idea with that."

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