TNA Slammiversary Results (6/28/2015): Orlando, Florida

TNA Slammiversary 2015 Results

The TNA Slammiversary 2015 pay-per-view kicks off with Josh Mathews welcoming us to the show as we see shots of various TNA stars arriving in the parking lot earlier in the day.

An awesome video package airs, mostly showing highlights from TNA's past including Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle, slowly merging into focusing on modern TNA, with guys like Rockstar Spud and Eric Young being featured.

From there, we shoot live into the arena where we shoot to the ringside area with Josh Mathews, Mike Tenay and The Pope, our three-man broadcast booth for tonight's show.

TNA X-Division Title Elimination Match
- DJ Z vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno (c)

Out comes DJ Z, followed by Manik of The Revolution and the X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, in that order.

The bell sounds and immediately all three guys are zipping and flying all over the place. When the smoke clears and the pace settles down a bit, Uno appears to be in control of the action.

After Manik gets in some offense, Uno flies over the top rope and splashes onto both guys with a corkscrew plancha. The action returns inside the ring.

Following a crazy series of moves and spots, finally, DJ Z is eliminated. A few moments later, Uno manages to score the pin on Manik to secure the victory and remain the TNA X-Division Champion.

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Tigre Uno

Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E.

After a quick backstage interview segment with Jeremy Borash, it's time for the battle of the former BroMans tag-team members -- Jessie Godderz and Robbie E.

Following the video package, Jessie "The Man" Godderz is introduced first. He cuts a quick promo. Out next comes his former tag-team partner and opponent for tonight -- Robbie E.

The bell sounds and here we go with our second match of the evening. Early on, Robbie E. dominates the action, taking it to Godderz.

From there, Godderz goes on to dominate the action for nearly the rest of the entire match, nearly finishing off Robbie several times until out of nowhere, Robbie hits an inverted DDT for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Robbie E.

Street Fight
- Matt Morgan vs. Bram

Out comes Bram for the next match of the evening. Out next is his opponent for this evening -- wrestling his first TNA match in over two years -- Matt Morgan.

Prior to the match, Morgan cuts a quick promo. The match is changed to a Street Fight. The bell sounds and here we go.

The action spills out to the floor early on and Morgan is dominating the smaller man with his size and strength. All kinds of weapons are used, everything from chairs to trash cans to tables.

Morgan continues to dominate Bram and as he sets him up to finish him off and win the match, Bram hits Morgan with a low-blow and his DDT finisher to score the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bram

Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards

Next out to the ring is Austin Aries of The Dirty Heels. Out next to face Aries in a match where the winner gets to pick the stipulation for Wednesday's TNA Tag-Team Championship match on Impact Wrestling is Eddie Edwards of The Wolves.

The bell rings and here we go with our next match of the evening. The crowd is hotter for this match than they have been for anything else thus far this evening. The fans are torn, as Aries has his fans chanting for him while Edwards has his chanting for him.

They are definitely giving these guys plenty of time to do their thing here at TNA Slammiversary. The crowd stays on fire from bell to bell, as Aries and Edwards hit a number of crazy spots.

Finally, after a few false-finishes, Aries picks up the victory over Edwards. After the match he gets on the mic to reveal the stipulation for The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels tag-title match on Wednesday. He jokingly says it will be a bra and panties match at first, before finally revealing that they will compete in a 30-minute Iron Man tag-team title match.

Winner: Austin Aries

Handicap Match
- Awesome Kong & Brooke Tessmacher vs. Taryn Terrell, Jade & Marti

The Dollhouse -- Taryn Terrell, Jade and Marti make their way out to the ring for tonight's three on two Knockouts handicap match. Prior to the match, Terrell gets on the mic and does an "eww" promo.

Out next is Brooke Tessmacher. She waits at the end of the ramp for her partner for this handicap match -- Awesome Kong -- to slowly make her way to the ring. The bell sounds and here we go.

Straight from the word "go," we have Awesone Kong beating up on two and three Knockouts at once while Brooke assists her here and there. Kong and Tessmacher are clearly in control here in the early going.

Kong and Tessmacher dominate the action for the first several minutes, with Kong pretty much doing everything herself until finally Brooke tags in. In the end, Brooke scores the pin. She and Kong celebrate together after the win.

Winners: Awesome Kong & Brooke Tessmacher

Unsanctioned Match
- Magnus vs. James Storm

After a quick backstage interview with Jeremy Borash, Magnus prepares for his unsanctioned match against James Storm here at TNA Slammiversary. The video package telling the story of their match airs now.

The "good vs evil" storyline is driven home hard in the last few moments before these two hit the ring. Each guy makes their way out, the bell sounds and here we go with an "unsanctioned" match.

Early on, Magnus is a ball of fire, fighting on emotion, but it isn't long before the evil James Storm takes control of the match. The two are fighting all over the arena, trading hard shots back-and-forth and using foreign objects whenever they can.

The guys fight backstage to an area where the referee keeps warning them about "high voltage." Finally, lights start flickering in the arena as the announcers tell us that they're losing "some power."

The action finally gets back to the ring where Storm is still in control of Magnus. There's a table in the ring which the fans are chanting to be used. Storm tries to hit the Eye Of The Storm on Magnus through the table, however Magnus escapes and powerbombs Storm through the table.

A table is set up outside of the ring. Magnus puts Storm on it and climbs to the top rope. Magnus takes a big leap off the top rope and comes crashing down with a Macho Man flying elbow smash through the table, as Storm moved just in time. And here come the "this is awesome" chants, right on cue.

Storm gets a bunch of salt. He tries to throw it in Magnus' eyes but Magnus knocks Storm's hands back, so the salt goes into his own eyes and the ref's eyes. Magnus hits his finisher on Storm and covers him but the blinded ref can't see to make the pin.

Storm tries to hit Magnus with his cowbell but Magnus avoids it and hits his finisher on Storm again. He covers him but Storm kicks out at 2 1/2.

Storm hits Magnus with the cowbell and two Last Storm superkicks. He covers him but again Magnus manages to kick out before the count of three. The announcers and Storm are selling it like it's the most unbelievable thing ever that Magnus is still in this fight.

Storm brings a ringside barricade section into the ring and drapes it across two chairs, creating a bridge. Magnus takes Storm to the top rope and hits a superplex on him through the barricade bridge setup. Storm still kicks out at two, and now the announcers are amazed that Storm is still in it.

Each guy grabs a beer bottle. They both have the same idea. They Rocky and Apollo Creed each other from Rocky II, hitting each other at the same exact time with a beer bottle. As they fall, however, Storm falls on top of Magnus. 1-2-3. Storm wins.

Winner: James Storm

Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson & Bobby Lashley

After the previous match we have several minutes of audio difficulties and production issues. The commentary keeps cutting out as Mathews keeps saying "are we on?" The camera shoots to the ring to cover up the problems, but all that does is show us the ring crew with big brooms sweeping the ring from the previous match.

Finally, the lights go off and EC3's music hits and out he and Tyrus come, however the announcers' audio is still cutting in and out as they try to talk. It's been a good five minutes now with no commentary, pretty crazy stuff.

Out next comes Mr. Anderson. The mic comes down from the ceiling but it doesn't work, so he just walks to the ring. Out next comes Bobby Lashley. Finally, the commentary returns and it seems to be back for good just in time.

Anderson and EC3 start things off for their respective teams. The team of EC3 and Tyrus dominate the action early on as the announcers put over the fact that the two have better chemistry as an actual tag-team, whereas Anderson and Lashley are two individuals trying to fight as a team.

In the end, after distraction and double-teaming offense, Ethan Carter III and Tyrus pick up the victory as EC3 scores the pinfall on Lashley. The announcers promote EC3 vs. Kurt Angle at "Bell To Bell" this coming Wednesday.

Winners: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

King Of The Mountain
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young vs. Drew Galloway

We shoot to the announcers who put over tonight's TNA Slammiversary main event -- the five man King Of The Mountain match, which is for the brand new King Of The Mountain Title.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett. Jeff talks about GFW and returning to TNA for one last match in the company.

Eric Young comes out, as does Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode, Matt Hardy and finally, Jeff and Karen Jarrett. Jeremy Borash does the formal introductions for this, our main event of TNA Slammiversary 2015.

The fans chant "Thank You Jarrett!" as the match begins. The bell sounds and all five guys close in on each other. Finally, the punches start flying and here we go with our King Of The Mountain main event.

Hardy and Roode splinter off onto one side of the floor outside the ring, while Young and Galloway battle on the other. Meanwhile, Jarrett just stands in the ring and looks around while everyone else fights.

Finally, Jarrett starts firing away at Roode with punches and then a big back body drop. Jarrett goes to work on Young now as well. The crowd is getting behind Jarrett once again with "You Still Got It!" chants.

Roode takes advantage of Jarrett doing his famous Double J strut. He rolls him up and scores the 1-2-3, so Jarrett must spend two minutes inside the penalty box/cage.

Roode dominates the action for a while until finally he and Hardy take each other out. Meanwhile, Jarrett is finally let out of the penalty box. Eric Young DDTs him on the floor and Jarrett immediately goes back into the penalty box for two more minutes.

Each guy takes turns taking bumps on or with the ladder until finally Jarrett is let out of the penalty box again. Jarrett hits the ring and is hitting everything that moves until Young low-blows him and throws him out of the ring. Hardy pins Roode, so now Hardy is eligible for King Of The Mountain along with Young and Roode. Young is pinned as well, so now he and Roode are in the penalty box together. Young tries to get them to join forces together and take everyone out.

Jarrett hits his finisher on Hardy but Galloway breaks up the pin attempt. The ten second clock ticks down and Roode and Young are let out of the penalty box and they immediately head back into the ring and seem to be working together.

Young and Roode do their old Team Canada routine until finally Young breaks their pact and turns on Roode. The rest of the guys filter back in the ring now as well, so there is action all over the place.

Young and Roode pin Galloway and Hardy, so now Galloway and Hardy have to spend two minutes inside the penalty box. So, now everyone is eligible for King Of The Mountain except Jarrett. Young and Roode team up on Jarrett, but Jarrett is sticking with them. Finally, Young gets both guys down and taunts Karen Jarrett outside the ring. Karen slaps Young. Young takes the guitar and heads into the ring. He goes to hit Jarrett with it but Jarrett low blows him and smashes the guitar over Roode's head. He pins him and gets the 1-2-3, so now everyone is eligible for King Of The Mountain.

Galloway and Hardy are let out of the penalty box now. Roode is put into the penalty box. The announcers are botching the hell out of this match at this point, as they can't keep up with all the weird rules of this match.

Jarrett calls for the belt, so it gets handed to him. Roode is in the penalty box and the other guys are down on the outside of the ring. Jarrett goes up the ladder with the belt until Young stops him. A ladder is bridged from the ring apron across the ring barricade. Young picks Jarrett up and hits a piledriver onto the ladder bridge. That was pretty damn risky, but everyone appears to be okay.

Finally, Roode is let out of the penalty box. Meanwhile, all hell is still breaking loose as the cameras keep focusing on the wrong guys and the announcers are all confused trying to keep up with everything.

Galloway goes up on top of the penalty cage and hits a big swanton off the top of it, crashing onto everyone on the floor. The fans start chanting "T-N-A! T-N-A!"

After hitting that crazy spot, Galloway calls for the title and begins climbing the ladder with it. Hardy comes in and stops him, nailing him with a Twist Of Fate off of the ladder. Now Hardy grabs the title and starts to climb, however Roode stops him.

Young and Jarrett climb the ladder on the same side but the belt drops. Jarrett hits his Stroke finisher on Young off the ladder. Now Jarrett has the title and begins to climb the ladder. Jarrett hooks the belt on the rungs and the bell sounds. Jarrett wins and is the new King Of The Mountain Champion.

After the match, the announcers play the confusion, asking what is going to happen now that Jarrett is the King Of The Mountain Champion. They question if he'll come back again or if he'll take the title to GFW with him. The show goes off the air with Jarrett celebrating his King Of The Mountain victory.

Winner and NEW King Of The Mountain Champion: Jeff Jarrett

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