WWE Live Event Results (12/31/16) - Miami, FL

Thanks to rajah.com reader Peter Rodriguez for sending this in:

American Alpha son the tag team gaunlet match. Defeated The Usos in the end
with some good back and forth. Usos had the upper hand as the Ascencion
attacked the champs after being elimated.

Alexa Bliss pinned Becky Lynch with a handful of tights. Solid match, but not
given much time. Becky Lynch stands tall after the match raising the belt.

James Ellsworth best Curt Hawkins with no chin music superkick within seconds
into the match.

Apollo Crews, Jack Swagger & Mojo Rawley Defeated by The Wyatt Family. Big
pop the entire match for Randy Orton. RKO chants almost the entire match.
Bray sets up Sister Abigail's kiss on Apollo Crews and throws him to an
awaiting Orton for an emphatic RKO for the three count.

Match of the night: Dolph Zigler beats The Mix in a steel cage match. Miz
under the advisory of his lawyer makes it a non title match. PPV quality
match. A lot of spot on false finishes via pin and cage escapes. Match ends
when Maryse accidently slams the cage door into the Miz's face into a super
kick. Crowd was hot for this match.

Baron Corbin defeats Kalisto via end of days.

Nikki Bella defeated Natalya following the Rack Attack 2.0. At the end,
Carmella attempted to interfere but Nikki knocked her off the ring apron.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Championship: Champion AJ Styles
defeated Dean Ambrose & John Cena (HUGE face pop) when Cena went for an AA on
Dean , Styles with a chair shot to Cena, and rolled up Dean for the win.
Afterward, AJ got on the mic and said he's the WWE Champ, and going to finish
off Cena, But it's AMBROSE w/DirtyDeeds. Then AJ & Cena both grabbed the WWE
title into a Tug-of-War. Cena lets go & AJ falls on his ass. Gets up & an AA
from Cena to close show.

Biggest Pops: John Cena and Randy Orton with Dolph Ziggler in 3rd.

Biggest heat: The Mix and The Ascencion

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