WWE Judgment Day Report (5/21/06) From Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to Rajah.com's live coverage of WWE Judgment Day. Keep your browsers parked right here for live match-by-match coverage of tonight's event.

Pyro erupts and we're welcomed to Judgment Day by SmackDown announcer team Michael Cole and Tazz.

WWE Tag Team Championship
MNM vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Out first is MNM with their usual entrance. Photo snaps and Melina's mouth dropping ring entrance. London and Kendrick came in last. Sporting white masks (just for the entrance) and red, samuri-like pants. Kenrick gets a near 3 count but dice. Kendrick tags in London and they hit a double suplex on Mercury followed by a stero elbow drop. London goes after Nitro but he retreats. MNM tries to re-think the game plan ring side but London launches Kendrick over the ropes and onto MNM! MNM was about to double team London in the ring to take control of the match. Mercury tightens a headlock on London. London counters into a chin buster and they both go down. At the same time now, Mercury and London tag their respective partners. Nitro charges towards Kendrick but Kendrick in the air and lands a missile drop kick. Kendrick goes to work on Mercury but Nitro attack from behind. Back in control MNM work on a Kendrick. Nitro lays in a headlock and Kendrick is fading. Brian tries to kick out of the hold but Nitro powers it back in. Mercury distracts the ref, but Kendirck wraps in a small package roll up pin! The ref isn't there. The ref turns around but only for a 2 count! MNM regains control and Mercury nabs the tag from Nirto. Mercury works on the neck of Kendrick. Quick tag to Nitro. Nitro goes for a cover but gets 2. Again, Nitro with the cover, but only two. Another quick tag to Mercury and he goes back to work on Kendrick's neck. Kendrick battles back and sends Mercury head first into the turn buckle. Nitro tags but London is tagged in! London goes to work with a series of drop kicks. London goes for a pin but Melina gets in the ring and screams at the ref! That broke the pin but everyone in the ring is shocked. Mercury goes for the pin, but only 2! Kendirck back in to get rid of Nitro. Kendrick flies off the ropes to the outside onto Nitro! Nitro skips out the way. Nitro nabs London through ropes, Mercury chages, but London skips to the left and Mercury collides with Nitro. London hits a small-package-roll up for behind for a pin...1...2...3! They got it!

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Brian Kendrick and Paul London

MNM stands in the ring completely shocked with the match's outcome. Melina is beside her self with Mercury losing the titles. Melina slaps Mercury. Merc goes after Melina abd Nitro cuts him off. Merch goes on a tear on Nitro's face but Melina side kicks Merc off. Melina hits a low blow on the ref for trying to break up the fight. Nitro and Melina head out the ring and up the ramp, but Merc isn't done, he goes right after Nirto. WWE Management come from the back, including GM Theodore Long.

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay
Out first is Chris Benoit followed by Finlay. The ref calls for the bell and these two go right to work. They lock up and roll all around the ring. Still locked up they roll out the ring and ringside. They let eachother go and head back in side and stare each other down. Benoit trys and snap in a sharpshooter but the technician Finaly battles out of it. Benoit snaps in a headlock and Finaly battles out again. Finlay asks the ref to break up the match and tells him Benoit poked him in the eye. The ref asked Benoit if he did, Chris simply stares at Finlay with fire in his eyes. Finlay continues his schtick with the ref, but Benoit had enough and attacked. The hot-headed Benoit is slapping and punching Finlay around. Finlay asks for more assistance from the ref, but to no avail. Benoit snaps in a rear headlock and Finaly, now with a collyflower ear, fades away. Benoit hits a crucifix-pin, but Finlay gets the ropes. Benoit tries and regain control but Finlay hits him with a thumb in the eye, followed by a loud clothsline. Finlay puts on a submission manuver where he puts his foot on Benoits head and he pulls on the arms of Benoit. Benoit just shakes in pain. Finlay locks on a rear choke hold as the crowd chants "crippler"! Benoit its a chin breaker and goes for an elbow but Finlay moves out the way. Finlay attempts another clothsline but Benoit locks on the germans! Times two! Times three! Benoit climbs the ropes, Benoit lifts off, but Finlay moves out the way! Finlay outs out the ring for a chair. Benoit hits a baseball slide on Finlay! Benoit gets Finlay back in the ring and hits a huge top rope headbutt! But only for 2! Finlay gets up first and sends Benoit chest first into the turnbuckle and hits a massive clothsline from behind. Finlay in full control now, hits a high knee drop on the mid-section of Benoit. Finlay goes for the cover but only gets 2. Finlay lock in a rear-hammer-lock choke hold. The ref asks Benoit if he's ready to give, but Benoit ain't having it. Benoit makes it to his feet, but Finlay lays in from behind with vicious blows to the back. Benoit battles back with some right hands, but Finlay is able to power out with a vicious elbow to the chest. Finlay unleashing punishment now on Benoit. Finlay drives the shoulder into the gut of Benoit. Finlay now taunts Benoit as he lies on the mat in pain. "Come on Benoit show me how tough you are!" Finlay screams at Benoit. Finlay goes for a belly-to-back suplex, but Benoit counters and hits a couple germans. Finlay battles back with headbutts, but Benoit powers out and sends Finlway out the ring. Benoit follows and Finlay attacks with the "Shilayly" but Benoit counters and hits a german suplex on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Benoit hits the three-amigos Guerrero style!. Benoit goes for another top rope headbutt, but Finlay pushes him off and Benoit's head bounds off the crowd divider. Back in the ring, Finlay sends Benoit shoulder first into the ring post. Finlay goes for another clothsline, but Benoit caught it! Benoit slaps in an arm-bar, changes it to the CROSSFACE! In the center of the ring Benoit locks in the crippler crossface! Finlay taps! Finlay taps! Finlay taps!
Winner: Chris Benoit

Finlay walks off in disgust after the match and mouths to Benoit, "its not over."

Jillian Hall vs. Melina
Jillian is out first. Superstar Billy Grham is shown sitting ringside. Melina is out next with Nitro. Melina is still out of it since her tag team lost the titles. Nitro mouths off to Jillian but the ref saw enough of it and banned Nitro from ringside. The bell rings and Jillian wasted no time. Jillian is in control. Melina tries to excape by heading out the ring but Jillian is able to hit a standing bulldog onto the crowd divider. Melina pushes Jill into the steel steps. Melina and Jill back in the ring now, with Melina in control. Melina locks on a body scissor submission hold. Melina sends Jill face first to the mat with a face-crusher. Melina chokes Jill with the ring ropes. Melina sandwiches Jill in the corner and hops off the mid-turnbucle and comes crashing down knees first onto Jill. Jill regains control and sends Melina face first into the turnbuckles. Melina sends Jill into the corner and goes after her, Jill is up and over and rolls Melina up...1...2...Melina nabs the ropes...3! The ref didn't see it!
Winner: Jillian Hall

Melina complains to the ref after the match, she clearly had the ropes before the ref counted three, but the ref simply didn't see it. SmackDown announcer Crystal comes down and tells Melina that she know tonight just hasn't been a good night for her. Melina calls her a b**ch and brawls with her. Crystal got the better of Melina, but referees broke it up.

John Bradshaw Layfield is in the back and he looks very jovial tonight. He said tonight is Judgment Day for Rey Mysterio. Tonight the feel good story of 2006 comes to an end. Rey took on all comers, but now he faces a different level. He said this is JBL’s world and JBL’s time. He said this is what he thrives on. JBL said today the true American Hero, and the United States Champion…JBL screamed at someone and it’s Chavo Guerrero. Chavo said he’s here to support Rey Mysterio. JBL said that Chavo is here to watch Rey Mysterio get his ass kicked for the World Heavyweight Title just like he watched his uncle, Eddie Guerrero, get beat by him for the WWE Title. Chavo said JBL needs to stop living in the past, and tonight, JBL will not leave here with the World Title. Chavo said “Viva La Raza” and left.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy

Out first is Shane Helms. Followed by Super Crazy rolling down in his lawn mower. The bell ring and we are off. Crazy gains control and sends Helms out the ring. Crazy goes for an off the ropes manuver, but ref stops him. The ref counts out Helms as Crazy flies over the ref and outside onto Helms! Helms regains control back in the ring. Helms locks on a headlock, trying to keep the highflying Super Crazy grounded. Helms whips Crazy to ropes and hits a standing elbow. The crowd chants "Super Crazy" as Helms hits a suplex. Helms with knees to face of Super Crazy. Helms locks on a read headlock and Crazy looks to be fading. Super Crazy gains control briefly, but nearly loses it after back elbow from Helms. Crazy hits a standing moonsault but for a 2 count! Crazy hits the top rope and hits a missile drop kick! Crazy gets another 2 count. Crazy mounts the ropes for moonsault but misses. Helms tries the shining wizard, but no body is home. Helms hits a neckbreaker..1...2... not enough! Helms charges for Crazy but, Crazy dodges out the way. Helms hits a roll up pin from behind on Crazy! Helms has his feet on the ropes...1...2...3!
Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

Backstage, Melina and Nitro go into Long’s office and Melina said MNM got screwed out of the titles and she got screwed as well. Long said he isn’t going to do anything about it. Melina then slapped the taste out of Long’s mouth. Long said he needed that. He said that Melina’s FIRED! Nitro got in Long’s face, and he’s FIRED too!

Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle
Mark Henry is out first and he head straight to the SmackDown announce table. He clears the tables and asks for the mic. He gets on to loud crowd boos and says "Kurt Angle when are you going to realize I hurt people! Batista got hurt and where is he? Gone! Now Kurt, I know you're not 100%, so tonight its over, Kurt. You come out here in front of all these... people (crowd chants "you suck")." Kurt Angle's music hits and he's out to the usual crowd reaction. Loud and chanting "you suck" to the music. Angle heads right into the ring and goes after Henry. Angle unleashes some rights and tries to whip Henry, but now luck. Angle mounts the ropes and hits a falling rock! The camera gets a close-up on Angle's mouth-piece and it reads "revenge". Angle goes for a back drop, but Henry tries to counter with a hip drop but misses. Angle hits a boot to the face of Henry. Henry goes out the ring. Kurt follows Henry outside and and tries to hit a belly-to-back on the announce table but Henry's too damn heavy. Back in the ring, Angle locks on a headlock. Henry powers out and Angle goes snapping to the mat. Henry follows up and stands on the mid-section of Kurt Angle. Henry follows up with rear choke hold. He lets off but comes crashing down on the back of Angle and locks on the choke hold again. Angle makes it to his feet. Angle bounces off the rope with a right hand, and one more! And again! And again but with a cross body block but Henry counters into a sidewalk slam. Henry in control, Angle sweeps behind him and hits a snapping german suplex! Angle takes off the upper-tights! Angle hits an Angle Slam!...1...2...No! Angle tries to follow up but Henry hits a powerslam for a 2 count. Henry tries to Angle back up , but Angle snaps in an Ankle Lock Submission, Henry flips forward and Angle goes headfrist out the ring. Henry trie sto set Angle up on the table. Angle is mounted on the table. Henry climbs the table next to it. But Angle gets off before Henry can launch. Henry sends Angle ribs first into the steel ring post! Angle is down! The ref is counting the both out. Henry makes it into the ring, but the ref counts out Angle.
Winner via Countout: Mark Henry

Henry celebrates his win. He heads out to dish out more punishment on Angle. Angle springs up and attacks Henry. Angle nabs a chair and whales on Henry. About 10 or 15 stiff chair shots to Henry. Kurt locks on the ankle lock! Kurt then hits a huge Angle Slam on the announcers table! Kurt's music hits and the Olympic Champion stands over a battered Mark Henry.

Backstage, Sharmell is shown and meets up with Booker. She said tonight he shows the world who he is, and tonight Booker becomes royalty, tonight he becomes King, better than King Arthur, King Tut, Don King, Martin Luther King…King Kong ain’t got nothing on Booker, because he’s the greatest King of all, King Booker! Booker screamed out “King Booker” and they laughed, and then made out some.

King of the Ring Finals
Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley

Out first is Booker T accomanied by Sharmell who's wearing a long queen's crown and tiara. Out next to a huge ovation is Bobbt Lashley. Bobby and Booker stare eachother down and Lashley pushes Book down. The ref calls for the bell and the King of the Ring 2006 final is underway. Bobby and Book lock it up and Lashley powers Book into the corner. They lock up again for the same result, this time Book tries to attack and Lashley hits a right. Lashley attacks with a corner body splash. Lashley hits a suplex and gets a 2 count! Lashley hits a clothsline for another 2 count. Lashley tries to keep control but Book hits a loud slap. Book goes for a belly-to-back, but to no avail. Bobby powers out but Booker gets a thumb in the eye on Lashley. Bobby is whipped into the corner but comesback with a huge clothsline. Book retreats to the corner and Lashley charges with the shoulder but gets nothing but steel ring post. Lashly pours out the ring in pain. Book in control now, back in the ring. Booker hits a standing heel kick on Lashley for a 2 count. Book lock in an armbar, working the injured shoulder of Bobby Lashley. Book goes for the scissor kick but Lashly exlplodes with a clothsline. More clothslines delivered from Lashley. Lashley signals for the dominator but Sharmell distracts the ref. Book hits a heel kick. Lashley clothslines Book. Lashley stalks Book for the opposite corner, Sharmell holds on to the foot, Book attack with a side kick. Booker hits the Bookend, but only for a 2 count. Bobby Lashley powers out and gets control for a running powerslam for a 2 count. Booker elbows Lashley and hits a Scissor Kick and gets 2 count! Lashley hits a spear and signals for the dominator. Sharmell is in the ring and has the refs full attention. Its FINLAY! Finlay nails Lashley with the "Shilayly"! Booker nails Lashley with a forearm and Scissor Kick...1...2...3!
Winner and 2006 King of the Ring: Booker T

Booker T went up the ramp where his crown and thrown awaits. As Sharmell was placing the crown on Booker T, Lashley came out of no where and spears Booker through the thrown!

The Great Khali vs. The Undertaker
Out first with his manager Daivari is The Great Khali. The crowd is silent, simply stunned by the appearance of the giant Khali. One lady is show completely jaw dropped. As Khali raised his hands a huge roar of boos came from the crowd. Suddenly, all the arena lights go off and we here the great "dooooong". The arena turns dark purple and thus, out of the mist appears The Undertaker. In the ring the two mammoths of men stare eachother down. You can feel the anticipation. The ref doesn't know if he should run for cover or call for the bell, but he calls for the bell and we are underway. Khali draws back and Undertaker dodges away and connects with a right. Khali power Undertaker out the ring! Taker enters the ring and again, Khali powers him right back outside. Taker goes to enter the ring but this time he hits a neck break on the ropes on Khali. Taker wraps up the arm of Khali and we see vintage Undertaker as he mounts the ropes, but Khali simply pulls the Taker down driving him into the mat. Taker has a look of disbelief on his face as he heads out the ring trying to regroup. Khali is right behind him and attacks from behind. Taker hits him with a right, trying to build some sort of momentum. Khali powers out and shoves him into the steel steps. Khali enters the ring followed by a battered Undertaker. Taker makes his way back to his feet and Khali hits him with a huge chop to the face! Khali covers taker with his foot for a 2 count. Taker rises! Khali is stunned. Taker fights back with some rights and left soup bones. Vintage Undertaker agian but this time he lands it and Khali is still standing. Taker back to work with some combos to the face and ribs of Khali. Taker hits the ropes and comes back with a clothsline. Khali is still up. Here comes Taker with a flying clothsline! Khali crashes into the ropes and his tied up now! Taker hammers away on Khali as he's tied up in the ropes. Daivari is on the appron, but Taker takes him out. Khali frees himself from the ropes, he goes for that giant chop, but Taker ducks and goes for the chokeslam! No! Khali powers out! Khali hits that giant chop again! Taker his down! Khali covers with just his foot, standing on Taker...1...2...3!
Winner: The Great Khali

The crowd is stunned in silence.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Rey Mysterio

JBL is out first with his United States Championship title, which is not on the line tonight. JBL enters the arena in his white, bullhorn limo. Next out is Rey Mystero the World Heavyweight Champ dressed in all while gear. Rey meets a huge, thundering ovation from the fans in Phoenix. Rey hands a hat he is wearing to his son ringside and kisses is wife. Rey re-enters the ring and the bell is rung. The main event is underway and its for the World title. JBL and Rey circle the ring before locking up in the center of the ring. JBL powers out. Rey locks in a headlock, but JBL lifts him to the top turnbuckle, Rey slaps him though. JBL looks pretty steamed now. The crowd chant "Eddie!" JBL nails Rey in the back. JBL hits Rey with some stiff haymakers in the corner. JBL nails Rey again in the back of the neck. JBL whips Rey, Rey holds on to the ropes. Rey drop toes JBL on the ropes, sets up for the 619. JBL exits the ring quicly. Rey follows! Soaring through the air to the outside of the ring. Rey gets back in the ring, JBL follows, Rey off the ropes with a plancha. Rey covers for 2! Rey sets JBL up in the corner and pounds him for 10. JBL sits down and Rey baseball slides the "testies"! JBL shreeks in pain! JBL hits a standing drop kick sending JBL out of the ring. Rey follows but JBL flattends him with a stiff left. JBL sends Rey head first into the steel steps. JBL follows up with a stiff right hand to Mysterio. Back in the ring. JBL continues the punishment on Rey. Now JBL sends Rey right back outside. JBL sends Rey again face first into the steel steps. JBL shows Rey's wife his fist bloody with Rey's blood. JBL gets Rey back in the ring and hits Eddie Guerrero's three amigos. JBL hangs Rey up on the top rope and boots him to the outside. JBL follows Rey outside. JBL shows Rey's family his crimson mask now. JBL raises his hand at the wife of Rey Mysterio. JBL hits a huge suplex on Rey ringside right in frony of Rey's family. Back in the ring JBL covers for 2. JBL lays Rey out with a stiff right hand and asks the ref to count him out. The ref reaches 8 before Rey could get up and JBL nails him with a clothsline for 2 count! JBL locks Rey into a headlock and dishes out some right hands to the bloody face of Rey Mysterio. JBL takes the chokehold to the mat. The ref checks on Rey once. Checks on him twice. Checks on him the third... but JBL breaks the hold. JBL covers...1....2...No! Rey kicks out on sheer instict. Rey fights back and mounts the ropes. Rey hits a moonsault on JBL! Rey covers...1...2... No! Rey and JBL up at the same time. Rey hits a cross body. Rey nails JBL with a kick to the face. Rey covers for 2! JBL retreats to the corner. Rey goes for the Bronco Buster but JBL nails him in the groin. Rey pops up and hits a hurricanrana. JBL is on the ropes for a 619. Rey charges but JBL pulls the ref and Rey accidently nails the ref. JBL asks for a new ref and gets one! JBL covers but gets 2! JBL nails the new ref in anger. JBL gets a chair and goes after Rey, JBL charges, Rey drop kicks the chair onto JBL! And now JBL is set up for the 619! Rey hits it! Rey mounts the ropes for a flogsplash! Rey hits it...1...2...3!
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero hits the ring and celebrates with Rey. Rey Mysterio has defeated JBL and retains the WWE championship! Despite all rumors, despite all doubts. Rey Mysterio stands in the center of the ring in Phoenix, AZ at WWE Judgment Day 2006 still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

End of show.