Ted DiBiase On Nixed WWE Title Run With Hulk Hogan, Price Of Fame Film & More

WWE Hall Of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Sr. recently spok with the folks at WrestlingInc.com to promote his new "The Price Of Fame" documentary. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On being pitched the idea and concept for his new "Price of Fame" documentary: "[Pete] said, 'I've never tried this before, but I would love to do a documentary piece on your story.' And I said, 'Wow, OK, let's go for it, whatever you want to do. And then my son Ted Jr. came along... He said let's tell the story, but let's tell it maybe through my eyes or the eyes of me and my younger brother Brett, and that's what we did. So the story, it speaks of the relationships between a man and his wife and a man and his children. It really is a story of personal redemption, the redemption of my marriage and the relationship that I have with my sons today."

On hoping that his documentary sheds more light on the importance of family: "My whole [thing] is family, and if you don't have family, if you don't have that peace in your life, if you don't have integrity in your life, then you really don't have anything that matters, and that's really the message that I want people to be able to walk away from this movie [feeling]."

On a nixed WWE Championship run against Hulk Hogan and the origins of the Million Dollar Championship: "Initially the thought was at WrestleMania 4, I somehow through my scheming and money buy my way to the title and then I go have the run with Hulk Hogan and then eventually obviously he gets the title back and goes on to the next opponent. But I think it was Pat Patterson who suggested it to me, he said, 'Ted, what if you don't win the tournament and in your arrogance you create your own championship belt, declare yourself the champion, and you wear it to the ring every single night?' As soon as he said it, I said, 'Let's do it,' because that put so much heat on me, the arrogance of a guy to go out and create this bigger-than-life belt and just declare himself champion regardless of what the WWF had to say. It just made people hate me all that much more, so it really was a stroke of genius."

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