WWE NXT Live Event Results (12/15/16) - Riverside, CA

Thanks to rajah.com reader Rem Martinez for sending this in:

Hey guys, I just got back from the NXT Live Event here in Riverside, CA at
the Riverside Municipal Auditorium (only 5 mins away from my house). The
venue was at near capacity. Here is the Champ's Report of the show. A
prerecorded video of Triple H appears so he can ask the crowd "Are you

Match #1

Riddick Moss vs No Way Jose

No Way got a huge ovation from the NXT Universe. Riddick was great at getting
heat on him from the crowd. This was a solid opener with No Way Jose putting
Riddick Moss away with the Cobra Clutch Slam 1-2-3.

Winner: No Way Jose

A fun opener

The Revival appear on the tron and claim that they will leave Riverside as 3
time NXT Tag Team Champions. Gargano and Ciampa are nothing more than fluke

Match #2

Liv Morgan vs Aliyah

A face vs face match here. A lot of pin attempts and reversals were the story
here. It wasn't a technical masterpiece, but it wasn't bad either. Liv puts
her friend away with an STO. 1-2-3.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Liv helps Aliyah up and they are still besties. Liv was limping slightly as
she was walking to the back.

Match #3

Patrick Clark vs Tino Sabbatelli

Huge Purple Rain chant for Patrick. The former Tough Enough Contestant's
gimmick is very similar to the late Music Icon, Prince. Tino spent a lot of
time posing and doing push ups. The crowd started chanting "10" This made
Tino start counting his abs. Patrick wins with a Superkick 1-2-3.

Winner: Patrick Clark

Patrick's celebration is short lived as he is interrupted by "Beautiful"
Wesley Blake. Blake was calling everything Trash and Garbage. The NXT
Universe, the city of Riverside and even Purple Rain. Blake said "Watch This"
and he shot streamers from his hands like Spiderman shoots webs. Blake's new
gimmick is a cross between Tyler Breeze and The Brian Kendrick. We have a

Match #4

Wesley Blake vs Patrick Clark

A quick match that saw Blake walk into a Superkick due to his arrogance.

Winner: Patrick Clark

The NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY appeared on the tron and were excited to be
in Riverside. Johnny said that his wife's hometown is Riverside, so that
makes Riverside his hometown in-law.

Match #5

Asuka (c) vs Ember Moon for the NXT Women's Championship

The crowd was buzzing for this match and these two ladies did not disappoint.
Asuka was taken to the limit by Ember Moon more than anyone in NXT has to
date. Everything Asuka threw at Ember, she had an answer for. Ember seemed to
have Asuka beat as the Champ was down. Ember ascended to the top rope, but
Asuka met her up there. Ember pushed her off and went for the Diving Stunner.
Asuka countered by kneeing Ember in the head while in mid air. Asuka gets a
stunned Moon in the Asuka Lock. Ember fights valiantly, but eventually taps

Winner: And Still NXT Women's Champion Asuka by Submission

Wow, awesome match. A great sample of a great possible upcoming title feud.

Intermission Time

Match #6

#DIY (c) vs The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Pre match, Dash and Dawson hug it out. A "hug it out" chant breaks out and
Ciampa and Gargano hug as well. Tommaso wouldn't let go and it got weird.
Crowd loved it. A fantastic match as always from these four men. Lot of
aerial moves from the champions that made the crowd go wild. #DIY gets the
submission after Scott Dawson taps to the Gargano Escape.

Winners: And Still NXT Tag Team Champions #DIY by Submission

As Gargano and Ciampa are celebrating, The Revival sneak up from behind. They
don't attack the champs even though they had a chance. Dash and Dawson want
to shake hands. Crowd chants "No" and "You tapped out". The champs confer and
decide to shake hands. As they go in for the hand shake, The Revival pull
away and turn around to leave. They quickly turn around again to try and
attack the champs, but their attempt was foiled.

Match #7

Elias Samson vs Oney Lorcan

Samson tried to sing, but Lorcan wasn't having it. He said "The Drifter"
should just drift away. This was a smash mouth and hard hitting match. Samson
tried to sing a song again during the match, but was foiled again. The
Drifter gets the win with a pin where he had his feet on the ropes.

Winner: Elias Samson

Ring announcer Andrea D'Marco tells us the main event is up next. She is cut
off by former NXT Champion Samoa Joe. Joe (not dressed to compete) gets a
nice Southern California pop. He gets "Welcome Home" chants as well.
Riverside is less than an hour away from Huntington Beach. Samoa Joe says
California is the best state in America, but Riverside is terrible. He goes
on to say that NXT General Manager William Regal told him that he is not
medically cleared to compete tonight. Crowd isn't too happy about that. Joe
takes a seat at ringside.

Main Event

Andrade "Cien" Almas and Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger

Three of these 4 men got huge pops (sorry Cien). A very fun and entertaining
match to end the show. A funny spot occurred when The NXT Champion gave Bobby
Roode "Good Vibrations". Nakamura tagged in The Perfect 10 and they both
preceded to give the Glorious One a Double Good Vibrations. Even after the
move, Bobby Roode was still vibrating. Classic. Joe is ejected by the referee
for trying to attack Nakamura. Match ends when Almas is taken out with the
Kinshasa 1-2-3.

Winners: Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Both men celebrate in the ring and everyone goes home happy. An excellent
show as always from NXT