WWE NXT Live Event Results (8/4/16) - Birmingham, AL

Thanks to rajah.com reader andrewhatcher45 for sending this in!

Good evening folks, Andrew here with your results from one of the most incredible
wrestling shows I've ever witnessed in person! I was a little late though

No Way Jose won
Ember Moon defeated someone whose name I did not catch
Oney Lorcan defeated Buddy Murphy
Mojo Rawley Defeated Austin Aries
Now for the GOOD STUFF

Johnny Gargano and Tomosso Ciampa defeated The Revival via disqualification
Match Grade: ****
Analysis: Wow. What an epic tag team match. All 4 guys put on an amazing match that
really got the crowd jacked up! The story here was that every time the challengers
got a slight upperhand, Dash and Dawson were always there to cheat/hit a big move.


Asuka vs Billie Kay
Match Grade: **3/4
Analysis: Not the best match you'll ever see, but Billie Kay was awesome here. She
really made a fan out me. Asuka would get off to a hot start, however BK got on a
roll and never let up until in the end which saw Asuka pick up the pace and tap
Billie Kay out.


Shinsuke Nakamura and Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode
Match Grade: ***
Analysis: Fun tag team match that saw Shinsuke and Cien pick up the victory. Cien
was certainly fun to watch, but with those other three out there it looked a little
odd. In the end, Shinsuke would go on to pin Bobby Roode.

What a fun show that was from start to finish! That was my first NXT show! And
definitely not the last.

Most Heat: Austin Aries
Biggest Pop: Shinsuke Nakamura
Match of The Night: Gargano and Ciampa vs Dash and Dawson

Thanks to rajah.com reader Kelly Sims for sending this in!

Went to NXT Live Event in Birmingham, Alabama. Wasn't quite full but the
crowd was electric all night. Very energized crowd throughout the whole show.

Match 1- No Way Jose defeated Riddick Moss by pinfall
No Way Jose was very over. Star in the making.

Match 2- Ember Moss defeated Daria Berenato by pinfall
Daria had two long rest holds that slowed down the match. Ember had a sweet
finisher off the top rope. Looked like a stunner off the top.

Match 3- Oney Lorcan defeated Buddy Murphy by pinfall
Oney kept doing awesome headlocks. Crowd chanted "headlock city." Really got
everyone into this match. Lorcan is a unique guy. I'm intrigued.

Match 4- Mojo Rawley defeated Austin Aries by pinfall
Crowd was split for this one. Aries tried to get fans to boo with a typical
"Southerners have no teeth" bit. Didn't work. Weird finish with Rawley


Match 5- Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated The Revival by DQ in a
NXT tag title match
Terrific match. Cannot wait for the rematch at Takeover. I am becoming a huge
fan of the Revival. Just do everything well to draw heat. Gargano and Ciampa
are also incredible.

Match 6- Asuka defeated Billie Kay by pinfall in NXT Women's title match
Went longer than expected. Asuka got a great reaction. Everyone was ready to
see Nakamura, Joe, and Roode.

Match 7- Shinsuke Nakamura and Andrade 'Cien' Alma's defeated Samoa Joe and
Bobby Roode by pinfall
The three not named 'Cien' got great reactions with Nakamura's being the
biggest. Him, Joe and Roode should be on the main roster soon. All three just
oozed stardom. Nakamura just has an aura around him that's hard to explain.

Very good show. I really enjoyed and glad I decided at the last minute to
make the hour long drive. It's just different than a regular WWE show. If you
haven't seen NXT live I would really try to make it to one. Really cool. God