News & Notes From Last Night's SmackDown! Tapings

Thanks to DJ Ted for sending these news and notes in from last night’s SmackDown taping:

Ok here are some side notes about SmackDown as I am sure spoilers have been sent in....

The wrestler that got beat down by Finaly and the midget was local wrestler from Vancouver, WA and wrestles for Portland Wrestling Caden; Mathews...he also trains with Team Quest....Randy Catoures dojo in Gresham.

The place was almost full except for the area blocked off for TV.

Taker won the bonus match vs. Mark Henry and Kahli. Roddy Pipper did a run it to help out once the ref got knock out to make up for what went down in the pit earlier....Kahli got tied up in the rope and Henry got take out with the boot and the choke slam....Daviari tired to nail Taker with a chair but he got taken out by Pipper.

The place was crazy all night was mad tight with the signs, I saw a ton of them get taken during the if you were on the floor front row, they would not let you get more than five feet from the chairs.

Was great show....funniest sign of the night was Vince please buy the blazers.....

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