WWE Live Event Results (4/17/17) - Bowling Green, KY

Thanks to rajah.com reader Tony House for sending this in:

match: jinder mahal and the ascension vs breezango and mojo rawley
Winner by pin fall mojo over rawley the croud popped for mojo and his
partners but breeze and mojo had some words after the match

Match: dolph ziggler vs shinsuke nakamura
Nakamura wins by pin fall after a good back and forth match the crowd popped
for both even as ziggler tried to ignore it and even mimicked nakamuras

Match: Kevin Owens vs Sami zayn for the us title
A good match with many false finishes Owens wins with a pop up powerbomb out
of nowhere

Match six way women championship: Charlotte vs Becky lynch vs Carmella vs
natalya vs tamina vs naomi
Great match that showed many potentially good singles matches Miami and Becky
were hugely over and Natalya and Charlotte were also cheered

Match: American alpha vs the usos for the smackfown tag titles
American alpha wasnt really over here the usos were dead set on being the
heels but the fans chanted uce o!! Many times but they didn't acknowledge it
until they gave the crowd a nod and wave after the match

Sidenote: it was dasha fuentes birthday yesterday and she was the host of the
how and she did a great job I gave her a loud happy birthday right before the
show started.

Match: Luke Harper vs Eric Rowan
4star match they played their parts well Rowan acted like he was going to
give a kid balloons before the match but popped them instead and Harper
hugged the kid Both men are huge but this didn't seem like a big man match
and harpers biggest pop came when he flipped over the top rope onto Rowan in
the ring

Match: baron Corbin vs aj styles vs Randy Orton world title match
20 minute standard triple threat Corbin was beat on a lot but had his own
moments in the ring orton Rko'd Corbin for the win after Corbin knocked aj
out of the ring .

Biggest pops
1 orton
2 nakamura
3 Naomi, Becky lynch
4 usos
5 zayn
6 mojo

Biggest boos
1 jinder mahal
2 Eric rowan
3 Kevin Owens
4 American alpha