Conflicting Reports on Roman Reigns' Status for Survivor Series

-- A report from today suggests that while Roman Reigns is not hospitalized and will likely be medically cleared to return to the ring by Survivor Series, there is some fear within the company that he won't be physically ready and in proper in-ring shape to wrestle and that he would be rushing back too soon.

-- The story goes on to say that in the event that Reigns is unable to wrestle, the current backup "B" plan is for Jason Jordan to take his place on the Raw Survivor Series team with the underlying storyline that it would be the first time that Jordan would be teaming up with his "father" Kurt Angle.

-- This comes on the heels of other internet rumors suggesting that Reigns is now already cleared to wrestle and will be on Raw next week, so certainly it seems the conflicting rumors confirms that no one really knows what his status is.