Survivor Series Rumors: Shield Reunion, Roman Reigns, Asuka, Jason Jordan

The following are rumors which we have not yet been able to confirm with any sources

-- As announced on Raw, Jason Jordan has seemingly replaced Roman Reigns as a member of Raw's five-man team at Survivor Series. One of the rumors going around is that Jordan will either turn heel at the PPV (turning on Kurt Angle) or hint at one. It is no secret that the entire Jordan/Angle storyline has been a massive disappointment and most believe that a turn is imminent.

-- With Asuka being announced as one of the competitors representing the Raw in the women's Survivor Series elimination match, she becomes the odds-on-favorite to either be the sole survivor in that bout or one of the survivors. As noted before, WWE isn't looking to associate Asuka with any sort of loss, so her inclusions now makes the Raw women solid favorites in the match.

-- With Brock Lesnar likely to win his match against Jinder Mahal, another backstage opinion is that Smackdown will win the majority of inter-brand matches over Raw, likely 3 to 2. With Lesnar and the Raw women's team penciled in as victors, that leaves Baron Corbin going over Miz, The Usos over Sheamus & Cesaro and the men's Smackdown team over the men's Raw team.

-- Finally, with Roman Reigns announced next week for Raw, and based on the developments on last night's Raw, there is a very good chance WWE is building towards a Shield vs. New Day Survivor Series match. With Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose all not on the card as of tonight, this match will not only allow them to wrestle but it will serve as the official Shield reunion match that was originally supposed to happen at the TLC PPV.