Backstage News on Cruiserweight Title Change on Last Night's Raw

-- According to a report at, the original plan for last night's Cruiserweight title match was for Neville to be challenging Enzo, however, late in the afternoon, a decision was made to go with Kalisto instead as the challenger.

-- Not only did WWE write themselves "into a corner" with the stipulation that prevented Neville from getting a title shot (due to physically assaulting Enzo a couple of weeks ago) but yesterday was the birthday of the late Eddie Guerrero, which allowed them the opportunity to have Kalisto do the promo talking about Eddie and to tie his victory in with Eddie's legacy.

-- Enzo and Kalisto were already scheduled to face each other at the TLC PPV later this month. That match should still go on as planned but instead Kalisto will go in as the champion and Enzo the challenger.