WWE Rumors: Asuka's Streak, Hall of Fame Headliner, Roman Reigns Cleared

The following are unconfirmed rumors at this time

-- With Asuka's incredible winning streak in NXT interrupted by an injury, the plan is for that streak to continue on Raw for the immediate future. In fact, if Asuka is not named to the Raw women's Survivor Series team, it is believed the main reason will be is because WWE does not want her associated with a loss or a pin in any way.

-- Another rumor going around is that Bill Goldberg has been contacted about possibly being the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame headline inductee. Other names being mentioned are The Rock and Undertaker, though none of these three have officially retired.

-- Roman Reigns has reportedly been cleared by WWE medical staff after battling a case of the mumps for the past two weeks. However, it is unclear if he will be on tonight's Raw though most believe he will not be there.