WWE SummerSlam Results (8/20/17) - Brooklyn, NY

WWE SummerSlam 2017 takes place at the Barclays Center in New York City, New York on August 20th, 2017.

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- Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will be taking part in an interview on the Kickoff Show where they field questions from fans on WWE's Twitter.

- Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz vs. The Miztourage: Matt, Jeff and Jason take turns teeing off on Dallas and Axel in the opening moments. After several chops to the chest, Jordan tags in Jeff Hardy who goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Axel pulls Dallas out of the ring to safety. Miz tags in and delivers a knee to the head of Jeff. Miz works over Jeff until Matt gets the hot tag and the formerly Broken one cleans house. Matt hits a simultaneous bulldog on Miz and clothesline on Axel. He goes for the Twist of Fate but Miz escapes and drops Hardy. Miz delivers a series of kicks to a stunned Hardy, but he misses one and Matt counters with the Side Effect. Jordan and Axel get the tags and Jordan spears him into the corner. Dallas runs in and gets a German suplex from Jordan. Jordan delivers a belly to belly overhead suplex to the legal man Axel and pins for a two count. Everyone starts running in and when the smoke clears, Jordan hits a belly to belly overhead suplex on Axel and goes for his finisher. The Miz tagged in blindly during the commotion, an he hits Jordan from behind and delivers the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winners: The Miztourage

- Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins take part in an interview backstage in the "social media lounge" where they talk about having new energy now that they're back together.

- Akira Tozawa (c) vs. Neville: The Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. After some evenly matched brawling in the opening moments, Tozawa hits a kick that sends Neville falling outside. Back in the ring, Neville drops Tozawa throat-first over the top rope then takes him out to ringside where Neville turns the tides. Neville takes the champion back in the ring, but Tozawa quickly knocks Neville back outside and immediately follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Tozawa hits two running elbow shots on Neville. Tozawa follows up with a kick and a back suplex, then he heads up top. Neville crawls to the other side of the ring so Tozawa decides against the top rope. Tozawa locks Neville in an octopus submission, then when Neville gets out the champion hits him with a Shining Wizard for a two count. Neville and Tozawa trade kicks until Tozawa finishes the exchange with a hurricanrana and another Shining Wizard. Neville hits a desperation move to Tozawa's injured shoulder, then continues working on the champion's bad arm. Tozawa fires back with some strikes from his good arm, then he goes to the top rope. Neville stops the champion on the top rope with an elbow to the face, then climbs up. Tozawa knocks Neville down and goes for the senton bomb, but Neville blocks it with his knees. Neville goes up top and hits the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner & new champion: Neville

- The New Day (c) vs. The Usos: Big E and Xavier Woods are representing the New Day in this one. Xavier starts off against Jimmy and he gets things in control for The New Day. Jey distracts Xavier from the apron which leads to Jimmy hitting a cheap shot on Xavier. Jey tags in and slows down Xavier's pace with a chin lock. Jey whips Xavier into the corner then delivers some chops to the chest. Jey takes Woods to the top rope, but Xavier headbutts Jey down. Woods follows up with a missile dropkick and both men are down. Woods tries to make the tag but Jimmy pulls Big E off the apron. Jey slams Woods into the turnbuckle, then takes him out to ringside where he throws Woods into the ring apron. The Usos briefly double team Woods before throwing him back in the ring, then they follow up with a double team backbreaker. Big E gets the hot tag and starts handing out belly to belly overhead suplexes. Big E runs the ropes but Jey stuns him with a kick to the head. Big E comes back with a side supplex, then tags in Xavier and Big E powerbombs Xavier onto Jey. Another tag and Xavier lifts Big E up in the electric chair position and drops him onto Jey for a two count. Jimmy gets the tag and drops Big E in the corner then follows up with the butt bump. Xavier tags in and hits a kick to the midsection, then throws him to Big E for a double team side suplex into a backstabber. Xavier delivers some chops to Jimmy and Jimmy comes back with a lariat. Xavier fires back with a lariat of his own then hits several headbutts. Jimmy hits an elbow to the face then Jey tags in. Xavier clears the ring and hits a sliding dropkick on Jimmy, then Jey jumps off the barricade with a splash on Xavier. Big E goes for a suicide dive but Jimmy superkicks him before he can get through hthe ropes. The Usos throw Xavier in the ring and they both go up top. One Uso hits a leg drop onto Big E on the apron, and the other Uso hits a splash onto Xavier for a two count. Xavier comes back with a choke on Jey, while Big E and Jimmy brawl at ringside. Xavier knees Uso in the face for a two count. Woods superkicks Jey then tags in Big E. Woods hits a tornado DDT on Jimmy outside, then Woods and Big E hit the Up Up Down Down on Jey, but Jimmy breaks up the pin. Jey tosses Xavier outside nad he appears to accidentally fall onto Jimmy. Big E spears Jey to the outside then throws him back in the ring. Jimmy tags in blind and superkicks Big E, then the two Usos deliver a series of superkicks to Big E. The Usos both go up top and hit a double splash on Big E for the win.

Winner & new Tag Team Champions: The Usos

- A KFC commercial airs and immediately after, Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring dressed as Colonel Sanders. He does he usual entrance, except dressed as the Colonel, then we cut back to the Kickoff Show panel.

- We go backstage for an interview with Paul Heyman, who previews tonight's Fatal 4 Way match where his client Brock Lesnar will defend his Universal Title. Braun Strowman interrupts and takes Heyman's mic. He tells Heyman that he talks too much, and Heyman leaves.

- SummerSlam 2017 is up next!

- The opening video rolls and Tom Phillips welcomes us to the pay-per-view.

- John Cena def. Baron Corbin: Cena rolls outside early on and tells JBL that Corbin is shook, and he briefly tries on JBL's hat before rolling back in the ring. Cena takes down Corbin with a chin lock, but Corbin quickly comes back with strikes and a big lariat. Corbin keeps Cena grounded until Cena fires up and hits his patented shoulder block to back suplex combo. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Corbin moves and comes back with a chokeslam neckbreaker for a two count. Cena takes Corbin up top but Cena knocks him off and follows up with a tornado DDT. Corbin comes back and slams Cena in the corner then stomps a mudhole in him. Corbin follows up with punches until the ref pulls him off. Corbin goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks and comes back with a lariat and an AA for the win.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena shakes hands with some celebrities, children and an old woman at ringside.

- Naomi (c) vs. Natalya: Natalya wears a Bret Hart style jacket to the ring. Natalya starts off strong and backs Naomi into the corner, then hits a side suplex and a dropkick. Naomi comes back with a kick and an uppercut. The action spills outside where Naomi hits a blockbuster off the ring steps on Natalya. Natalya comes back with a slingshot into the ring post for a two count. Natalya stomps a mudhole on Naomi in the corner and keeps her down with a chin lock. Naomi comes back with some kicks and a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Natalya takes control of the match again and heads up top, but Natalya meets her on the turnbuckle and hits a Russian Leg sweep off the middle rope. Natalya goes for a spinning elbow, but Natalya ducks it and hits a spinning heel kick. Naomi follows up with a headscissor driver for a two count. Natalya comes back with kicks and follows up with a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Natalya goes for a choke but Natalya fights her way out and goes right into a Sharpshooter. Natalya reverses and sends Natalya flying into the turnbuckle. Naomi goes for a split legged moonsault but Natalya blocks it with her knees and locks Naomi in the Sharpshooter again. Naomi taps out and Natalya is the new Women's Champ. Naomi cries in the ring as Natalya holds up the Women's title belt in the air and celebrates.

Winner & new Women's Champion Natalya

- Enzo Amore comes out and cuts a promo about wanting money, power and respect. Enzo says if Cass wants protection from Enzo he should lock him in a prison not a shark cage.

- Big Cass vs. Big Show: Enzo steps into the shark cage as Cass makes his entrance, and Enzo is lifted high above the ring before Big Show comes out. The opening bell sounds and Big Show backs Cass into the corner and lays into him with punches. The shark cage doesn't appear to be very high above Show and Cass' heads, and Enzo dances in it as Big Show beats down Cass below. Big Show hits a side walk slam and goes for a Vader bomb but misses. Cass starts firing up but Big Show shuts him don with a punch. Cass comes back with a boot to the midsection then he kicks Big Show in his injured hand. Cass stomps on Big Show's wrapped up hand and Show sells the injury. Cass puts Big Show in a shoulder hold and continues working on the bad hand. Big Show comes back with a chokeslam with his good hand for a two count. Cass comes back with more offense on Big Show's bad hand and grounds the Big Show. Enzo starts shedding his clothing and trying to slide through the bars of the shark cage. Enzo pours lubricant all over his body and slides through the bars on the cage, then he drops down to the ring. As soon as Enzo drops to his feet on the ring surface, Cass drops him with a big boot. Big show follows up with a big boot on the Big Show, but Show kicks out at two. Cass delivers another big boot and follows up with an Empire Elbow.

Winner: Big Cass

- Kurt Angle is backstage on the cell phone when Daniel Bryan comes in. Kurt Angle says it's okay that his son lost tonight because you learn more from your failures, "I sure did." They briefly talk about which of their shows' world titles is superior then duel "Yes!" and "No!" chants before we go to the next match.

- Randy Orton vs. Rusev: As Orton is making his entrance and standing on the corner, Rusev runs in and attacks him from behind. Rusev beats down Orton until the ref pulls him off and allows Orton to recover before calling for the opening bell. The opening bell rings and almost immediately Orton runs up and hits an RKO on Rusev. Orton immediately covers and pins for the 1-2-3 after a very short segment and match. Orton poses on the corner as Rusev recovers in the ring.

Winner: Randy Orton

- We see a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with WWE imagery projected on it.

- Sasha Banks is backstage getting ready to come out and she runs into Bayley. They exchange hugs and Sasha heads to the gorilla position.

- Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks: Alexa's Womens Title is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and they open up with a flurry of punches. Sasha takes control with a kick goes up top, but Alexa knocks her down and slams her onto the mat. Alexa goes up top and Sasha tries to stop her, but Alexa knocks her down. Alexa chokes Sasha over the middle rope then puts her in a headlock. Alexa drops Sasha with a lariat then puts the boots to her in the corner. Bliss takes Banks up top but Banks elbows her and throws the champion down to the mat. Banks follows up with a knee to the face. Sasha fires up and hits a series of dropkicks then a neckbreaker. Alexa comes back with some knees and a neckbreaker of her own. Banks slams Bliss into the corner and follows up with a series of knees to the face. Banks locks Bliss in the Banks Statement but Bliss reaches the ropes to break it. Bliss comes back with some knee strikes of her own and starts working on Banks' injured shoulder. Bliss drops Banks then heads up top and hits the Twisted Bliss for a two count. Bliss freaks out over Banks kicking out. Banks recovers and trips him Bliss then locks her in the Banks Statement. Bliss attacks the bad shoulder to escape, but Banks locks the Banks Statement back in. Bliss taps out and Banks is the new WWE Champion.

Winner & new Women's Champion: Sasha Banks

- Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor: Balor comes out as the demon with a red light show and smoke. Wyatt slaps Balor across the face early on and Balor comes back with a flurry of strikes. Balor takes the fight out to ringside and takes control of the match. Back in the ring, Balor snapmares Wyatt down and follows up with kicks. Wyatt rolls outside and Balor nails him with a suicide swanton bomb over the top rope. Balor climbs back in but Wyatt suplexes Balor down to the floor. Back in the ring, Wyatt hits a facebuster then locks Balor in a chin lock. Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail but Balor gets out and drops Wyatt then hits a double foot stomp. Balor knocks Wyatt outside then kicks him in the head. Balor comes off the apron and double foot stomps onto Wyatt's head. Back in the ring, Balor hits the Sling Blade, but Wyatt comes back with a side suplex. Wyatt goes up top but Balor stops him with a kick to the head, then the action spills out to ringside once again. Balor dropkicks Wyatt into the fan barricade, then back in the ring Balor hits the Sling Blade. Balor follows up with the double foot stomp off the top rope for the win. Balor gets in Wyatt's face while he's down then celebrates the win on the turnbuckle.

Winner Finn Balor

- Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Cheamus & Cesaro: Rollins and Ambrose get the double-table in on Sheamus early on, but Sheamus gets the tag to Cesaro and they return the favor with a double team attack on Rollins. Ambrose tags back in and delivers some chops to the chest of Cesaro then knees him in the midsection. Ambrose tags in and they clear both Sheamus and Cesaro from the ring. Ambrose and Sheamus brawl at ringside, then Rollins dumps Cesaro outside. Rollins goes to follow up with a suicide dive, but Sheamus and Cesaro catch him in the mid-air and slam him. Back in the ring Cesaro hits a cross body off the top but can't get the three count. Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds but Cesaro bocks it and hits the swing then the Sharpshooter. Ambrose gets out but Cesaro keeps him down, while at ringside Sheamus hits a rolling senton on Rollins on the floor. Cesaro puts Ambrose in the crossface but it's broken and Sheamus cheapshots Ambrose. Sheamus tags in and they double team Ambrose, then Cesaro tags back in and they hit a double Celtic Cross. Rollins runs in to break the hold and he gets beat down by the Tag Champs for it. Ambrose gets up to his knees and tells the champions to bring it, which they do. Sheamus and Cesaro go for the double white Noise on Ambrose, but Rollins breaks it up. Rollins superkicks Cesaro and Sheamus, and hits a running knee to the face on Sheamus. Ambrose grabs Sheamus immediately after and hits the Dirty Deeds for the win. After the match, Rollins and Ambrose celebrate with the tag titles and bump fists again.

Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

- AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens: Shane McMahon is out first to serve as the special guest referee. AJ attacks Owens before the bell but Shane pulls them apart. Shane calls for the bell and AJ takes control early on with a kick to the face. Owens mounts a comeback and taunts the crowd, yelling that he's the man. AJ comes back with a backbreaker which leads to more evenly paces back and forth action. Owens hits a cheap shot to throat and lariats the champion down. Owens lays into AJ with punches and chops followed by a cannonball splash in the corner. Owens hits a senton and keeps talking trash. AJ fires up and hits a facebuster, then goes for the Styles Clash but Owens escapes. AJ goes for a moonsault but lands on his feet and Owens superkicks him. AJ evades a pop up powerbomb and hits the fireman's carry neckbreaker for a two count. AJ goes up top but Owens cuts him off, and appeared to allow Shane to push him. Owens goes for a superplex but AJ slides out and powerbombs Owens. AJ goes for the springboard inverted 450 but Shane gets caught in the crossfire as he's checking on Owens, and now all three men are down. Owens gets up and hits a pop up powerbomb on AJ but AJ kicks out at two. Owens argues with Shane as AJ recovers and AJ ends up applying the Calf Crusher on Owens. Owens gets out and kick AJ into Shane and Shane falls out to the floor. AJ applies the calf crusher and Owens taps out, but Shane is knocked out on the floor. Shane comes in and AJ argues with him and shoves Shane, and Shane shoves back. Owens sends AJ face-first into the turnbuckle, but AJ comes out and nails a forearm. Owens hits a suplex and then takes AJ up top. Owens takes AJ down with another suplex but AJ kicks out. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and AJ misses a Pele kick. Owens comes out with a superkick and attempts a pop up powerbomb but AJ evades it. Styles comes back with the Styles Clash but Owens kicks out. Owens gets a near-fall on AJ which leads to Owens and Shane arguing again. Owens shoves Shane, and Shave shoves Owens back into a roll-up from AJ for another 2 count. AJ hits a Pele kick and Ownes is stunned, then he hits the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ follows up with a Styles Clash in the middle of the ring or the win. AJ celebrates with the U.S. Title in the ring as Shane raises his arm.

Winner & still U.S. Champion: AJ Styles

- Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: A violinist comes out to performer for Nakamura's entrance. The Singh Brothers are at ringside in Mahal's corner. Mahal and Nakamura go back and forth evenly early on and get locked in the test of strength. Jinder applies a headlock, then Nakamura tosses Jinder to the floor. Nakamura kicks Jinder out of the ring again but Jinder finally makes it back in an turns it around. Nakamura comes back with a knee drop as the fans chant "Three Man Band" at Jinder. They brawl out to the floor again and the Singh Brothers throw Nakamura into the barrier. Jinder does the same then takes Nakamura back into the ring and unloads on Nakamura with strikes and the ref warns the champion to back off. Jinder keeps the challenger grounded and mocks him as the crowd chants in favor of Nakamura. Jinder continues working him over until Nakamura fires up with soe strikes. Nakamura unloads with kicks until Jinder is on his knees. Jinder blocks one and hits a T-bone suplex, but Nakamura comes right back with an armbar. Jinder breaks out and they trade counters until Nakamura hits a facebuster. Jinder does a rollup for the near-fall, and Nakamura comes back with a knee to the face for a near-fall of his own. Jinder calls for The Khallas but the challenger blocks it and stuns Jinder with strikes. The Singh Brothers run in and Nakamura takes them out, but the distraction allows Jinder to recover and attack the challenger from behind. Jinder hits The Khallas for the win to retain the WWE Title. After the match, Jinder celebrates with his WWE Title as the Singh Brothers recover from their beating. Mahal raises the strap above his head on the stage as Nakamura recovers and looks up from the ring.

Winner & still WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal

- Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reins: Lesnar's Universal Title is on the line in this one and Paul Heyman is at ringside in his corner. Heyman takes over for Jojo to do Lesnar's ring introduction. The bell rings and Lesnar and Joe start going at it, while Reigns and Strowman brawl out to ringside. Lesnar hits a suplex on Joe, then Reigns runs in and takes a suplex. Joe charges back at Lesnar and Lesnar suplexes him again. Strowman now steps up into the ring and stares down Lesnar, but Reigns and Joe both run in and all four men start brawling. Lesnar and Strowman throw Reigns and Joe back outside, then face off again. They lock up and Strowman tosses Lesnar into the corner and follows up with a Stinger Splash. Strowman runs off the ropes and clotheslines Lesnar outside. Reigns runs in and clotheslines Strowman, but Strowman no-sells it and throws Reigns into the corner. Stroman goes for a spear in the corner but Reigns dodges and Strowman hits the ring post. Joe locks Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch at ringside, then as Reigns runs in for a spear Joe moves and Reigns spears Lesnar through the fan barricade. Joe side-suplexes Reigns on top of the announce table, then Strowman throws Joe over the announce tables onto the chairs. Strowman turns his attention to Lesnar, and hits a running powerslam through the table. Joe and Reigns start brawling at ringside, and Strowman takes both of them out by throwing a leather chair at them. Strowman picks up Lesnar again and does another running powerslam through another table, and Strowman is absolutely dominating this one. Strowman then grabs the third announce table and flips it upside down onto Lesnar. Officials and referees swarm Lesnar and pull the table off of him. They load the champion on to a stretcher and medics stay to haul him away. Strowman grabs the steel steps and nails Reigns and Joe with them. Back in the ring, Reigns nails Strowman with the steel steps and he throws Strowman outside. Joe runs in and drops Reigns from behind. Joe hits a version of the Rock Bottom and pins but Reigns kicks out. Joe hits a knee to the midsection and locks in the Coquin Clutch, but Strowman runs in and breaks it up. Strowman hits a double chokeslam on Joe and Reigns, then pins Reigns for a two count. Lesnar emerges on the stage and heads back down to the ring and he spears Strowman. Lesnar pummels on Strowman until Strowman tosses him off. Lesnar pushes Strowman outside, then hits German suplexes on Reigns and Joe. Strowman hits Lesnar from behind then goes for a running powerslam, but Lesnar escapes. Strowman elbows Lesnar then hits a splash in the corner. Lesnar goes for a Kimora Lock, then Reigns superpunches both Strowman and Lesnar to break it up. Joe walks in and Reigns superpunches him, then Reigns spears Lesnar. Reigns gears up for another spear, but Joe runs in and locks the Coquina Clutch on Reigns. Strowman breaks up the clutch with a kick, then Strowman hits a running powerslam on Joe. Strowman pins but Lesnar pulls out the ref. Reigns superman punches Lesnar at ringside, then he runs in the ring and superman punches Strowman. Reigns goes for a spear but Strowman blocks it with a boot. Strowman comes back with a running powerslam but Lesnar breaks up the pin. Lesnar goes for an F-5 on Strowman but Strowman gets out and goes for the running powerslam until Reigns breaks it up. Joe throws Reigns outside then locks Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch. Lesnar gets out and hits the F-5 on Joe for a two count. Reigns hits three superman punches on LEsnar and the Champion finally goes down. Reigns goes for a spear but Lesnar catches him and hits the F-5. Lesnar rolls out of the ring and grabs his Universal Title belt and lays on the ringside floor as Heyman checks on him. SummerSlam 2017 goes off the air with Lesnar and Heyman staring down from the stage at the chaos around the ring.

Winner & still WWE Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar