WWE Live Event Results (10/30/17) - Raleigh, NC

Thanks to rajah.com reader Steve Diamond for sending this in:

Half full PNC arena with top level taped out.

Usos vs New Day for Usos’ Tag Titles. Huge pop for both at entry and during match so Usos heeled up to kill theirs. Fans mock boo’d whenever they did something heelish. Fun match in which the Usos retained with roll up on Big E. Crowd loved the match.

Breezango (huge pop) & hype bros (some cheers) vs ascension (crickets) and the Colons (more crickets). Back and forth with a few comedy spots from Breeze and Primo and power spots from Mojo and Konnor. Fandango woth a suplex on Epico for the win. Crowed popped moderately for the babyfaces.

Mega pop and sing along for Roode. Ziggler cut his own video music and lights bringing huge heat. Great technical match and fans were really into it. Legit heat for DZ, as he mocked Roode a lot. Huge support for Roode. Very old school match. Roode hit the ddt for the win to a huge pop. One of the best matches seen in Raleigh in a long time.

Ty Dillinger (tiny pop, some boos) vs Rusev. Big reaction, mixed cheers and boos. Ty and Rusev took turns turnbuckle posing, and Rusev’s fans far outweighed Ty’s, and even got a strong “Rusev! Rusev! Rusev! Chant going a few rimes, and got Rusev smiling and laughing. Ty got crickets from then on, even when on offense. After a great ringside spot where Ty threw Rusev into the stairs, match continued through a series of restholds and Rusev chants. Rusev won after a superkick to the face and making Ty sumbit to the Camel Clutch. Huge pop after the match and Rusev positively played to the crowd.

Shinsuke Nakamura (insane pop) and Randy Orton (just as loud)
Vs. Sami Zayn (mixed reaction, acted like a babyface) and Kevin Owens (tons of boos). Good mockery and comedy spots from Zayn leading to strong style attacks from Shinsuke to start the match before switching to KO and Randy. KO got on the mic twice and ran down the crowd to huge boos and mocked Randy. Legit heat. Crowd hated him. Back and forth action on Randy for 5 min until Shinsuke tagged in and took out KO with a series of kicks before Zayn’s interference led to a KO reversal and huge heat for him. Sami tagged back in and got the better of Shinsuke before a hot tag (and huge pop) for Randy who hit a DDT on Sami but got superkicked by KO. Orton soon recovered and hit a powerslam and then RKO on Sami for the win.


Handicap match: Charlotte & Becky Lynch (huge pop for both) vs Tamina
(crickets) Lana (crickets) and Carmella (some cheers and With James, who was chained to the ring post). Lana started out and played the cowardly and terrified heel (“she’s a chicken” chants) until Tamina came in, capitalized on her strength (lots of boos) before Carmella came in to play a comedy heel and take the attack from Charlotte and Becky. Carmella got the advantage when Tamina cheap shotted Becky and the tide turned. Becky took extended 2on1 and 3on1 beatings and the crowd got behind her until she recovered and tagged in Charlotte who did a series of her dad’s moves to the crowd’s delight before locking Lana into a bridge figure four and forcing her to submit for the win.

Sin Cara (crickets) vs Corbin (well staged entrance, good heat) for the US Title. Back and forth “Let’s Go Corbin” and “Corbin Sucks!” chants in the early part of the match. Cheers for Sin Cara’s lucha moves until
Corbin demolished him. Back and forth (good from SC, surprisingly decent from BC) action, inside and out of the ring for several minutes until Corbin hit the End of Days for the win.

Singh Brothers interrupted ring announcer to do their own intro for Jinder Mahal. Lots of boos, especially when he ran down AJ, Lesnar, Shinsuke and said match is now non title per Daniel Bryan, as he is defending vs Lesnar at Survivor Series. Jinder then started speaking in his native tongue before being interrupted by AJs music and the loudest pop of the night. Loud “USA” and “AJ Styles” chants led into a strong match featuring AJ’s aerial and martial arts based attack, Jinder’s strength and the Singhs’ interference. Crowd was into this match, and was cheering and chanting throughout. AJ fought back, hit an AA on Jinder, and after coming back from a Mahal reversal and counter attack and a huge superkick, locked on the calf crusher, only to have it broken up due to Singh interference. AJ reversed Mahal’s finisher, hit him with a superman punch and covered him for the win.

Great show, even without Cena. Best one in a while in Raleigh!

Biggest heat

Top pops
Nakamura & Orton