Rajah.com is About to Turn 20 and We're Going to Give Away Some Prizes!

Hello readers,

Later this year, this site turns 20! It's truly mind-boggling for me to step back and think that I've been at this for two decades - more than half my life. I'll probably talk a bit more about the site's origin and evolution over the years closer to the date, but I did want to share that in celebration, we'll be giving away a bunch of WWE prizes in the coming weeks and months. It begins today but first...

I have a son, who has recently started watching wrestling and is absolutely obsessed with it. He's been really excited to contribute and has given it a shot with his first attempt at a column which I'd like to think will lead to him taking over this site from me. However, I believe he is in it solely to try and gain Instagram followers for his WWE account but that's another story. Feel free to check out his first column HERE and if you're going to send him feedback, I'm sure he'd be thrilled but keep in mind he's nine years old. :)

At the end of his piece is a link to a brief Chris Jericho themed trivia contest which is open to everyone. Or if you'd like to skip the column and go straight to it, click HERE.