WWE Live Event Results (2/20/17) - San Jose, CA

Thanks to rajah.com reader Billy Bruce for sending this in:

Last night's event from San Diego had most of the top sections of the arena
tarped off with most of the remaining seating being filled. Good crowd,
overall. Not always the case here in San Diego.

Heath Slater, Rhyno, and Mojo Rawley def. Simon Gotch and the Ascension. Fun
opener that ultimately led to Rhyno getting the hot tag from Slater and
scoring the pinfall after hitting the Gore. Aiden English was at ringside and
both Vaudevillains were working the crowd.

Kalisto def. Curt Hawkins after Solida del Sol. Hawkins was in control for
the most part.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) ended in a disqualification
after Natalya interfered despite Ellsworth trying to distract the referee.
Tamina runs down to make the save. Nikki gets on the mic and challenges the
heels to a tag TEAM match (had to get my Teddy Long impression in).

Tamina and Nikki Bella def. Natalya and Carmella after Nikki hit the Rack
Attack 2.0 on Carmella. Nikki was over big-time with the crowd.

American Alpha (C) def. the Usos and Breezango in a Triple Threat Tag Match
for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Some fun moments including Breeze
and the Usos having a contest to see who can stay tagged into the match. As
the two teams dragged on the tagging in and out, Gable was able to make the
hot tag to bring Jordan into the match with the champs eventually hitting
Grand Amplitude to retain. Usos were very over with the crowd.

Dean Ambrose (C) def. The Miz, AJ Styles, and Baron Corbin to retain the WWE
Intercontinental Championship. Lots of action in this match, including the
heels all working over Ambrose at some point, Miz tried to get a pin leading
Corbin and Styles to toss him out of the ring, only for Corbin to turn on
Styles. Awesome corner spot where Styles went for a suplex on Ambrose while
he was on the top ropes only for Corbin to execute a powerbomb on both.
Eventually Ambrose regroups outside and hit Dirty Deeds to escape with a win.

Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss with the Disarm-her. While BOTH women were over
with the crowd, the match itself was flat. There was no lead-in to the
finish, Becky sort of came over and just locked it on Alexa for the win. That
move looks vicious when it's locked in, though.

Apollo Crews def. Dolph Ziggler. We joked about Ziggler losing this match
before the bell. With that said, Apollo Crews is agile and can move around
the ring, so him winning wasn't all that disappointing. Crews hit the delayed
vertical suplex with a squat in the middle of the match. Impressive spot for
as long as he had Ziggler up. Ziggler argued with the ref at the end after he
drilled Crews with a Super Kick and didn't get the 3. Crews came up from
behind and scored the win after a sitout powerbomb. Ziggler drew the most
heat of the night.

John Cena and Luke Harper def. Randy Orton and WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.
Harper took all the bumps in this one, eventually making the hot tag to bring
Cena in to hit all of his spots and score the win on Orton after the AA to
send the crowd home happy. Wyatt and Orton were way over, but Cena drew the
biggest reaction of the night, all positive with the occasional ''John Cena
suuuuucks'' being chimed in to the music.