WWE WrestleMania 32 Results - April 3, 2016

WrestleMania 32 took place on April 3rd in Dallas, Texas at the AT&T Center with an attendance of 101,763.

- The WrestleMania 32 Kickoff pre-show opens up our evening with a shot of the AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Renee Young welcomes us along with Lita and Booker T. Corey Graves is outside with fans pumping up the crowd.

- Kalisto def. Ryback to retain the WWE United States Championship: They taunt each other before the action starts and Ryback dominates the early moments of the match. Kalisto gets in a top rope bulldog for a 2 count before Ryback sends Kalisto back down to the ringside floor. Ryback gives Kalisto a ringside beatdown, throwing him into the ring post and the fan barrier. Ryback throws Kalisto back into the ring as the crowd chants "Goldberg." Ryback continues using his size advantage to dominate Kalisto as fans file into the AT&T Stadium for the main show. Kalisto mounts a comeback with a big DDT and some kicks to the grounded Ryback. Ryback nails a spinebuster on the U.S. champ and takes him into a corner with an exposed turnbuckle. Kalisto ends up hitting the Salida Del Sol into the exposed turnbuckle for the pinfall victory.

- Eva Marie, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Paige and Natalya def. Lana, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, Emma and Summer Rae: On commentary, Jerry Lawler acknowledges that there are still lines of fans outside trying to get in. The story in the opening moments of the match is between Eva and her partners not wanting to work together. Several minutes in, Paige gets the tag from Natalya and they double team Naomi with an old school Hart Foundation move. Emma gets the tag and hits a wheelbarrow on Paige and tags in Lana. Lana hits some kicks on Paige to continue the beat down. The heels go for a double-team superplex on Paige but Natalya makes the save. Paige hits a cross-body splash off the top onto the heels on the floor at ringside. Brie and Noami get the tags and Brie lays her out with a series of kicks and an X-Factor. After a series of run-ins from the non-legal teammates, Brie taps out Naomi to secure the win for her team. Nikki Bella comes out to celebrate after the match.

- Lita comes out to the ring unveil the new WWE Women's Championship. She unveils a white belt with a red plate and a diamond WWE logo in the center.

- The Usos def. The Dudley Boyz: The Dudleys start off on the offensive and Bubba talks trash before eating a superkick. D-Von gets the tag and they hit the Wassup diving headbutt. Bubba pushes D-Von like he's going to ask for the tables, but The Usos hit simultaneous superkicks on the Dudleys to end their party. The Dudleys hit an inverted 3-D on Jimmy, but then Jey slides in the ring and hits a superkick on D-Von for the 1-2-3.

After the match, The Dudleys get the tables. The Usos lay them out with a couple superkicks, then both of them go up top and hit frogsplashes on the Dudleys through both tables.

WrestleMania 32

- WrestleMania 32 has officially begun! The 7-man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship is up first.

- Zack Ruder def. Kevin Owens vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Stardust vs. Sin Cara: Owens and Zayn are left alone in the ring while everyone else is on the outside getting the ladders. Owens hits a big back body drop on Zayn into a ladder, then Zack Ryder runs in and lays out Owens. Ryder starts climing the ladder and Ziggler joins him. Stardust pushing them both off to the outside, then Sin Cara takes Stardust t the outside. Zayn hits a suicide dive onto everyone on the outside, then a big tornado DDT on Owens onto the floor at ringside. Sin Cara hits a springboard suicide dive onto everyone on the outside, and everyone is down. Ziggler hits superkicks on Ryder, Sin Cara and Zack Ryder, then Ziggler and Owens superkick eachother and are both down. Stardust pulls out a polka dot ladder from under the ring to pay homage to his father, the late Dusty Rhodes. Stardust lays out everyone with the polka dot ladder except The Miz, who runs in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Stardust face-first into the ladder. Owens lays out Miz then throws the polka dot ladder to the outside. Owens sets up Zayn on a ladder propped up against the ropes, then hits frogsplash off the top rope onto him. The Miz comes in and brawls with Owens until Zayn lays out Owens. Zany goes up on a huge ladder and hits an elbow onto The Miz. Zayn heads back up the ladder, but Ziggler meets him 3/4 up and takes him down to the mat with a facebuster. Stardust is laid out on a ladder propped up between the ring and the fan barricade. Sin Cara climbs the ladder and Owens pushes him off and through Stardust on the ladder outside. Owens climbs up and almost gets the ladder, but Zayn meets him up top and they trade right hands. They pull each other off the ladder, then Zayn hits a huge half-nelson suplex on Owens who smashes his head hard on a ladder. The Miz climbs the ladder but Ryder pushes him off and grabs the title.

- Chris Jericho def. AJ Styles: AJ hits a hurricanrana early on and clotheslines Jericho to the outside. Jericho takes out his frustration by kicking the ring steps. Back in the ring, AJ hits a springboard dropkick sending Jericho back to the outside. Styles goes to hit a splash on Jericho to the outside, but he flies right into a kick from Jericho. AJ hits a series of strikes on Jericho ending with a big dropkick. Jericho manages to get Styles in the Walls of Jericho, but AJ reaches the ropes. He hits his flying reverse DDT on Jericho for a 2 count. AJ hits a reverse suplex on Jericho off the top for a 2 count. AJ escapes a Walls from Jericho and gets him in the Calf Crusher. Jericho elbows him in the back of the head and rolls out of the Calf Crusher. AJ goes for a Styles Clash but Jericho gets out and drops AJ on the apron. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but misses, and turns around into a Codebreaker for a 2-count. Jericho goes to attempt a Styles Clash of his own on AJ, but AJ gets out and hits a suplex on Jericho for a 2 count. AJ reverses a Tiger Bomb attempt and hits a Styles Clash for 2-count. AJ springboards off the top with a 450 splash for another 2 count. AJ goes back to the apron and springboards in for a Phenomenal Forearm, but he flies into into a Codebreaker in midair and Jericho pins him for the 1-2-3.

- Zack Ryder cuts a promo in the back about winning the Intercontinental Championship. He says he's going to take a picture with Razor Ramon with his new IC title.

- The League of Nations vs. The New Day: Sheamus is in first and The New Day overpowers him with quick tags. Del Rio gets the tag and goes to work on Xavier. Kofi and Sheamus get the tags, and Kofi lays him out with a series of kicks. Rusev runs in but Kofi lays him out too, then hits a big leg drop on both of them. Big E comes in and suplexes everyone who comes at him, then spears Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett off the apron to the outside. Del Rio hits a double foot stomp on Kington to the outside, then throws him in the ring where he walks into a big boot from Sheamus. Sheamus gets the pinfall victory.

- After the match, The League cuts a promo but they're interrupted by Shawn Michaels. Michaels is wearing his wrestling gear. While Michaels is still on the stage, Mick Foley joins him. The glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and flips off the crowd. They head to the ring and beat down the League. Foley introduces Sheamus to Mr. Socko. Michaels lays out Del Rio with a superkick. Austin pays homage to Dusty Rhodes then lays out Rusev with the Stunner. Barrett goes in the ring and the Hall of Famers all hit him with their finishers. The New Day comes back in the ring and starts dancing. Shawn Michaels and Foley join him. Austin joins for a moment with a Carlton Banks dance, but then hits a Stunner on Xavier and The New Day flees the ring.

- Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose: Lesnar starts off the match with some serious suplexes. Ambrose gets a kendo stick from the outside and works on Lesnar, but Lesnar keeps coming back with suplexes. Lesnar breaks the Kendo Stick in two and continues working on Ambrose. Amrbsoe gives a thumbs up to Paul Heyman, then receives some more suplexes. Ambrose tries to mount a comeback, but Lesnar gives him a German suplex that gets some serious air. Lesnar stands over Ambrose taunting him, and Ambrose drops him with a low bow then beats him down with a Kendo Stick. Ambrose grabs a chainsaw from under the ring but it wont start. Lesnar gives him a belly to belly suplex onto the floor at ringside, which JBL informs us is the 10th suplex of the match. Ambrose blasts Lesnar with a fire extinguisher then smashes him with a steel chair. He dropkicks the chair into Lesnar's face in the corner. He comes off the top with the steel chair and smashes it on Lesnar on the mat. Ambrose throws a bunch of chairs in the ring into a pile, but when he's back in the ring he gets caught with a German Suplex from Lesnar. Ambrose reverses an F-5 into the Dirty Deeds for a 2-count. Ambrose goes to hit Lesnar with a barbed wire bat, but Lesnar gives him a German suplex into the pile of chairs. Lesnar then hits the F-5 on Ambrose into the pile of chairs for the 3-count.

- Ric Flair is in the back giving a pop talk to Zack Ryder. Dolph Ziggler joins Flair in trying to teach Ryder to properly "Whoo." Ryder eats the Snickers and transforms into Charlotte.

- They show a recap video of last night's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and the inductees come out to the stage. Snoop Dogg is wearing a blue robe.

- Charlotte def. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks: Snoop performs for Sasha's entrance. All three women go back and forth with takedowns and pins in the opening moments. Charlotte hits a Rude Awakening on Becky off the top rope for a 2 count. Becky comes back and gets Charlotte in an arm bar, but Sasha breaks it up. Becky throws Sasha to the outside, then Charlotte drops Becky and puts her in the Figure Four. Sasha comes out of nowhere with a Frog Splash on Charlotte for a 2 count. Becky hits a big German suplex on Sasha that sends her to the outside. Becky hits a Rock Bottom on Charlotte for a 2 count. Sasha somersaults through the middle ropes onto Charlotte on the outside. Ric Flair gets in Sasha's face: Woooo! Becky comes out of nowhere with a suicide dive on Flair through the ropes onto The Nature Boy. Charlotte hits a moonsault off the top rope onto Becky and Sasha all the way down on the ringside floor. Charlotte hits a double Natural Selection on both women for a 2 count on each of them. Becky comes back and gets Charlotte in another arm bar. Sasha breaks it up with a backbreaker into the Banks Statement. Charlotte breaks that up with a Figure Four on Sasha. Becky pulls it apart and all three women exchange right hands. Becky hits a fisherman suplex on Charlotte off the top. Sasha gets Becky in the Banks Statement again, but Charlotte throws Sasha to the outside and gets Becky in the Figure Four. Flair holds Sasha back from rolling in the ring to break it up, and Becky taps out.

- The Undertaker def. Shane McMahon: The Hell in the Cell lowers and Shane McMahon comes out with his three sons. They come down to ringside with him and he seats them in the front row before entering the cage. They trade punches in the opening moments but Taker gets the better of him and beats him down both inside and outside the ring, throwing him into the cage multiple times. Undertaker throws the ring steps into the ring. Taker lays Shane McMahon's head over the side of the ring apron and gives him a big leg drop. Taker gives him a Last Ride in the ring, but Shane gets his shoulder up at 2. Undertaker goes to grab Shane but Shane locks him in a triangle choke. Taker gets out and chokeslams Shane onto the ring steps. He pins Shane ontop of the steps for another 2 count. Undertaker goes to elbow drop Shane ontop of the steps, but Shane rolls away and Taker is hurt. Shane sits on the ring steps in the ring and taunts Taker to come get some. Taker walks towards him, then Shane jumps up and DDTs Undertaker into the ring steps. Both men are down, then Undertaker gets Shane in the Hell's Gate, but he gets out and puts Taker in a sharpshooter. Taker gets out and Shane beats him down in the corner. He goes outside and grabs a trash can and sets it up in front of Taker in the corner. Shane goes up top on the opposite turnbuckle and goes flying with a dropkick driving the trash can into Taker. Shane gets bolt cutters from under the ring and cuts some parts of the cage. Undertaker picks him up and gives him a spinebuster through the side of the cage, breaking out of it onto the floor at ringside. Taker beats Shane all over ringside then goes to Tombstone him through an announce table. Shane gets out and puts Taker in a sleeper hold, so Undertaker jumps through the table back-first ontop of Shane. Shane hits Undertaker in the head with a toolbox and the tools go flying. He puts Taker on the table and bashes him in the head with a TV monitor. Shane climbs all the way to the top of the cage and stands at the ledge. Shane jumps down for an elbow drop but Undertaker rolls out of the way and Shane crashes through the table to the floor. After a couple minutes, Shane gets up and asks Undertaker for more. Taker brings him back to the ring and gives him a Tombstone for the 1-2-3.

- The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: All the competitors walk out to the ring together except Mark Henry, Kane & The Big Show, who get their own entrances. It's me, it's me, it's D.D.P.! Diamond Dallas Page is a surprise entrant. Just when you think the match is about to start, it's Shaq! Shaquille O'Neal comes out and enters the match. Tatanka is in the match too. Shaq and Big Show double chokeslam Kane, then all the other wrestlers gang up on them. Shaq and Big Show clear the ring. They grab each other by the throats until the other wrestlers get back in the ring and successfully eliminate both Shaq and Big Show by ganging up on them. The story of the match is The Social Outcasts teaming up to eliminate the other competitors. Kane, Corbin and Mark Henry eliminate all of the Outcasts. Kane and Darren Young team up to eliminate Mark Henry, but then gets eliminated by Kane. Baron Corbin comes out of nowhere and flips Kane over the top rope to win the match.

- A video airs promoting WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando, Florida.

- The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders come out to dance to Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

- Finally... The Rock has come back to Dallas! The Rock comes out with a flamethrower and sets a giant sign of his name on fire. The Rock cuts a promo about 100,000 people being in the arena for WrestleMania 32. He reveals that they've officially broken the WrestleMania attendance record with 101,763. The Wyatt Family comes out and interrupts The Rock. They come down to ringside and Bray cuts a promo on Rock. Bray says The Rock represents a lie. The Rock mocks Bray and tells him he looks like he's been hitting the bong for 8 days straight. He says clearly their parents are related and that Strowman looks like he was breastfed until he was 26. The Rock says he wants a match right now at WrestleMania. He tears his pants off and reveals he has his ring gear on. He puts his elbow pad on and will now face Rowan.

- The Rock def. Eric Rowan: As soon as the bell rings, The Rock hits Rowan with a Rock Bottom for the win. He won in 6 seconds. After the match, the three Wyatt Family members surround The Rock. John Cena's music hits and he hits the ring! They clear the ring and The Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Strowman. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Rowan. Bray goes for the Sister Abigail on Cena, but Rock breaks it up and hits the People's Elbow. The Rock grabs a mic and welcomes back Cena, if ya smell what The Rock is cookin'.

- Roman Reigns def. Triple H: Stephanie is on a platform and cuts a promo on a headset mic and a strange leather outfit about The Authority owning all the fans. Triple H comes down with a bunch of masked people in coats holding World Heavyweight Title belts. They go back and forth until Triple H throws him out of the ring then holds the ring ropes open to taunt him. There's a "Roman sucks" chant. They stare each other down and Triple H slaps Reigns and they start brawling. Triple H gets the better of Reigns and keeps him grounded. Reigns comes back off the ropes with a flying clothesline. Reigns lays HHH's head over the apron and dropkicks it. Steph distracts the ref and Triple H kicks Reigns in the groin, then hits two inverted atomic drops for a 2 count. The Game hits a spinebuster for another 2 count. HHH throws Reigns to the outside and throws Reigns onto an announce table, then gives Reigns a swinging neckbreaker off of the table. HHH lays Reigns over the second rope and hits a knee drop to the back of his head. Reigns comes back with a big boot and a clothesline in the corner, then a Samoan drop for a 2 count. On the outside, Reigns does a flying clothesline off the ring steps. Triple H throws Reigns over an announce table, but Reigns comes back and spears Triple H right through a fan barricade. Reigns goes for a Superman punch but Triple H takes him down with an armbar. Reigns gets out and powerbombs HHH for a 2 count before Triple H puts him in another armbar, which Reigns also powerbombs out of. Reigns goes for a spear but runs into a knee. Triple H goes for a pedigree but Reigns back body drops him out of the ring to the floor. Stephanie gets in and distracts the ref. Reigns sets up for a spear and Triple H tries to position the ref for Reigns to hit, but Reigns spears Stephanie instead. Reigns gets up and walks into a Pedigree from Triple H for a 2 count. Reigns comes back with a Superman punch, he goes for a spear but Triple H puts up his knee to block it. Stephanie hands Triple H the sledgehammer but Reigns hits him with two Superman punches and a spear for the 3 count. Reigns celebrates in the ring to close out the show.