WWE TLC 2015 PPV Results (12/13/2015): Boston, Mass.

WWE TLC Kickoff Show

The WWE TLC Kickoff Show pre-show starts off with the panel, led by Renee Young, welcoming us inside the TD Garden in Boston, Mass.

They kick it to Tom Phillips for our social media lounge preview for tonight.

From there we go back to the panel where Renee Young starts running down some of the matches scheduled for tonight, as well as introducing some video packages.

After some more of the usual pre-show time-killing junk, we finally head to the ring for our first match.

WWE TLC Kickoff Show Match:
- Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Our Kickoff Show match this evening features two former NXT Divas. It's Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch in one-on-one action.

Team B.A.D. comes out and they sing the 12 days of Christmas with custom lyrics. They should have done an edited version, the second one of them stalled for just a split second, the crowd -- which is Sasha Banks' hometown crowd that gave her an enormous pop coming out -- completely turned on them. On second thought, they shouldn't have done it at all.

With Becky Lynch out there, it doesn't take long for JBL to reference Conor McGregor being the undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion, Finn Balor the NXT Champion and Sheamus the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The action gets underway and within a minute or two, Sasha establishes offensive control and we head to a mid-match commercial. When we return, Banks almost gets Lynch in the Bank Statement, but doesn't finish the job.

Lynch is now making her comeback, getting in an extended series of offense before it was cut short by "The Boss." Lynch regains control of the match and nearly finishes the job with her finisher, but the Team B.A.D. members saw it coming and interfered, causing a distraction which set things up for Banks to get her in the Bank Statement. Lynch taps out. The crowd popped huge again when Banks got the submission and the pin.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Social Media Lounge: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is with Tom Phillips in the social media lounge. Del Rio talks about the international talent in WWE being some of the best wrestlers in their respective countries. Phillips outright says Del Rio and Zeb Colter aren't working together anymore. Del Rio talks about it being a mistake to trust Colter because he's an American.

Backstage: League Of Nations

The Leaue Of Nations are shown backstage. Sheamus references his fellow Irishman Conor McGregor winning the UFC Featherweight Championship in just 13 seconds. The guys promise to make an impact tonight that will spread all over the world.

WWE TLC 2015 Pay-Per-View

The WWE TLC pay-per-view kicks off with the usual elaborate, slick video package to tell the story and hype some of the top matches scheduled for tonight.

From there, the pyro explodes at the top of the stage and Michael Cole welcomes us inside the TD Garden in Boston, Mass. for the final WWE pay-per-view event of 2015..

WWE World Tag-Team Champions
Triple-Threat Ladder Match
- The New Day (c) vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

The TLC PPV kicks off in the ring with the triple-threat ladder match. The New Day make their way out to the ring to a rock star reception until they start dogging on Boston. They cut a promo in the ring mocking The Usos and just being themselves. The Lucha Dragons make their way out next, followed by The Usos.

Xavier Woods joins the pay-per-view commentary team for this one, as Big E. and Kofi Kingston will be representing The New Day in this one. The bell rings and the action in the ring begins as fast as Woods' attempt to steal the scene on commentary. The Lucha Dragons hit a double moonsault off the top rope onto The New Day.

This leaves The Usos alone in the ring. They start to climb but are stopped. They knock their opposition out of the ring, throw ladders at them and hit their trademark splashes on the floor.

Woods asks to b excused on commentary as The New Day have one of The Usos seated and trapped behind a ladder with his back stuck in the corner. Woods yells out, "This is what happens to somebody when I'm on commentary" and does a big "baaahhhh-waaaahh" on the trombone. Gotta love it.

The Usos start to go crazy with the ladders on everyone in sight, and brutalizing their own bodies in the process. Woods is back on commentary. Sin Cara hits a big dive out to the floor. Woods corrects Jerry Lawler for accidetally calling him Kalisto instead of Sin Cara when recapping the dive spot.

The Lucha Dragons climb the ladders but Big E. grabs them like he's bench pressing and shucks them off. The crowd dug the funny/impressive visual. The Usos hit the ring and start getting their comeback.

Woods quips that he's a very intelligent man after pointing out that Kingston is a "veteran ladder match-haver." He's kinda killing it on commentary, folks. The Usos yell, "Let's go!" to the crowd. Woods on commentary: "Let's go? You're not going anywhere. You're go-ing to lose." Killing it, folks.

Uso does a crazy splash off the top rope onto Big E. on the floor while Big E. had a ladder laying on top of him. Crazy. Kalisto goes to climb the ladder alone in the ring. Lawler calls him Sin Cara by mistake again. Woods catches it, and without mercy rips into Lawler for being wrong again. He remembers this match is no disqualification, so he drops his headset and breaks his trombone over Kalisto's back. This allows Kingston to climb the ladder and pull down the titles. The New Day wins. Crazy match.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: The New Day

Ryback vs. Rusev

The video package for our next match airs, as it will be Ryback vs. Rusev next at WWE TLC 2015. The video focuses mainly on the relationship drama between Rusev and Lana.

After the video package, Rusev's music hits and "The Bulgarian Brute" makes his way to the ring with his fiancee', "The Ravishing Russian" Lana. After they enter the ring, Ryback's music plays and "The Big Guy" makes his way down to the ring.

The bell sounds and Ryback immediately establishes control. The action goes out to the floor. The referee begins his count as Ryback slams Rusev into the barricade. The action returns to the ring and Rusev starts to take over.

Rusev dominates the action for a while and then Ryback starts to make his comeback. "The Big Guy" pulls the strap down so Rusev rolls out to the floor. Lana tells him they should just leave.

Ryback goes after Rusev on the floor, but ends up knocking Lana down on accident. Rusev takes advantage and gets Ryback back in the ring for The Accolade. Ryback tries fighting out of it. Rusev blasts him with a big kick to the grill and then gets The Accolade this time. Ryback passes out.

Winner: Rusev

WWE United States Championship
(Chairs Match)
- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole reads a statement from Del Rio about the end of Mex-America and his alliance with Zeb Colter.

Out next is Jack Swagger as a pre-taped interview plays. Swagger talks about learning so much from Colter. He flat out says he dedicates this match to him. Right after, Michael Cole reads a Twitter response from Colter. Wow. That's about as transparent and obvious as it gets.

As soon as the bell rings both guys go out for a chair and come back in quickly to try and hit the other one with one first. Chairs cling and clang. Swagger with a quick shot on Del Rio to drop him. Del Rio bails. Del Rio cuts off Swagger wtih a kick and then Swagger sends him face first into the steel ring post. Swagger drops Del Rio down face first on a series of chairs setup at ringside. Swagger continues to bounce the head of Del Rio off a chair. Del Rio blocks a splash from Swagger getting a chair up in the way. Del Rio pushes Swagger to the corner and Del Rio with shots to the ribs using a chair. Del Rio then cracks the chair over the back of Swagger who screams out in pain. Del Rio with a backstabber from the corner on Swagger. Swagger kicks out after two. Del Rio grabs a chair and cracks it over the back of Swagger a few times.

Del Rio fires up the crowd in the corner. Swagger then throws a chair in the face of Del Rio! Swagger with clotheslines and a knee to Del Rio in the corner. Swagger with more clotheslines and fires himself up. Del Rio tries to counter a Swagger Bomb. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Swagger again kicks out after two. Del Rio tosses Swagger out and Swagger falls over a chair. Del Rio starts to bury Swagger with chairs at ringside, with a few landing right on the lower back of Swagger. Del Rio tosses Swagger back inside, hooks the leg and Swagger kicks out after two.

Swagger gets Del Rio in the Patriot Lock. Del Rio makes it to the ropes but the ref tells him that doesn't work in a chairs match. Del Rio uses the ring apron to yank himself out to the floor. Back in the ring moments later, Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb on Del Rio for the near fall. Del Rio turns the tide and stacks up chairs under Swagger, who was leaning backwards from the middle rope. Del Rio goes to the top and comes off with a Balor-like double foot stomp on Swagger onto and through all of those chairs for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

8-Man Elimination Tables Match
The Wyatt Family vs. The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno

The Wyatt Family's music hits and outthey come. After a backstage interview with JoJo, The Dudley Boyz make their way out to the ring. Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno got full solo entrances as well.

The fight begins immediately with pairs of guys splitting off and going to different places to duke it out. It doesn't take long before we get our first elimination, as The Dudley Boyz put Erick Rowan through a table with a 3-D. So much for his new mask and it's magical powers, eh?

The odds get evened up to 3-3 when Harper avoids a big table spot and instead blasts Rhyno with a big boot that made him fall back into and through a table in the corner.

The action continues when The Dudleyz hit their ode to L.o.D. with the clothesline off the top rope spot. The fans chant "We Want Tables!" and Bubba and Devon both oblige. Once back in the ring, however, Bray ends up putting Deon through a table to eliminate him.

Bubba Ray and Dreamer get kendo sticks and start beating the ever loving crap out of him together with them. They knock him over the top rope and onto the floor.

Bubba stays on him while Dreamer heads back in the ring. Harper nails Dreamer with his finisher and then puts him through a table on the floor. Bubba Ray is now by himself against Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Luke Harper. Bubba avoids Sister Abigal by wacking Bray with a kendo stick he still had a grip on.

Bubba, knowing he's in a 3-1 situation against three monsters, grabs a bottle of liter fluid from under the ring and heads back in the ring. The crowd went from popping to settling into the idea of a fire table spot, but it was all a tease to get heat a different way, as Harper blasted Bubba with a superkick right into a chokeslam from Braun through a table. The Wyatt Family wins.

Survivors: Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman & Luke Harper

WWE Intercontinental Championship
- Kevin Owens (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, cutting a promo the entire way to the ring. Owens cracks jokes about how he eats popcorn and drinks soda everyday anyways, so Ambrose didn't bother him on RAW when he threw some at him. By the time he was done it was better than just a good promo. Owens is awesome. Ambrose's music hits as a few clips are shown of their history on RAW and SmackDown the past few weeks.

The bell sounds to start our I-C title match off and it's the I-C champ who jumps off to an early lead, taking it to Ambrose and having some fun poking fun in the process. Ambrose starts to make a comeback but K.O. hits a belly to belly suplex to remain in control.

Owens is definitely having some fun in there tonight. He's getting to showcase his wide arsenal as well. Owens thinks he has him so he goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ambrose reverses and hits Dirty Deeds. Owens took it like he got shot, staying stiff in mid twist on the ground ala Jose Aldo in the Conor McGregor knockout last night.

During the pin, however, Owens gets two fingers on the ropes. He keeps them there forever too, way after Ambrose got off him. Awesome. Seconds later, Ambrose avoids another Owens Pop Up Powerbomb attempt and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

WWE Divas Championship
- Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

The video package airs for the WWE Divas Championship rematch between Charlotte and Paige, which is next up at WWE TLC. Paige makes her way out first to a good reaction from the Boston fans. The WWE Divas Champion Charlotte is out next with her father, Ric Flair, by her side and is immediately doing "Naitch" mannerisms.

The bell rings and here we go with Divas Championship action. Paige blasts Charlotte and she "Flair-flops" and rolls to the floor while Paige struts in the ring. Later, Flair loosens the middle turnbuckle behind the ref's back.

Paige takes it to Charlotte, including slamming her face first into the ring post. She gets Charlotte in her father's own figure four leg lock, but in typical fashion, Charlotte rolls over, so now Paige is reaching for the ropes.

Paige again gets a run of offense leading up to a Ram-Paige, but Flair put his dauhter's foot on the ropes. Charlotte ends up dropping Paige to the exposed middle turnbuckle for the win.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Charlotte

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
(TLC Match)
- Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns

The video package for our World Title match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns -- including the tater tot line from RAW -- airs to get everyone "excited" for this main event. Wouldn't ya know it, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus comes out first. Reigns is out next. Lilian Garcia does the formal introductions for this, the main event of the evening.

The bell rings and Reigns literallty punches Sheamus and they reference the Conor McGregor KO on commentary. They point out that Sheamus already has swelling developing on the side of his head.

The fans in Boston break out in "We Want Cena / Cena Sucks" chants as Reigns continues his beatdown of the champ. The ation spills out to the floor where Sheamus takes over with the use of some of the TLC tools at ringside.

They are still selling the fact that the side of Sheamus' face is swollen up from the first Reigns punch. Reigns goes to work on Sheamus on the floor and is taking his ass whoopin' on the road. He slams Sheamus on nd through several different parts of the set up the ramp and at the top of the stage. He sets a table up in the ramp but Sheamus back body drops him through it.

We see a shot of Sheamus' arm badly swollen and bruised from one of the landings on the TLC set. Sheamus picks Reigns up and suplexes him through another table that is part of the set. Sheamus goes back to the ring and sets up a ladder.

Sheamus grabs Reigns and hoists him up for White Noise while standing on top of the third ringside step. He hits it -- through a table. Sheamus hurt himself with the landing again. His body is all lumped and bruised up. Tough fella!

Reigns blasts Sheamus with what appears to be a Superman Punch with a chair. He gets Sheamus in the Samoan Drop posirtion on the ring apron outside the ropes and they land on a ladder set up like a bridge from the ring apron to the table. It looked as painful as it sounds. At this point, Sheamus' body, and face, is beat to sh*t. Period.

Reigns goes in the ring and starts his climb. Sheamus comes back in and stops him and now he's climbing. Reigns stops him. Reigns blasts Sheamus with a Superman Punch. Sheamus is out. Reigns takes forever getting up the ladder. Sheamus knocks the ladder over longways and Reigns lands awkwardly on the ropes -- hard.

Sheamus gets up and starts going up the ladder. Reigns knocks him off with a Superman Punch and he lands by going through a table. The crowd popped huge. An energetic Reigns set up the ladder as fans are reacting like they know this is it, but once he gets up the ladder, the League of Nations hit the ring. They beat down Reigns. Reigns starts fighting back. He keeps stopping Sheamus somehow but eventually after a Brogue Kick from Sheamus knocks Reigns out of the ring, Reigns is just a second behind as Sheamus unhooks the title.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After The Match: Roman Reigns Snaps

After the match, Roman Reigns snaps as the announcers give different viewpoints from "Can ya blame him?" to "Why is he doing this?" to "He's Going Too Far." Eventually Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and a bunch of referees come down to stop him. Finally we get to Triple H calmly walking on the apron and softly talking, opening his suit up like he's talking someone off the ledge. He goes to check on Sheamus as Reigns stands there looking like he's gonna lose it again.

Reigns nods "Yes" to himself and then charges at Triple H, blasting The Authority member with a Superman Punch to the delight of the crowd. He grabs a chair and starts wacking "The Game" over and over as Stephanie screams "No!" and "Roman!" from outside the ring. "You can kiss Roman Reigns goodbye! This hot-head is out of control!" Reigns isn't done yet. He tears the cover off of the Spanish announce table. He goes to powerbomb him through it, but it doesn't break -- not even a little. The fans try and get a "one more time" chant going. Instead, Reigns gets on the American announce table and runs towards the other one, flying on top of Triple H with a flying elbow smash and putting him through it.

Reigns off mic says he knows he's gonna be fired. Stephanie kneeling next to HHH yells for Reigns to get away. She emotionally says "he's not even blinking!" EMTs and officials tend to Triple H as Reigns walks up the ramp but as they help HHH up, Reigns changes his mind and turns around half way up the ramp and from there, sprints all the way to the ring and around one side to run HHH over with a crazy spear. The crowd expoded for that one. Stephanie lets out a crazy wicked scream.

The show goes off the air with Reigns raising his hand and getting a big pop from the Boston crowd while Stephanie tends to an unconscious HHH on the floor outside the ring.