Lita's Role Changing In WWE, Lawler's New Gig, Wrestling Director/Healing

- Hollymood Entertainment, the company that brought you "101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler" and "New Jack: Hardcore the Documentary," will be releasing their new marijuana documentary featuring Rob Van Dam this year with a plan to release the documentary for free during the U.S. Presidential election voting week and the week of the major vote in the state of California regarding legalization of recreational marijuana. For updates on the movement, stay tuned to the Hollymood Entertainment YouTube channel, as the entire RVD/marijuana documentary, "The Emperor, The President & The King," will be coming to YouTube for free in the near future.

Additionally, Michael Moody, the producer and director at Hollymood Entertainment has just released amazing footage for the first time of him performing miracle healing on the company Facebook page, which you can view above, or at Hollymood Entertainment's Facebook page. Michael Moody claims to have God heal through him and is interested in healing pro wrestling and MMA fighters in the future and this could possibly be leading to a documentary about famous athletes being healed by miracles rather than surgery. Michael Moody can be contacted at If you enjoy the video, click "like" and/or "share" to spread the good word.

- As noted, WWE Hall Of Famers Booker T and Jerry Lawler will now simply be serving as "expert analysts" on the WWE Network Kickoff Show pre-shows for big events. Joining the duo will be fellow WWE Hall Of Famer and off-and-on broadcast team member Amy "Lita" Dumas.

Lita had previously been working under a Producer role in WWE, however her role is reportedly going to be gradually changed to her only doing the pre-and-post show specials on the WWE Network. Likely joining the trio will be WWE broadcast team regular Renee Young.