More Backstage News & Clarification on Neville Leaving WWE

-- In a bit of a clarification on Neville "walking out" out of Raw, the latest report from suggest that Neville didn't technically walk out of Raw as he didn't even make it to the show and that he was also not on any of the weekend live events.

-- While the original plan for Raw was for Neville to face and lose to Enzo Amore in a non-title match, the idea was scrapped late in the afternoon when it quickly became apparent that Neville was going to be a no-show. That's when the last minute decision was made to move up the Kalisto match and actually give him the title to tie into Eddie Guerrero's legacy.

-- According to reports, Neville has been unhappy with a number of things in WWE. While it is widely being reported that he wasn't keen on the focus on Enzo and losing to him, he is also said to be upset at being left off of the WrestleMania 33 DVD. As such, he has been pushing for the idea to be let out of his contract so that he could move on and build his own name outside of WWE with NJPW and the indies his likely destination.

-- As of this time, Neville remains under contract and it is unclear what will happen - he could end up back in WWE or the company could grant him his release, allowing to go work elsewhere.