Former NWA Star Recalls Telling Vince To "F*ck Himself," Turning Down NXT Job

Former NWA wrestler Manny Fernandez recently appeared as a guest on the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast and had some interesting comments to make about longtime WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

During the show, Fernandez spoke about his dealings with McMahon, including telling him to "go f*ck himself" when pitched what he felt was a dumb gimmick.

"When Vince tried to hire me and put horns on my head like a real Raging Bull, I told him to go f**k himself and made him look like an idiot," Fernandez said. "So he was [mad] that I never came back begging for a job. I was never begging for a job."

Fernandez also spoke about turning down an offer to work in NXT as a trainer.

"I was asked to train down at NXT, I go, 'No, thank you, I train the way I train, I don't want to be told how to train people,'" said Fernandez. "I train people the way I was trained, the way I was brought up and if that doesn't suit you, tough!"

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