WWE NXT Results (12/7/16) - Canberra, Australia

Thanks to rajah.com reader Djordje for sending this in!

TM61 d. The Revival

- Fun match. Crowd was hot and both teams were over, the Revival are a great
heel team. TM61 won with a slam/cutter combination.

Patrick Clark d. Wesley Blake

- No one really cared both of these guy, but were still rowdy. Blake played
heel and Clark the face. Blake got a lot of "Tyler breeze" chants.

Buddy Murphy d. Akira Tozawa

- Best match of the night. Both guys were super over and both played face.
Murphy played to the home fans with a few Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie chants and Tozawa
just bleeds charisma. The match got "this is awesome" chants. Murphy won with
a brain buster.

Ember Moon d. Aliyah

- A few cheers for Aliyah but Ember was clearly more over in another face vs
face match. Some said "you're not going to win" to Aliyah after her entrance,
she laughed and said "you never know, maybe I will". Ember won with a top
rope stunner.

Tag team titles: DIY d. Sabatelli/Moss

- Tito was surprisingly over with the fans- there was even a Tito section.
Fun match with Moss and Sabatelli pulling off impressive power moves and nice
heel work despite looking a little green. DIY won with their kick / combo

Oney Lorcan d. Elias Samson

Samson is over big as a heel. He came out and took requests for a song and
someone said "wonderwall", he sang the first verse of wonderwall with the
crowd and then dissed Canberra to loud boos. No one really cared for Lorcan
who won with a roll up. Samson left with the crowd singing the "hey hey hey
goodbye song". Samson was more impressive than Lorcan here.

Asuka/Liv Morgan d. Billie Kay/Peyton Royce

- Billie and Peyton were super over as heels despite being in their home
country, got lots of "go back to Sydney" and "this is why we deported you to
America" jokes. Billie and Peyton were having too much fun performing in
Australia and perhaps didn't really deliver a good match. Too many tag
matches with the hot tag formula of the more over face clearing house. Asuka
tapped out Peyton.

Shinsuke Nakamura/Tye Dillinger d. Samoa Joe/Bobby Roode

- All guys super over. It was amazing to see Roode and Nakamuras entrance
live. Roode did a lot of comedy spots and got a lot of glorious chants. Joe
is seriously impressive live. Nakamura won with the hot tag.

Overall a fun night. Not a massive crowd so I'm not sure they'll bother
coming back to Canberra but the crowd that was there loved it and created a
great atmosphere.