Raw Viewership Surges for Last Night's Show

-- Last night's Raw delivered strong viewership numbers for WWE, generating an average of 3.09 million, up considerably from last week's 2.53 million. It is the highest watched Raw since the day after the Superstar Shakeup and reversed an alarming downward trend for Raw lately.

-- There was no competition for Raw with the NBA and NHL playoffs over and the NFL still in off-season mode, so we can probably expect averages around the 3.0 million mark moving forward.

-- Hourly numbers:

* Hour One - 3.075 million
* Hour Two - 3.201 million
* Hour Three - 3.029 million

-- Probably most encouraging is that the third hour didn't take a huge nosedive with the closing segment involving Kurt Angle, Enzo & Cass and also stayed above 3 million.