Brie Bella Confirms Retirement Rumors, More On Bryan's Concussions (Video)

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella appeared on Good Morning America to discuss Bryan's retirement from WWE, concussions in wrestling and more.

Bryan revealed that he kept his post-concussion seizures a secret from even Brie, until she noticed him having one and was heartbroken for him. He begged her to keep it a secret because he knew WWE would make him retire if they ever found out.

Brie also confirmed the rumors that she will be retiring later this year, telling the interviewer that she expects to make an official announcement this summer.

Here's video from the appearance:

WATCH: "When you get slammed, you really get slammed." - Daniel Bryan opens up to GMA about the physicality of WWE, safety, retiring and more. Wife Brie Bella also opens up about retiring soon from the sport as well.

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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