Possible Spoilers For Tonight's WWE Judgment Day PPV

- It was plan since the match was book that John Bradshaw Layfield would defeat Rey Mysterio at Judgment Day to capture the World Title. However, there has been a strong push this past week to have Mysterio remain the champion.

- There were original plans to have Kendrick and London become the new Tag Team champions, however, as with the JBL and Mysterio match, things are beginning to change. It is unsure if WWE will follow through with their original plan to switch the title.

- There has been debate about the King of The Ring final. Most believe that the King of The Ring crown is a great way to improve a wrestler’s status, but there are several people who feel there is more of an upside to have Booker T win it so there would be a King/Queen storyline with him and Sharmell.

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Credit: WrestlingObserver.com