Early Betting Odds for Money in the Bank Main Event Match

Thanks to betwrestling.com for sending this in:

WWE's Money in the Bank PPV will be June 18, and already betting odds for the main event have been set by sports books. Of the six entrants in the MitB match itself, Baron Corbin stands apart from the pack as a favorite with odds of -190. This puts Corbin at a 65% probability to acquire the briefcase. A $165 wager would be needed to win $100.

Among the other wrestlers involved in this match Kevin Owens has the next best odds at +575, only a 15% probability. AJ Styles and Sami Zayn are not too far away from KO in their chances for winning at +600. Shinsuke Nakamura has odds of +700 and the dark horse, Dolph Ziggler has very slim chances at +2500. Putting Dolph's odds in perspective, a successful $100 bet would yield a massive $2500.

There are several other announced matches at Money in the Bank, however the men's MitB is the only one that has odds posted as of press time. The others will most likely be posted the week of the event. It is rare for matches to have betting odds available this early in the game, but Baron Corbin was rumored to be winning it months ago, before any participants had even been announced so there is precedent for setting these lines. The informed prediction would suggest that the odds will move even further in the direction of Corbin and right now could be the best possible bet anyone will be able to make on him before his odds get longer.

WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Baron Corbin -190

Kevin Owens +575

AJ Styles +600

Sami Zayn +600

Shinsuke Nakamura +700

Dolph Ziggler +2500