Kurt Angle Compares Daniel Bryan To HBK & Benoit, Jim Ross Comments

- Former WWE & TNA champion Kurt Angle says he feels Daniel Bryan is "one of the all time greats." The Olympic gold medalist commented on Bryan's retirement via Twitter, comparing Bryan's in-ring work to two of Angle's old WWE opponents. Here's what he had to say:

- Jim Ross recently spoke on the news of Daniel Bryan's retirement as an active pro wrestler. On his blog at JRsBarBQ.com, the WWE Hall of Famer says he feels strongly that Bryan and WWE should consider a behind-the-scenes role for him in the company. Here's an excerpt:

I feel that WWE would be best served here to keep Bryan Danielson on the staff and put him in a position to help young talents adjust to life in the WWE not only from an in ring standpoint but from life away from the ring as well. No company can ever have enough people the quality of Bryan Danielson helping develop their brand and, most importantly, their young talents who I feel will respond in a big way to the coaching of one of the great overachievers ever in the business.

I don't know of another wresting company that protects their athletes as thoroughly as WWE does their talents. Thank goodness that WWE did do all the extensive testing on Bryan's injury and that they did not bend to the pressures of the talent or his fans to return hm to the ring. If DB had been wrestling for another company, any company, would he have received the care that he needed to determine the actual severity of the concussion issue?

In the proverbial, 'good old days' the concussion issue would have been largely ignored and the talent would have been returned to the ring as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day, Daniel Bryan is blessed to be wrestling in today's marketplace and specifically for WWE where he has received amazing, medical care from a battery of specialists who certainly don't work cheap but who likely have intervened to help ensure that the athlete who overcame numerous odds to become a star in WWE can live a productive life as a husband, father and son.

There are a litany of ways that Bryan Danielson can help the business that he loves to grow and better navigate the talent's future

You can read J.R.'s entire blog entry here.

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