Colt Cabana Speaks Out On Young Bucks/WWE Cease-And-Desist Situation

Ring Of Honor (ROH) wrestler and announcer Colt Cabana recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine and spoke about The Young Bucks receiving a cease-and-desist order from WWE after using the "too sweet" hand gesture.

"They’ve always done stuff like this," Cabana said. "From the days of Howard Finkel, his alleged job was to read the dirt sheets to see what was happening. They always had their ear to the ground on who is infringing on their stuff. I get it. They went to their own place. The Young Bucks and Bullet Club went to their show and tried to make a little raucous the same way WWE did years ago. They have the right to use their money and lawyers the way they want to. They have a lot of money and have a lot of lawyers. So that’s what they do."

The host of The Art Of Wrestling podcast also spoke about how Matt and Nick Jackson turned that negative situation into a positive one for themselves.

"I use the word sympathy a lot," said Cabana. "Wrestling is about good guys and bad guys. For years, WWF used the sympathy of Hulk Hogan and what was happening with the Iraq war with goodies and baddies. Reality era, you’re making good guys and bad guys. The Young Bucks and Bullet Club have such a great audience that when something like that happens, you got to make good guys and bad guys. In that instance, big corporate America coming down on these two good Christian fathers who are trying to feed their kids, they’ve established good guys and bad guys."

Cabana continued, "There is part of the community who see it as good guys and bad guys. Bucks and Bullet Club are the good guys who the community wants to support here. It’s something I’ve done, too. When I was released by WWE, I think a lot of people were upset by that and didn’t understand why I didn’t get a fair shot. I think a lot of the community saw me as a good guy and WWE as the bad guy. We use that as wrestlers and as business men too."

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