Video: Nikki Bella Says She Wants To Make Her WWE Comeback Alongside Brie Bella

WWE Superstar and one of the stars of the Total Bellas E! reality show, Nikki Bella, spoke with the folks from Inside The Ropes for a quick video interview in New York during WWE SummerSlam weekend earlier this month. Below are some of the highlights.

On wanting to make her WWE comeback with her twin sister, Brie Bella: "Definitely coming back. I want to come back when I have my sister by my side. It’s been over two years since the Bella Twins have been in the ring together, so I definitely want to make a comeback with Brie. I’m obviously still waiting for my neck to heal, so I’m hoping 2018 is gonna be the time when we come back. I hope before then, but I don’t know if that can happen. That’s the thing about bones, it’s like ‘c’mon!’"

On the possibility of working a part-time schedule with WWE due to her neck injury: "Unfortunately because of my neck, my surgeon… he doesn’t even want me to come back and ever be in the ring again, but, he definitely said you can’t ever be in the ring full-time again. We kind of saw that when I came back last Summerslam when I went to full-time through Wrestlemania; I ended up getting injured. It’s very tough on my body working a full-time schedule unfortunately."

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