Enzo Amore Claims To Be "The Hardest Working Man In The WWE"

Add another bold claim to the growing list owned by Enzo Amore.

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion took to social media this week to post a photo of himself at WWE Night at the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers game this past weekend, where he included an ego-driven caption.

The caption included Amore making the claim of being "the hardest working man in the WWE."

Amore's post-caption reads as follows:

Your looking at "The Marianara Rivera of the WWE" .... #TheRealestChamp defends his title every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & closes it out in the #MainEvent of the #ZoShow (aka #205Live,) every damn Tuesday. Now I know I told you kids to "work smarter- not harder," but that's only because I'm a #CertifiedG.. & the #G is for genius! #TheHardestWorkingManInTheWWE is a #CertifiedG & let me be Frank, cause #iGotTheSAUCE: I work smart, but I'm a good guy, so I feel for those... I feel for the incompetent bunch of #LoserWeights who can't compete, because THE ONLY THING I LOSE IS SLEEP! #YouCantTeachThat #G