WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Results (6/18)

WWE Money In The Bank 2017 aired live on June 18th from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kickoff Show:

- The pre-show opens up from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis with Renee Young, Sam Roberts and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

- The Usos are in the social media lounge backstage where they field questions from fans. They tease the idea of facing The Hardys at some point.

- The Hype Bros def. The Colons: Mojo works over Primo in the opening moments then tags in Ryder for the double team. Ryder gears up for the Broski Boot but Epico pulls Primo outside for the save. Ryder runs and dives onto the Colons at ringside, but back in the ring the Colons double team Ryder to take control of the match. The colons work over Ryder until Ryder drops Epico with a swinging neckbreaker. Ryder gets the hot tag to Mojo who hits some shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Mojo hits a splash in the corner then his finisher the Hyper Drive. Epico breaks up the pin, then Ryder drops Epico in the corner and hits the Broski Boot. Primo misses a splash in the corner and The Hype Bros hit the Hype Ryder on Primo for the win.

WWE Money In The Bank 2017:

- Money In The Bank opens up with a video package on The Modern Day Maharaja, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal taking on Randy Orton tonight in Orton's hometown. The video package also highlights the men's and women's Money In The Bank Ladder Matches tonight.

- Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match: James Ellsworth is at ringside in Carmella's corner. After the ring entrances we're shown a video highlighting Naomi's Women's Championship victory with pre-taped promos from the contestants in tonight's match. Back to the ring, the opening bell rings and Tamina starts off by clearing the ring. Charlotte comes back in and starts laying people out until Tamina drops her with a superkick. Tamina throws Becky in the corner then hits a Samoan Drop on Carmella. Tamina superkicks Natalya then sets up a ladder in the corner. Tamina slingshots Natalya into the ladder, then throws a ladder on Becky. Charlotte rams Tamina into a ladder from behind, then stomps on Natalya in the other corner. Charlotte grabs a ladder and drops Tamina with it, then Natalya kicks Charlotte from behind and throws her outside. Becky drops Tamina from behind with a ladder, then Becky and Natalya play tug of war over a ladder. They both use it to hit Tamina, then Natalya grabs Becky and powerslams her onto the ladder. Natalya starts climbing, but Charlotte knocks her off. Carmella drops Charlotte from behind then starts climbing. Charlotte starts climbing too, and Tamina pushes them both off. Carmella, Becky, and Natalya all get back in the ring, which leads to Natalya putting Becky in the sharpshooter. Carmella breaks it up with a superkick. Carmella starts climbing, but Charlotte pulls her down and boots her in the face. Meanwhile at ringside, Tamina drops Natalya. Tamina rolls in and fights with Charlotte over a ladder. The action spills outside where Charlotte spears Tamina, then hits a splash off the top turnbuckle onto Tamina and Natalya on the floor at ringside. Back in the ring, Becky powerbombs Carmella then starts climbing the ladder, but Ellsworth pushes the ladder off. Ellsworth tries to wake up Carmella but she's still out, so Ellsworth starts climbing and the crowd chants "Yes!" The bell rings, but the referees are arguing at ringside. Charles Robinson and Rudy Charles argue with another referee, but Ellsworth commandeers the ringside mic and announces that Carmella has won and is the first female Money In The Bank winner. Carmella's music hits and she makes her exit with the briefcase. Winner: Carmella

- Lana does an interview backstage where she talks about crushing Naomi last week.

- The New Day def. The Usos (c): The New Day cuts a promo on the Usos before the match. Big E and Kofi are representing the New Day in this one. The Usos take control against Kofi early on when Jey pulls down the top rope and causes Kofi to fall down to the floor at ringside. Jimmy and Jey then double team suplex Kofi at ringside into the ring post. The Usos continue double teaming Kofi back in the ring using frequent tags. Big E gets the hot tag and hits a series of belly to belly suplexes on Jimmy. Jimmy comes back with a superkick and an uppercut, but Big E shuts him down with a side suplex. Big E dumps Jimmy to the apron then spears him to the outside. Kofi tags in and attempts the Trouble In Paradise on Jimmy but misses. Jey tag in and they double team Kofi, trying to injure his knee. Jimmy knocks Big E off the apron and goes for a suicide dive, but Big E blocks it and drops Jimmy. Back in the ring, Kofi gets Jey in a dragon sleeper. Kofi knocks Jimmy off the apron, then hits the SOS on Jey for a two count. Kofi hits a splash on Jey in the corner, and Big E gets a blind tag. Jey superkicks Kofi then goes up top. Jey jumps and Big E tries to catch him, but doesn't quite. Big E picks up Jey again and hits the Big Ending, but Jimmy breaks up the pin. Xavier gets on the apron and plays the trombone for the distraction, but nothing comes of it. The Usos both knee Big E in the face then charge towards him, but Big E back body drops the both of them out to the floor at ringside. Kofi goes up top and does a backwards splash onto them on the floor. Back in the ring, they hit The Midnight Hour on Jey, but Jimmy pulls him out of the ring to break up the pin. The Usos go to the timekeeper's area and purposely get counted out, then leave with their Tag Titles. The ref calls the count out, so The New Day wins but doesn't get the titles.

- The attendance is announced at 15,392.

- Naomi (c) def. Lana: Naomi backs Lana into the corner to start things off. Naomi misses a splash off the top and Lana knocks her to the outside. Back in the ring, Lana slams Naomi onto the mat a couple times then his a vertical suplex. Lana hits a second vertical suplex then kicks Naomi in the face. Lana works on Naomi's knee, but misses a running forearm shot and Naomi fires back with several kicks to the head. Lana comes back with a kick of her own and hits a sit-out spinebuster for a two count. Carmella's music hits and her and Ellsworth come out to ringside. Carmella tries to hand the briefcase to the timekeeper, but decides against it. Lana punches Naomi in the torso on the mat then goes for another sit-out spinebuster, but Naomi escapes and puts a Rings of Saturn-type submission on Lana for the win. Carmella appears to decide against cashing her in briefcase and she leaves.

- We go to a Miami Vice-themed edition of the Fashion Files. Fandango and Tyler Breeze are dressed up like Miami Vice characters, and they watch a VHS tape from the mystery men who attacked Breeze last week. We see shadowy figures with voice protection on, and they challenge the Fashion Police to a match tonight.

- Mike & Maria Kanellis are out to the stage next and they have headset mics on. Maria and Mike introduce themselves. Maria gets cheered and Mike gets booed. Maria says "the first lady is back" in WWE. She says she's been away for 7 years searching for the perfect partner, and has found him in Mike. Maria says her and Mike are there to educate everyone on SmackDown about love. Their music plays again and they dance on the stage before leaving.

- The announcers show us a Twitter post from Shane McMahon saying that he's not pleased with Ellsworth's involvement in the Women's Money In The Bank match.

- The announcers show us a Twitter post from Shane McMahon saying that he's not pleased with Ellsworth's involvement in the Women's Money In The Bank match.

- We go to a promo video for Jinder Mahal's upcoming Title defense against Randy Orton.

- Greg Gange, Larry Hennig, Baron von Raschke, Sgt Slaughter, St Louis' own Bob Orton, and 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair are all shown sitting front row at ringside. They all get a standing ovation from the crowd. JBL informs us that Harley Race was supposed to be here but is home with an injury.

- Jinder Mahal (c) def. Randy Orton: The Singh Brothers come out to the ring to introduce Jinder first, and the challenger Orton comes out second. Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship is on the line in this one. Orton goes for the RKO in the opening minute, but Jinder shoves him off and rolls outside. Jinder consults with the Singh Brothers at ringside as the crowd chants "USA." Jinder rolls back in and Orton immediately drops him with a Thesz Press. Orton drops Mahal over the top rope then stomps on him. Orton clotheslines Mahal to the outside, then clotheslines him again on the floor. Orton scares off the Singh Brothers, then slams Mahal's head on the announce table. Orton rolls Mahal in the ring and goes for a DDT over the middle rope, but he gets distracted by the Singh Brothers and Jinder throws Randy outside. Orton starts selling a knee injury and Jinder starts working over the bad knee. Jinder throws Randy into the ring steps, then takes things back in the ring. Jinder chokes Randy in the corner then drops several knees on him. Orton and Mahal go outside and brawl on the floor right in front of the legends in the front row. Orton back suplexes Mahal onto the fan barricade and he falls onto the laps of the legends. Orton pulls Jinder back over the barricade and they brawl over by the announce tables. Jinder takes aim at Orton's bad knee again, then brings him back in the ring where he continues working the knee. Jinder takes Orton outside where he slams Orton's knee into the edge of the barricade. Back in the ring, Orton goes for an RKO out of nowhere, but Jinder drops him with a superkick for a two count. Jinder continues working Orton's knee, and stomps on him and hits some knee drops. Jinder points at Ric Flair then puts Orton in the Figure Four. Orton reaches the ropes, and Jinder stomps on him and hits some elbow drops. Orton gets up but Mahal puts him right back down with a lariat. Jinder sits Randy on the top turnbuckle, then points at Bob Orton in the front row. Jinder goes for a superplex, but Randy fights him off. Randy puts Jinder on the top turnbuckle and successfully hits a superplex for a two count. Orton and Mahal trade punches and headbutts until Orton takes control with a series of clotheslines. Orton hits the spinning powerslam and Jinder rolls out to the apron. Orton grabs him through the ropes and DDTs Jinder off the middle rope. Orton hits the RKO, but Jinder gets his foot on the bottom rope with the help of the Singh Brothers. Randy pleads with the ref not to call for the DQ, so the ref just ejects the Singh Brothers from ringside. The Singh Brothers stare down the legends at ringside, then get in their faces. They grab Bob Orton by the collar until Randy comes out to make the save. Randy beats them down around ringside and back suplexes one of them onto the announce table. Randy then RKO's him on the floor at ringside, and puts the other Singh Brother on the announce table. Orton climbs the adjacent announce table, then jumps over and RKO's the other one through the announce table. Orton rolls back in the ring and Jinder kicks him in the bad knee. Jinder immediately follows up with the Cobra Clutch slam for the win to retain the WWE Championship. We see Bob Orton and the other legends in the front row looking disappointed. Jinder holds his WWE Title belt above his head on the ramp as he heads backstage.

- Fandango & Tyler Breeze def. The Ascension: The Ascension is revealed to be the mystery duo from the VHS tape earlier. The Ascension double team Breeze early on and Viktor hits a flying knee for a two count. Fandango gets the tag and drops Konnor with a spinning heel kick. Fandango takes Viktor off the apron, then turns around and gets a spinbuster from Konnor for a two count. Viktor tags in and Fandango rolls him up in a small package for the win.

- Money In The Bank Ladder Match: The promo video for this ladder match aired before the entrances this time. Baron Corbin attacks Nakamura during his entrance before the match. Corbin hits him with a ladder and then snatches a camera from a cameraman and bashes Nakammura with it. The referees call for the opening bell while Nakamura is still laying on the stage. The action spills from the ring out to ringside almost immediately, and Sami Zayn hits a suicide plancha on Kevin Owens. Ziggler and Corbin briefly team up to hit AJ Styles with a ladder. Ziggler tries to strike a partnership with Corbin, but Corbin immediately drops him with a right hand. Corbin throws a ladder into the ring, then when he turns around Ziggler hits him with a superkick to the face. Zayn drops Ziggler then Owens, then he takes a ladder into the ring. AJ hits Sami from behind and dumps him outside. Ziggler drops AJ, but then Corbin snatches Ziggler off the apron and hits him with the Deep Six onto the floor. Owens rolls in the ring and superkicks AJ then pummels on him with punches. Owens hits AJ with a ladder, then hits Zayn with it. Owens then uses the ladder to knock Corbin and Ziggler off the apron to the floor. AJ sends Owens crashing down onto a ladder with a drop toe hold. AJ goes to follow up with a Styles Clash, but he can't get Owens up. Owens dumps AJ to the outside, then drops Sami Zayn. Owen climbs up to the top rope with his sights set on his opponents on the floor at ringside, but Zayn grabs him from inside the ring and throws him down onto a ladder. We hear the crowd react to something off-camera, then Ziggler rolls in the ring and drops Zayn from behind. Ziggler throws Zayn into a ladder, then sets up another ladder and starts climbing. Zayn stops Ziggler from climbing, but then Ziggler drops him with a superkick. Ziggler goes for another, but Zayn reverses into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Corbin drops Zayn, then AJ kicks Corbin down and elbows him in the face. Styles and Corbin climb the ladder and fight at the top. Corbin falls on his feet and Ziggler climbs up ahead of him. Ziggler punches AJ down to the mat, then Corbin pulls Ziggler down to the mat. Corbin starts climbing but Ziggler pulls him off with the Zig Zag. Ziggler and Zayn take out Styles, then climb to the top of the ladder. Sami hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Ziggler off the top of the ladder. Owens pulls Zayn out of the ring and sets up for a powerbomb, but Zayn gets out. Owens and Zayn go up to the apron where Zayn hits a big boot to the face. Zayn follows up with a half-nelson suplex on Owens onto the ring apron. Zayn rolls inside and starts climbing the ladder, but then AJ Styles comes out of nowhere with a flying forearm that sends Zayn flying off of the ladder. Corbin pulls Styles outside and slams his head on the announce table then throws him over it. Corbin lays a ladder across the ring steps and announce table, then Styles stuns Corbin with a Pele Kick. AJ gets on the apron and goes for a flying forearm onto Corbin on the floor, but Corbin catches him and chokeslams AJ onto the ladder. Owens then grabs Styles on the apron and goes for a powerbomb, but AJ gets out and gets Owens in the Fireman's Carry position. AJ then slams Owens onto the ladder that's still propped up across the ring steps and announce table. AJ starts climbing and grabs the chain holding the ladder, but Ziggler pulls the ladder away and AJ drops down to the mat. Ziggler appears to be bleeding near his right eye. Corbin takes out Ziggler and gets on the ladder, but then Nakamura's music hits and he hits the ring. Nakamura hits some kicks and knees on Corbin and sends him outside. Ziggler charges at Nakamura, but Nakamura drops him with a kick then hits two knees to the face. Zayn is in next and Nakamura hits a back suplex on him followed by a knee to the face. Nakamura takes out Owens at ringside next, then throws a ladder in the ring. AJ rolls in and comes face to face with Nakamura across the ladder. Styles and Nakamura go at it with elbows to the face. Styles hits some kicks, but Nakamura blocks an elbow and gets AJ in a sleeper. Nakamura sets up for a knee to the face but AJ stops him with a forearm to the face. AJ and Nakamura both start climbing the ladder. Nakamura and AJ trade elbows to the face on the ladder until Corbin runs in and pushes the ladder over. Corbin climbs up and successfully retrieves the briefcase for the win. Winner: Baron Corbin

- Corbin celebrates in the ring with his briefcase as the bodies of his opponents lay all around ringside. Money In The Bank 2017 goes off the air with Corbin leaving the ring.