Smackdown Live Viewership Down Huge on Halloween

-- Hit with a double punch by both the World Series and the show falling on Halloween, WWE's Smackdown Live tumbled 21% week-over-week in viewership falling all the way to 2.119 million visitors. That would make it the third lowest watched Smackdown since the show went to a live format over a year ago.

-- The show barely cracked the top 10 in total viewership, coming in at ninth but did score second in the key 18-49 demographic. By comparison, the World Series game between the Dodgers and Astros drew a massive 18 million viewers.

-- Smackdown is expected to return to its normal 2.3 - 2.8 million range with baseball over and the build to Survivor Series in full swing, though the show will not be live as it will be taped from Manchester, England.